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Run, Adam, run! We all hate you but it would be a shame to finish this comic after just 7 pages, wouldn’t it?!…

Next week we’re finally out of the desert!

8 comments on “Surprises”

  1. Amber Shaffer Reply

    It looks amazing so far! I am so happy to see another comic start up just around the same time as me! If this keeps going I will definitely support you on my own comic site! That is, if you don’t mind <3

    • NotImportant Reply

      I don’t! I am terrible at advertising so every link helps, thank you very much! I will return the favor once I add link section to this page :3
      Thanks again!

  2. Camolot the Creator Reply

    Wasn’t that sword already drawn?
    Is this the melee weapon version of someone racking an already-cocked shotgun?

  3. antrik Reply

    That last panel of Robert is confusing. Is that his blade in front of him? Why does it look so weird? And is there something behind him, or is this just his shirt, looking kinda strange from this perspective?…

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