No one cares

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Ada, dear, this is not going to convince him to talk… But wait, he won’t say anything anyway, we are just too curious to leave him alone, too curious to never try.

8 comments on “No one cares”

  1. Neotheney Reply

    I’m not gonna lie, I saw a girl with freckles as a main character I started to read.

  2. Dragon Master Reply

    oh wow Robert’s strong he just broke that tree with just by slamming Faust against it. Or does that mean Faust is very tough? xD

    • antrik Reply

      It’s a completely dry, and apparently hollowed out stump… Probably not super hard to break it.

  3. antrik Reply

    A few pages back, Ada was saying this is pointless, while Robert was insisting on interrogating Adam… Now Robert apologises for giving up, while Ada shows interest? Feels kinda inconsistent…

    (Having said that, the new dialogue is a marked improvement in general… Way clearer and more natural 🙂 )

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