Trouble’s brewing

Stephen, really bad timing for your silly jokes~ Or not?…

Anyway, I’m back and I can really focus on Replay now. I’ve already started working on the next chapter, even though it will still take a while to finish the current one. I hope you guys are ready for some action, we’ve been building characters’ backgrounds for many pages now. Time to kill some demons! And people ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

From other news – it seems it’s not the recording software that is weird, it’s Photoshop. It’s impossible to use the window capture mode while drawing as Photoshop opens panels as separate windows, sigh… I will have to switch to screen capture which is a lot more annoying. I’m still experimenting and still determined to make more videos, we’ll see how it goes. As I already said two weeks ago – the first one will be released on the 9th October, alongside the related page.

See you next week~!

15 comments on “Trouble’s brewing”

  1. NiWo21k Reply

    Hehe, who knows Stephen 🙂
    After seeing the next page, i am looking forward to the fight (the last panel on the new site on patren lets me hope for a big entrance 😀 )
    And to this page: I love the explosion panel – the lighting and the motion is just perfect – and the humor anyway.

    With your photshop problem:
    i am no expert in capturing software, but what you tell, sounds like a problem i had with a programm at work. We had two problems, one was Windows Update and the second was another programm that was runing in the back, maybe its something simmiliar here?

    • NotImportant Reply

      You were partially correct! Is seems Photoshop + OBS Studio doesn’t work unless I disable some performance/GPU related settings. Also stacked windows have to be all treated and captured separately, there is no way around that… But I think I figured it out! My only problem now is Photoshop crashing the display driver from time to time (probably due to the settings I’ve changed lol). Always something, eh?…
      Glad you like the page! Always a pleasure to hear that.

      • NiWo21k Reply

        Have you tried tweaking your graphic-driiver? I dont know what graphic card you have in your system, but sometimes it could help to deaktivate all of the energy saving options there. I had to do this two times: one was a special kind of scanner (the programm always crashed when it tried to scan something) and once when i installed GTA V on my System (it just wouldnt run with over 5 fps, but after setting the programm to high priority in the nvidia setting it worked). Maybe something that you can try?

        • NotImportant Reply

          GeForce GTX 960M, it might be the last drivers update, I’m pretty confident they screwed something up because it didn’t crash before and now it’s acting up from time to time. I am not too keen on the idea of playing with the settings, I did fry a graphic card before and I’d rather not lose this one lol. It was computation related but still… The fear is real.

          • NiWo21k

            Ah, you have a notebook! – ok then the trick i mentioned above might help, and no worry, that doesnt kill your card – and i can relate 😉

            I have an a system with a Geforce GTX970m (driver version 354.35 – i know one of the newer once has some problems, but dont know the version number) so not that far off – If you open the Nvidia Systempanel and look under 3D adjustements there should be two points (global and programm adjustments), you choose program one and there under point one you select the exe file from photoshop and under the second point select nvidia prozessor. Under point there should be an point energie managment, just change that to maximum performance.

            This should prevent that your system switches between the low level onboard graphic chip and your nvidia graphic card when working with photoshop.

          • NotImportant

            Ok thanks for the tip! I’ll probably play with it over the weekend, when I won’t be recording. For now, since everything is going smoothly, I’d rather stay on the safe side 😀
            It’s a bit tricky since I need to disable Photoshop from working on the GeForce or else I can’t record anything (it doesn’t catch the open file for some reason, so I only record empty Photoshop window).

  2. Refugnic Reply

    Stefen, I think if your cigarette would’ve caused that explosion, you just might have been caught in the blast…so yeah, sorry, it wasn’t you.

    Though you just might wish that it had been you, once you see what really caused the noise.

    Things promise to get hectic, at least that much is for sure…oh and Stefen?
    Be sure to take aim a little more quickly this time around.
    I’ve heard that the demons have started to move from ATB to Real Time combat mode. ;P

    On another note, relax. If ‘The hollow men’ have taught us anything, this is not how the world ends. 🙂

  3. Deamon Reply

    I love that vote incentive. It’s hilarious, and I expect Ada to be REALLY mad when she finds out.

      • NotImportant Reply

        The curse of the enchanted Diary – if you read it without permission your nose disappears~

    • Refugnic Reply

      Quite honestly, seeing how Ada promised him to ‘show him something, which is on a level of amazing he didn’t even know exists’, chances are that Ada is standing right there behind him.

      Plus, I don’t think Rob’s the type to go through someone else’s belongings without their approval…left alone Ada’s belongings.
      After all, he likes that girl and has quite some respect for her, which are two things which would inhibit his curiosity a bit. (I know that ‘likes that girl’ would seem like an incentive, but he wants her to like him back, and snooping through her things without permission is likely to get her to like him less, so…)

      So yeah, I think Ada gave that diary to him.
      And I think it’s chock full of spells in terrible handwriting, heaven and NI alone know where she got those from. 😀

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