Timing is crucial

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I almost feel sorry for him… Unintentionally perhaps, but even Ada added to his pain. Well, he will need to handle that angry purple thing alone yet again, since Ada is very busy sleeping with her eyes open. In the next few pages we’ll see what kind of dream she is having and that will be the last scene from Prologue. Fight will be resumed in Chapter I, no worries, you won’t miss it~

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13 comments on “Timing is crucial”

  1. Anonymous K Reply

    Wow the demon kinda looks like a velociraptor. Side note when trying to type velociraptor it auto corrected to demon. Clever girl.

  2. xthorgoldx Reply

    >Last scene from Prologue
    >Chapter 1

    ALL ABOARD THE HYPE TRAIN. Secure hats, glasses, and small children before boarding.

    • Anonymous K Reply

      Double check and make sure all weapons are switched onto the saftey or sheathed we wouldn’t want to poke someone’s eye out 😀

  3. JW Reply

    On the other hand, best timing ever for escaping harsh reality.

    Quick Robert, find a magic marker and draw a mustache on that pretty face of hers. The demon can wait. Priorities, man!
    And you can just blame the demon if she finds out (how many mirrors are there in post-apocalyptic world anyway).

    • NotImportant Reply

      Terrific thought, especially that it’s quite possible that she wouldn’t find out for quite a while and certainly experienced hard time washing it off with cold water alone. I’m loving it ♥

  4. Micah Reply

    That panel 4 face is great. it’s like she’s “I don’t care if a demon eats you” despite being in a vision at that time. Are you sure she’s in a vision :p
    also, minor change, I think it would be good if you made the vote button in the banner open in a new tab. but that’s personal preference.

    • NotImportant Reply

      Lol that is such a cruel thought hahaha, I feel even more sorry for our poor Robert!
      And your personal preference makes sense so I have changed the link~ Thanks for the vote!

  5. Speedy Reply

    I’m starting to think that visions are like catnip or McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce to the demons.

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