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Too much talent, I suppose.

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How are you guys doing? Last week wasn’t so bad for me (timewise) and I did a lot of stuff for the Historia project! I loved working on it; hopefully, I can continue doing that in the next couple of months and maybe we can finish the first part of the game before this year’s end… Keep your fingers crossed~ I’ll try to post more updates from the project on Patreon (it’s kind of a secret thing so only for patrons). The game is looking more and more awesome, I’m really hyped!

The weekend kind of flew by without me really noticing, though. We managed to go to Tachikawa though – there’s a flower festival going on right now and I just couldn’t miss those blooming tulips… I posted some photos on my Instagram if you guys want to see some pretty flowers (seriously, my Instagram account is just flowers at this point). There were also a couple of things I needed to take care of before going to Poland and we’re flying out this Friday. Why now? The Golden Week is coming and we (me + my fiance) decided to visit our families.

So wish us a safe trip! And please keep voting because Replay really benefits from those TWC votes… Why? A lot of people come here to read the comic through the TWC list and even though I don’t earn any money through ads (cause I hate ads) I earn a lot of motivation from page-reads and comments 😉 So if you have a little love to spare, please vote! Thanks!

21 comments on “Surprise surprise”

    • Ooorah Reply

      Nothing saying he couldn’t be a CEO running for president. Not like it didn’t happen 3 years ago…

      • NotImportant Reply

        Yeah, I could have mentioned that in her story as well but we’ll get back to that yet. Adam really was a CEO running for a president. As mentioned in the prologue his CEO position was quite unexpected as well (his new cult friends showed him from one position of power to another, how exciting!):

  1. Refugnic Reply

    Well, from a villain’s point of view, Adam did precisely the right thing: First take out those who could mess up your plans.
    Those who gave you the power and understand how they could take it away again or at least how to throw a wrench into your machinations.

    Sure, they also knew magic, but if the first strike comes sudden and swiftly enough, there’s just not enough time to draw the pentacles to protect yourself.
    I assume he attacked on multiple fronts simultaneously, to keep the organization from organizing any sort of defense plan.

    Soo…Adam Levicky for President, huh?
    Still, I have no clue what he actually wants.

    I mean, he has influence, money, can have almost any girl he wants…why would someone like that willingly end the world?
    Immortality? Have fun spending the eternity living in hell.
    That one girl he cannot buy? When she’s dead, he won’t be able to have her any more either.

    Really, the only thing that makes a little sense at this point is, that he wants the powers of a God.
    Meaning: Wipe the world clean, so he can recreate it in the way he likes it.

    But still, anything he could conjure would still be rotten in its core…and who’s to say, that the demon will actually keep up with his end of the bargain?

    Oh and I’m doing fine.
    Survived Easter for the biggest part already. 🙂

    • JW Reply

      Soo…Adam Levicky for President, huh?
      Still, I have no clue what he actually wants.

      Save the planet, exterminate all humans.

    • King_kmodo93 Reply

      Had to look it up because I thought it was a typo at first but the answer to what his goal is is right there. Omnicide. Kill everything.

      • AspiringRationalist Reply

        But why? If we’re talking about a real, rational character, then omnicide for the sake of it shouldn’t be appealing — it’s just too many things that can go wrong for nothing. I agree with OP. The only thing he wouldn’t have had in the palm of his hand before he made a deal with those demons would be control over the earth. And part of the deal is probably that he gets power when everyone else is dead.

  2. Doom Reply

    Love Julia’s red suit in the first panel. Best part of the page is definitely the last panel, with Ada being adorable with her chicken.

    • Doom Reply

      I am definitely looking forward to the survivor camp’s reactions to our heroes coming home with an ex-cult-leader and a pet chicken.

  3. NoriMori Reply

    Third bubble should be either/or, not neither/nor.

    And I’m pretty good. Got to have three days off in a row thanks to Easter. Didn’t spend it as well as I hoped I would, but it’s still been nice to relax.

    • JW Reply

      Third bubble should be either/or, not neither/nor.

      I think it should be “I realized neither … nor …”, since she didn’t realize either of them. Alternatively “I didn’t realize .. , nor …”.
      “either .. or .. ” sounds to me like she only didn’t realize one of the two and is leaving us guessing which one it was.

      • NotImportant Reply

        So much dispute over my writing lately. I’ve clearly reached some kind of new level of grammar ambiguity!

      • Flerptulio! Reply

        The problem is that grammatically both “didn’t” and “neither” are negatives, producing a double negative. You’re actually both correct in that the grammatically correct sentence would either be “I didn’t realize either… or…” or “I realized neither… nor…”, which you use depends on dialect and/or preference. But there is also the fact that the sentence isn’t written, it’s being spoken, and people tend to speak differently from the way they write, whether due to dialect, convenience, or whatnot.
        (Source: my grandmother used to teach university-level English language. All of her kids and grandkids have had proper grammar drilled into us since we could speak.)

      • NotImportant Reply

        Double negative! Right. I didn’t realize it because in Polish you are actually supposed to double-negate in that case. Thanks for pointing it out clearly! Now I can fix it~

  4. Crestlinger Reply

    Sadly the only warning sign any of them would have had would have been how Adam got all glassy-eyed whenever the Daleks successfully Exterminated someone.

  5. tutifrutti Reply

    yo soy de argentina y emm recien descubro este juego si es un juego ,es un juego?

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