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I suppose everyone expected that.

I hoped I’ll be able to draw Ada in some Christmas attire but I don’t think I’ll find time for that during this week… It’s like that every year! Everyone needs something done ASAP before Christmas. Maybe it’s because year is coming to an end and people get a bit restless? I wouldn’t really know…

Thank you for the votes! We are still waaaay lower on the list than last month but for now I’m happy that people are voting and enjoying this comics. Thanks again! You can vote now to see another snippet from incoming pages~

Thank you for your support! (ノ・∀・)ノ


12 comments on “Snap”

    • xthorgoldx Reply

      What I find hilarious is that Robert’s reaction is darn near word-for-word to what one of my buddies let loose when he got shot in the back with rubber bullets by a friendly during training – for the third time that day.

    • SotiCoto Reply

      I didn’t even hear anyone use the word “salty” with that meaning until this year.
      But it was around last year too?

      … Go figure.

      Well… I guess that was December, and not really representative of the year as a whole.

  1. Green Arrow Reply

    Oh the terror of the the double angry-face-vein manga thing… “Effing world!!! Now drive, person that shot me.” I love this comic, I found it a few months ago, and just now decided to comment, can’t wait to see what will happen next! And yes, I have been voting for this awesomely-funny-animal-ears-comic-of-epic. \_(o.o)_/ <– *face of amaze*

  2. Skyfire Reply

    Hilarious! Not the getting shot part, but his reaction. I guess everyone would probably react the same way. I know I would would be pretty ticked.

  3. Stupid guest Reply

    I’m on my third re-read of this comic, and it’s getting even better – so the artist is forgiven for taking a long f****** hiatus, and for being in Tokyo, where I can’t pound on the door and say “where’s the [gosh-darned] comic this week [for goodness sake].”

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