We didn’t want to know

That page was a tricky one! I spent a lot of time on those little photographs, polishing them, making sure they look good and…. covered everything with text. Yeaaahh, just prefect. I have added a version of this page without the speech bubbles to the gallery, if you are curious about the photos. It’s a nice collection of all those terrible things no one really wants to know.

I hope it’s more or less clear what we do and don’t know about the demons. Dennis is not a fan of lengthy explanations but I’m sure you can get a nice image of the situation from everything he has pointed out. There will be still a bit about magic in the two incoming pages.

Apart from the new image in the gallery I’ve also added a new song to the fanart section (yes, we have songs, if you didn’t know), Refugnic felt like singing last week so go check it out, tell him he is terrible or send him a kiss, I’m sure he is curious what you guys think about it. Go go go! (ノ・∀・)ノ

And thank you for your votes, current vote incentive seems to be well liked haha~ I didn’t know you like to receive shoes so much. What a strange bunch. I love you all, Replay is on the top, new readers still coming, thanks to you I still have a ton of motivation to work on this comic \(-ㅂ-)/ ♥ ♥ ♥

See you next week!

49 comments on “We didn’t want to know”

  1. Dusk Reply

    awesome pics, guess i can now officially assume that they are in fact being lead by intelligent force of some kind or sort .

    • Refugnic Reply

      Hmm…now I’ve got a neat little picture in my head, where the tank driver says to his gunner: “Alright Sam, this time aim for the abdomen.”

    • Momoko Reply

      The invade tanks, doesn’t sound to me like they’re teleporting into it directly.
      Probably more like they managed to break in from the outside

      • Refugnic Reply

        Hmm…point taken. And I think you’re right. With strength like that, it should be easy for them to crack a tank open or tear down a bunker door.

        Though I still like my little image of the unfortunate tank driver. 😀

        • Uhl Reply

          Could still happen. Tank shots are LOUD. Gunners and drivers wear protective gear so they don’t go deaf. It would be disgustingly easy for a smaller “demon” to sneak up on a tank while it’s engaged with a big one, rip the tank open, and sneak inside.

          • Lukkai

            Forget about tank shots.

            Tanks are loud!

            The engine. And especially the tracks when moving. Now there’s those hard rubber inlets to be placed on the tracks for when a tank runs on tarmac. They’re placed there mostly for it not to destroy it. But it also greatly reduces the noise. While they’re still loud running with the inlets on, I once experienced what it’s like when they have none. I was working in a vineyard some two- to threehundred meters uphills from a road when three self-propelled guns came driving down. And came back the same road some time later. Both times I heard them way before trees and road bends allowed me to see them. And from nearly a mile away, about one and a half kilometres a distance.

    • NotImportant Reply

      The discussion is so interesting I’d rather not answer that one and leave it to your imagination..~

  2. Adriano Reply

    I dig the shoe 😛

    Anyway, thansk for making this webcomic ! I love how Stefen is being ignoed xD

  3. Micah Reply

    So many new and interesting demons. Flame throwers, giant ones, and one that wanted to show off how nice his new toothpaste works. This’ll be good (manic laugh).

    Also, nice vote incentive. Although I’d rather have Ada than her boot, but oh well…

  4. Refugnic Reply

    Haha…and suddenly I feel reminded of one of my fanfics. (The brave soldier to be more precise).

    But no really, it’s a no-brainer to take out the potential threats first and then mop up whatever is left.
    That they are capable of teleportation was suspected already, nice to have official approval…though personally I don’t think that they can teleport, but much rather that they are using some sort of portal, which can exit about anywhere, which kinda makes it more like ‘spawning’ into the fray.

    Also, this reminds me of my first demon design, where the demons didn’t have any ‘vital organs’, but much rather were driven by an energy core. You wanted to ‘kill’ them, you had to hit that thing. Problem being, that the energy core never was in the same area and also wasn’t very large.

    *Ahem*, back to the topic at hand, I can imagine that the blades carry some sort of virus which traverses the body of the unfortunate demon meeting it (leaving those purple squiggles) until it has found said energy core and isolated it/sucked it dry, essentially killing the demon.
    Though I think I’ve said something to this extent before already.

  5. JW Reply

    I spy with my little eye, flying demons in the sky.

    Guess you’re really not safe anywhere.

    • Refugnic Reply

      Assuming that they can spawn within enclosed spaces like tanks and bunkers, I imagine that for example the Air Force One might well be considered a flying coffin at that point. So no, with critters like that you’re not safe anywhere.

  6. GreatBasinCoyote Reply

    Anyone else not buying that a sufficiently advanced military would not have communication back-ups such as HAM radios and repeater stations? Or that their would be a civilian network of amateur radio operators? HAM radio operators within the U.S. receive a FCC license to operate on certain frequencies of the radio spectrum and are in a national directory managed by the FCC. Their equipment or the operator/owner can be pressed into service to send/receive messages due to a national emergency when other forms of communication are out of service.

    • Lukkai Reply

      Problem here not necessarily being the absence of any technical facilities that could be used. Some even portable. Nor to find some of it. Not even the absence of people able to use it or to find them.

      But to do all that and find enough of both and do so before the demons find them and organise the sorry lot into a working force and then keep them from being specifically picked out by the demons within a few days only.

      Long story short: I’m definitely buying them not having reliable means to communicate with each other.

  7. Adriano Reply

    I don’t want to be any of the photographers. How did Stefen even get those pictures ???

    • Uhl Reply

      Either the photographer was very, very good at running away, or Stephen picked them up from the corpse of the previous owner.

      • Crystalclaw Reply

        True. But they’d be more cuddleable with fur. But I suppose then I’d try even harder to pull them into the real world, so it’s probably for the best 🙂

        • Dæmon Reply

          Good idea! Plus his Demons! NI, why not take a stab at it and try? It might make some kids happy, and I know some teens and adults also like plushie dolls/beanie babies/ etc. If this works, you might be able to make even more ad money. And that reminds me of something… How are the storytelling stickers going so far? I didn’t see them last time I visited the store, but then again, it had been a long while since I have been able to visit.

          • NotImportant

            To be honest Replay isn’t making many sales, but some stickers were sold. Mugs are most popular haha~
            I am not too sure if I want to invest my time making more merchandise if only few people buy it. Demand is too low. Plus right now I am kind of short on the ‘free time’ thing.

  8. Crystalclaw Reply

    This comic (usually) updates on sundays, correct? I can’t seem to find it anywhere on the site, and I’d like to add it to my comic auto-opener on the correct day so it opens with all my others :p

    • NotImportant Reply

      On the slider on the top is says it’s Mondays, but I usually add new page on the Sunday evening.

      • Crystalclaw Reply

        Dangit, my adblocker must be removing that; I knew I’d seen it before. Ah well, been meaning to disable it for this site anyway. Script config corrected, thanks.

        • NotImportant Reply

          I don’t plan any to add any ads on Replay so you can add an exception~
          And my pleasure! Thanks for reading!

          • Crystalclaw

            Yay! Then I can not feel bad about blocking the facebook tracker it’s showing me… <..>

            Thanks for making a great comic! Don’t stop! (Unless it’s a matter of extreme importance, and then only go on hiatus!)

  9. Zenanii Reply

    Hm, mysterios and increadibly powerful beings that appear immune to conventional weaponry suddenly appear and tear human civilisation apart? They feed on humans without digesting them, and it’s also being suggested they yave very specific weak spots? Is any one else getting Attack on Titan vibes here? (Mind you, that’s a good thing, it’s one of my favorite animes ;))

    • JW Reply

      The thought had crossed my mind.
      But in Attack on Titan, the titans had already been around for ages, so they didn’t suddenly appear.

      • NotImportant Reply

        I didn’t like Attack on Titan, didn’t manage to go past few first episodes…
        And Replay was written looong time ago, so I didn’t get my idea from Attack on Titan, if you guys are curious~

      • Zenanii Reply

        It’s true that when the story starts titans have already been around for generations, but in flashbacks it is revealed that they appeared suddenly seemingly out of nowhere in overwhelming numbers and completely tore human civilization apart.

  10. Arker_1 Reply

    Just realized…If you look closely, right above where Dennis says “See? Very hard to kill…” it looks like theres a picture of Godzilla…

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