Ring down the curtain

UPDATE: This page has been redrawn in 2018! See the old version here: old version.


Our little ferret err… I mean Robert, is fighting bravely after all. He’s very lucky that this demon is already pretty bored with all those people. But if you knew that your opponent can’t kill you, wouldn’t you be quite lazy as well? I know I would.

For all those people who are worried that I might be late with the comics or stop drawing it – for now I’ve got about 5 pages in the buffer. More than a month of your colorful action comic. So no worries, even if I fall ill, become depressed (like almost all comic authors out there), nothing will stop me from posting new pages. So rest assured, if page is a bit late that means I just forgot, my computer broke or I didn’t pay the bills (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

I was wondering if that’s okay to post some sketches, but I guess I won’t be uploading those to the gallery. If you want to see some sketches with Ada (I miss her…) visit the facebook fanpage~!

See you next week!

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11 comments on “Ring down the curtain”

  1. xthorgoldx Reply

    I like the idea of Robert just ambling around the demon, picking up random items from the ground, and then opening a crafting menu to build some consumables while the demon just stands there waiting for his turn to come up. In his head, he’s thinking “Oh, BLAST! He opened a pause menu!”

    • NotImportant Reply

      This is his well thought through strategy!…
      It’s actually not that retarded. There is not enough space for the demon to move freely, it became slow. After avoiding the blow you go for a distraction and then attack. Similar situation: when someone goes at you with a knife you throw keys at his face, then kick him. Most people will be too focused on those flying keys to notice incoming kick.
      But if it still looks stupid – well, then I failed 😀

      • xthorgoldx Reply

        Nah, it just brought some of those “giant, telegraphed-to-the-moon attack boss” fights to mind. I’m sure Mr. Not-A-Cyberdemon is really just playing with his food at this point.

  2. Jio Doego Reply

    just follow up with somthing awsome then ^a^ like him finding the way to beat them when no one else could 😀

  3. Randomlifes Reply

    hmmm…one thing that puzzles me is that him and Ada look like they knew each other in the dream. -3- I wonder if she knows him in the present and if so…When is she coming ?.

    • NotImportant Reply

      Yeah, they know each other, she’ll be back once he returns from his little trip to the forest.

  4. Someguy Reply

    Cute redhead cat foxgirl: Provisional Check (There is a disturbing lack, apart from the desert scene at the start). Pretty good art: Check. Chalk up another reader from TWC. 🙂

  5. JW Reply

    “OMG, sharp blades, that’s the secret! All this time we’ve been using rubber bullets and paintball pellets”

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