Unpleasant first time

This page got updated in 2019! Old version HERE 😉


Dear readers! New month has started a week ago. Replay is very low on the topwebcomics list, meaning it will be having a hard time gaining new readers… I need your help! Your votes! I know this is a very new webcomic, there are still not many pages and we are not even out of the prologue but till now I received very positive feedback and people enjoyed the thing.

So once again: please vote! Help Ada rule the topwebcomic list once again!
Thank you for your support! (ノ・∀・)ノ


14 comments on “Unpleasant first time”

  1. xthorgoldx Reply

    We shall redouble our efforts.

    Also, getting shot: no fun at all, at least in my experience.

  2. Petra Devon Reply

    I’ve been voting about once a day… Not much else I can do. Where’d all the votes from the first month come from?

    • NotImportant Reply

      I believe voting was broken until last month and somehow it was possible to vote many times from one IP. Someone must have been bored or very dedicated 😀 This time Replay will have to slowly climb its way to the top…! Thank you for voting, I really appreciate!

      • Petra Devon Reply

        That’s news for me!

        At any rate, TWC is a terrible website, but there’s no alternative at the moment… :/

        • NotImportant Reply

          No problem making one but people would have to use it… TWC is old and popular. Too old and too popular…

    • SotiCoto Reply

      Bugger knows.
      I’ve generally been of the opinion that the webcomics in the top 5 or so (i.e. the ones with like 10x as many votes as any of the rest) probably cheated to get there.

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