Uninvited guest

Ada making magic didn’t wake him up but apparently one angry demon is enough. When I think about it, this truly was a terrible day for our poor Robert. He got shot, attacked by demons – twice, pushed around by Ada from one sleeping place to another, even shower was cold. I must be a sadist.

I want to thank you for your comments last week! I made up my mind and I will start writing something like a journal which will include info about the world itself, no explanations for the story as it has to speak for itself. After I’m done with the prologue things will slow down considerably so I hope more things will become clear.

Journal will be only for people curious enough, filled with details about demons, magic, some sketches and whatever comes to mind. I will start working on it after I’m back from Japan so still a lot of time before first pages appear. But it’s decided. Thanks again for the encouragement!

While I was thinking about it I had another marvelous idea but for now it’s a secret ~(-ε- )~

And to keep you motivated for voting I have changed the vote incentive~ Thanks for your support!

11 comments on “Uninvited guest”

  1. JW Reply

    Sleeping in a sleeping bag protects you from having to deal with monsters under you bed. But sleeping in a tent leaves you vulnerable to monsters tearing an opening and getting inside. That’s why I never go camping, the cost-benefit ratio just doesn’t make it worthwhile.

  2. Anonymous K Reply

    I just imagine that monster being a stalker and going “Hue Hue Hue” while peeking into windows

  3. xthorgoldx Reply

    Right now, my mind is forming a movie trailer for Replaycomic, set to the tune of “Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked.” It’s a flat two minutes of Robert getting attacked by demons every time he tries to get some goddamn rest, each time pulling out his sword with the most annoyed look on his face before going to town. It’s both hilarious and awesome.

    • NotImportant Reply

      That’s hilarious, I’m totally learning how to make animated movies.

  4. Adriano Reply

    I thought there was a rape ongoing…
    This page started way too much like an hentai xD

  5. SotiCoto Reply

    He is probably just dreaming it.

    The opening few pages set a bit of a precedent for that being a thing that happens… and he had just fallen asleep… AND this does reflect something that has happened to him in the past, roughly speaking.

    So… if I were to guess on it (and assume for a second that there aren’t more pages, which there are… just about)… then I’d guess at him dreaming it.

    … I mean c’mon. I’m trying to get some entertainment out of this, however short it may be.

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