When wipers are not enough

UPDATE: This page has been redrawn in 2018! Old version here: old version.


This page might have come as a surprise to some of you, since usually you don’t pair up cute fox-girls and gore. But I do. And this comic will generally be a little bit of fun and games, but also action, gore and drama so hold on tight! I hope no one is disappointed. There was a fair warning a week ago too! So koalas are free to shred to pieces anyone they want now, since the gore flag is on.

Those are not really koalas, don’t worry. You’ll see them next week.

On the other note, I’m working on a Halloween illustration, I’ll be posting progress shots on facebook fanpage so if you are curious come and visit! FACEBOOK FANPAGE

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25 comments on “When wipers are not enough”

    • NotImportant Reply

      Haha mogę zdradzic, że wcale nie jest tak źle, ale wiadomo, każdy inaczej reaguje na takie rzeczy. I miło mi, że sledziłas do tej pory! 😀

  1. JW Reply

    Well, if anyone needs the guts to take on the demons… they can just pick them off the front of the car.
    I suppose they won’t be less effective than other weapons.

  2. Marscaleb Reply

    Silly person. Don’t you know that you’re entrails are supposed to stay on the INSIDE of you?

    Honestly, some people need to brush up on their basic anatomy,

    • JW Reply

      Maybe that’s what the demons are doing: brushing up on anatomy.
      “I wonder what happens if I pull this bit out? Ah dammit, it broke again!
      What’s wrong with these creatures; they keep breaking. Now I need to get me another one.”

  3. Adriano Reply

    He’s dead.

    Why did you said that xD I’m so dead of your “Let the game begin” sentence xD

  4. TheEternalNight Reply

    i love the expressions in this.
    also..love “gutsy” combo you’re making with this web comic

  5. Adriano Reply

    “Hey, nice red paint!”
    “What do you mean, it’s not paint?”

  6. CPt stupid Reply

    I feel like i wouldn’t be to disgusted if i saw that in real life I wan disturbed yeah disgusted nah

  7. CPt stupid Reply

    I feel like i wouldn’t be to disgusted if i saw that in real life but Yeah definitely disturbed

  8. antrik Reply

    Seems the original of this page isn’t actually linked anywhere?…

    Anyway, if memory serves right, I think you managed to make it even more repulsive… So congrats, I guess?…

    • NotImportant Reply

      No, didn’t touch the guts on this one 😛 I only redrew Robert if I remember correctly. And I made this whole scene a page shorter so it’s possible that something didn’t get linked. I still have the originals so I’ll double check and add it if it’s missing, no worries.

  9. Speedy Reply

    Well, on the bright side, the family was right… they couldn’t be saved. (Yes, that is pretty dark, for a bright side)

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