Who’s the idiot?

UPDATE! This page has been redrawn in 2018! Here’s the old version: LINK


Robert is generally very calm and laid back but if something upsets him he quickly loses patience. Faust is one of those upsetting things. Second place goes for drunk Ada.

Few more pages of the red desert and we’ll change location!

8 comments on “Who’s the idiot?”

  1. silver Reply

    Szczerze myślałam że, to nie jest twojego autorstwa. Nie znam angielskiego i myślałam że promujesz tam kogoś. XD Szkoda, że nie ma wersji pl.

    • NotImportant Reply

      No niestety nie ma wersji pl i raczej nie zamierzam się rozdrabniać na wersje póki nie wiem czy cokolwiek z tego wyjdzie 😉 Dzięki za wizytę!

  2. Adriano Reply

    Faust is the best. No wonder why Refugnic choose him as an avatar 😉

    • Refugnic Reply

      Dang, I’ve been running around with that thing for a whole while now, huh? (Only now noticed your comment, while looking which page (or set of pages) to prey on next. :D)

      On that note, the primary reason why I am using Faust as Avatar is not specifically because he’s awesome (although he certainly is of the ‘interesting’ variety), but much rather because NI made a picture featuring Faust writing something with a demon stalking over his shoulder in response to one of the earlier fanarts I’ve made.

      How could I NOT cherish that? 😀

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