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That’s it, first fight is over, we go back to the standard frames and broken-glass-effect is gone. I wonder if you even noticed?… Few more pages and Ada will be back, since Robert’s little adventure is almost done. And as you can see Robert is having hard time figuring out what’s wrong with his katana too.

On the side note, I am still experimenting a bit with the style and trying out different faces, maybe I’ll post some of my sketches on Facebook… I am not sure where I am going and what exactly I am trying to achieve but hopefully I’ll get somewhere. I’m pretty happy with backgrounds so far but Robert looks like a different person to me on every page. I suppose I should find out how I really want him to look like.

And since it’s a new month and everything it would be really awesome if you could vote! VOTE! ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

See you next week!


6 comments on “Lightana”

  1. xthorgoldx Reply

    Robert seems to be taking this all remarkably in stride. I’m just waiting for the adrenaline-fueled shock to wear off and the hysterical screaming to start, because that’s when the REAL fun begins.

  2. Shenshinoman Reply

    Hello NI,

    I was looking at your updated page here, and I think the grammar in the last speech bubble is a little off. I believe it would read a little easier, and sound more natural, to be worded “Seems I didn’t imagine it last time.”

  3. dr pepper Reply

    Less soliloqying! More decapitating! That way if it comes back to life it will have trouble following you.

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