Maybe another time~

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He’s a charming guy, really, it’s just that he’s not her type.

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  1. Adriano Reply

    “Come with me and I’ll show you~”
    Typical villain line. Unexpected reaction xD

  2. Refugnic Reply

    Hmm…there is actually new information in this page, compared to the old one.

    ‘Some people are still alive, after all’.
    This suggests, that the deal was, from the get go, that all the people die…quite possibly including Adam himself.

    Now, why would anyone ever agree to helping with that? After all, it also spells their own demise, and Adam is aware of that.
    There really is only one reason…the demon promised him, that he would make Adam into a God, who could then rebuild the world in any way he wants.

    And he must have given him a taste of what that would be like, otherwise Adam likely wouldn’t have trusted him.
    That would also explain why he’s so smug right there…he doesn’t fear death, because he knows he’ll ‘die’ anyway…and, once the deal is fulfilled, he will be reborn into a greater form.

    A form, where he can have as many Ada’s fawning over him as he wants to…of course, that still wouldn’t be the Ada he so obviously adores, which is why he’d like the original to come with him…even if only to snatch a last idle victory to satisfy his vanity with.

    But you know what they say: Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.
    And what we see here, is a corrupted man…a man who has tasted absolute power and is now, like a junkie, craving another shot.

    Of course that’s just one of my wild theories. 🙂

    Keep up the good work. 🙂

    • JW Reply

      This suggests, that the deal was, from the get go, that all the people die…quite possibly including Adam himself.

      Sounds like a really bad deal. At the very least he could’ve negotiated a discount; like, just 90% dying. Or maybe delivery up-front; cause he’s probably never going to get his reward now. Killing everyone is hard.

      • Refugnic Reply

        Not if you’re an omnipotent creature, which you’re required to be, if you want to fulfill that kind of wish.
        However the demon cannot be omnipotent, otherwise it could’ve just snapped with its fingers and everyone just drops dead.
        Plus, if it was, it wouldn’t have needed Adam’s help in the first place.

        So yeah, I also think that Adam made a really bad deal…unless, as I stated before, the deal was, that Adam gets reborn as a God, who gets to build (and rule) his own world once the demon has what it wants.

        Then it wouldn’t matter, that everyone has been killed, because he can just create them anew, any way he wants to.

        But it would take a reality-shattering amount of power to make that happen…to elevate a mortal to be a God.
        Power, the demon does, quite obviously, not have.

        There is a possible (and rather likely) explanation: He has been defeated in the past and a seal was placed on him.
        This seal prevents him from using his entire power and, though merely hypothetical, it may be quite feasible that, in order to completely break the seal, the collective life force of mankind is required, which would explain, why the demon wants to kill all humans…or much rather ‘consume’ them.

        Well, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see…because, as we know, we aren’t getting any answers out of that one.
        Not yet, at least. 🙂

      • antrik Reply

        Is killing everyone really that hard? The impression we are getting here is that very few humans are left at this point — quite possibly only the three of them… And they likely won’t last for long. Adam seems pretty confident that his reward is coming soon…

    • Unknown Reply

      Don’t forget rob was dreaming this up… But at the same time it could valid…

      • antrik Reply

        It’s been made rather clear that the visions are not really dreams… Though we don’t know for sure what exactly they are.

        (The going theory I think is that they are glimpses from another timeline? Or is that outdated? Haven’t checked the new stuff yet 🙂 )

    • antrik Reply

      That’s a very interesting theory. So maybe the “reboot” wasn’t actually caused by some spell cast by Ada and Robert, but rather Adam’s own doing, after gaining his reward; or even a direct result of it — possibly a part of his plan all along?…

    • antrik Reply

      I’m not sure Adam dying is part of the deal… While up to this point he appears not to care — even egging them on — on the next page (both in the new version and in the original) he actually seems determined to evade the blow?…

  3. antrik Reply

    Interesting how Ada temporarily switched out her pants here… What kind of magic is that?! 😛

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