We will all die

UPDATE: This page has been redrawn in 2018! Here’s the old version: old version.


Those are some really optimistic thoughts, Robert. But yes, this world is not all that simple, axe or gun is not enough to kill the little buggers. And you will see them soon enough, I promise! And hopefully won’t be disappointed, since I am not a pro at drawing demon-like creatures… At least I can be proud of those sophisticated helmets for people with animal ears.

In the meantime, while we are waiting for some action, please vote for Replay! As comic is still very fresh, it needs some serious help! I’d be very happy if you could waste 2 seconds on me, Robert and Ada with headphones, who is patiently waiting for you on the other side of the voting gateway. Here you go: VOTE

And see you next week, when the action sequence starts!

10 comments on “We will all die”

  1. SotiCoto Reply

    Why do they all have those silly little animal ears / tails anyway? … It seems so arbitrary.

    • caleb Reply

      I think they were just pandering to all the people who like that stuff. This comic might be amazing, i won’t ever know because I’m leaving forever!

      • NotImportant Reply

        Because it’s easier to show expressions and I find it cute, sue me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

        • Adriano Reply

          *sues you*
          *horribly fails at it bcs the comic is too cute*
          *somehow ends up in jail*

  2. Camolot the Creator Reply

    I know how to kill demons.
    It’s called an M829A4.
    I don’t care how immortal or invulnerable you think you are, if you get hit by one of those, YOU DIE.

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