I just can’t deal with this guy

UPDATE: This page has been redrawn in 2018! Old version here: old version.


Oh Robert, your courage didn’t last long, did it? I guess first few points go to the demon, maybe you’ll do better on the next page. We don’t want this fight to drag for months.

I actually had a hard time drawing the whole fight. I usually paint really static images, with people facing front, very calm or (the even better option) dead. So drawing Robert running around with the sword was kind of a challenge.

And there are so many people coming lately! Keeps me excited and motivated! I hope all of you enjoy the story and drawings! I also changed the top banner and moved the image from old one to the gallery (in case some of you miss it). Oh, and if you use Facebook it’d be very cool if you visited the official fanpage   ლ(o◡oლ)

See you next week!

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20 comments on “I just can’t deal with this guy”

  1. JW Reply

    I see what Robert’s doing there in the second panel. If weapons don’t hurt a demon, try insults.
    (I wish I could draw, then I’d do an alt version where the demon runs off crying.)

  2. Jio Doego Reply

    I might know a way to kill the demons, maybe just cut their head off, or use some abilitys of light that destroy the darkness some things around those lines of course :P.

    • SotiCoto Reply

      Unless this is one of those light-is-bad situations….

      Oh who am I kidding? I swear I’m the only person who even considers that… let alone considers it a more sensible default.

  3. ShadowzombieXwX Reply

    How do you draw humans so well evry time I read your comic it feels like I’m wachin a anime the back story is foggy but in a good way like it confuses you but also interests the reader to keep reading the visuals are amazing and has a attack on Titan vibe about it

    • NotImportant Reply

      I don’t know, for me they still seem a bit off, their anatomy lacks sense sometimes, I lose proportions. Glad I’m the only one who can see this haha xD
      I will explain everything later on, I hope everyone will be patient enough. Thanks for reading!

  4. Randomlifes Reply

    I thought he was gonna be like an awesome master swordsman and slay the beast. lol, he did the same thing I would do. xD

  5. ShadowzombieXwX Reply

    We’ll shit this just got a littel funny “OMGAWD its a giant lizerd shark man spider ma can we keep it!”

  6. SotiCoto Reply

    You wanna know how to kill demons?
    You even tried?
    Stick it with the pointy end.
    Decapitate it.
    Set it on fire.
    Douse it in battery acid.
    Stab it with silverware.
    Bash it repeatedly with a branch.

    The options are endless.

  7. Camolot the Creator Reply

    Now, see, there’s these little things called INCENDIARY AND EXPLOSIVE ORDINANCE. Demons aren’t coming back from that, no matter how “invulnerable” they are.

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