Special delivery

Oh oh? What could be going on here?…

Special greetings from NY city~! I’m super sleepy, jet-lagged and tired, but I had a great day today. I was sure I won’t be able to see anything since my phone refused to accept pre-paid sim and I was too afraid to walk around without Google maps’ aid but I met two awesome girls from Poland (completely by chance) and we walked together for the whole day! They were great, I’ll never forget their kindness. You know, I was very upset after yesterday because I took a cab from the airport and was (of course) cheated, wasted a lot of money, and felt betrayed by US in general. An unpleasant ordeal right after 13 hours long flight left me pretty angry. Very angry. I-hate-this-damned-city angry. Meeting those two girls really helped me calm down and I managed to enjoy this trip a little bit after all.

I’ll most likely be quiet this week since I have meetings till late and will still need to fly to Seattle on Tuesday. Then back to Tokyo on Friday. But a lot of flying = a lot of reading so I’ve finished the Three-Body problem and am now reading the second part of the series. First book didn’t disappoint me till the end, I need to say! Great read, I had fun.

And thanks for commenting more last week haha, it’s really nice to see that you are still reading my rambles and the comic.
Thanks for being there \(-ㅂ-)/ ♥ ♥ ♥

39 comments on “Special delivery”

  1. Doom Reply

    I love that first panel. Ada looks determined and in command of the situation. Also, Sofia’s so adorable, making a packed lunch for the boy she likes.

  2. Refugnic Reply

    What might be going on here, huh?

    Sofia’s going on the offensive, that’s what.
    Good to see that she hasn’t given up despite Ada’s rather intimidating presence.
    But then again, the little collage we’ve been given a little while ago shows that they’ve been doing some bonding already.

    Ada better up her game, lest the man she ‘secretly’ likes gets taken away. 😀

    Too bad that Rob seems to be on the dense part when it comes to Sofia…and after all that trouble she went to.
    I mean, food can’t be all that easy to come by during these trying times, right?

    • Klorix Camp dweller Reply

      Yes, they (she) has been bonding with Robert alright. Since they moved, actually: https://replaycomic.com/comic/through-the-woods/ (That specific little arrow has also been there from the beginning, if I recall correctly.)

      But Sofia’s timing is perfect, since Ada is distracted by Filip at the moment.

      It’s funny how in many cases people (including myself very much) will often be sidetracked and discuss small relationship details at length, yet acknowledge important plot points almost casually. So much fun!

      • Refugnic Reply

        Yeah, that was the page I was thinking of myself.

        And regarding the ‘discuss small relationship details lengthily while dismissing the important stuff at the drop of a hat’…well, that’s the ‘I can relate to that’-aspect.

        We all have emotions and we are all either in a relationship, have tried being in a relationship or have at the very least observed people (attempting to be) in a relationship…it’s something we all know.
        As such, it is also something, we all can relate to.

        The apocalypse and magic?
        While interesting, it’s not quite as relatable as the young girl trying to get the boy she likes to notice her affection.

        Don’t get me wrong, surviving the apocalypse and obtaining the means to do so is far more important on the grand scale of things.
        But on the human scale and right there?
        Definitely the girl with the lunch box. 😀

      • Klorix Camp dweller Reply

        You put a lot of thought into your reply … Thanks for the analysis, you used 😉
        No, seriously, it was interesting to read about your thoughts. I’m usually not consciously analysing people a lot. At some point I might get feeling that something was out of character, but that’s not reliable.

        I will just add, that these ‘little’ relationship moments (romantic or not) are ultimately very important on the grand scale, because they affect the group’s cohesion, thus their ability to survive.

      • Refugnic Reply

        Which is pretty much the classic setup for male protagonists in fiction in general.

        Stereotypes are so much fun to play with, but unlike the ‘typical’ guy in setups like these (where two (or more) girls are into the same, dense but good-hearted guy), Robert actually has a favorite, and that favorite actually knows it.

        Thing is, that things are kinda sour between him and Ada, which leaves space for…shall we say ‘alternate vectors to personal happiness’.

  3. Dragon Master Reply

    I have to ask, why would you take a cab if your in NYC? You’d get to where your going faster on foot. I’ve actually proven this myself, and that was while i was using a map to find where I was going. Then again, your less likely to be mugged if your in a cab, ripped off yes but not mugged. So I guess it all depends.

    • NotImportant Reply

      Yep, I had luggage and JFK is pretty far from Manhattan. I didn’t use cabs when sightseeing, I enjoy walking too much for that~

  4. Halftea Reply

    To be fair, many people from the US who don’t live in NYC feel the same way about that particular city. 🙂 It’s very much a ‘love it’ or ‘hate it’ kind of place. Hopefully your Seattle stay is more pleasant on your way back to Tokyo.

    • NotImportant Reply

      We’ll see about Seattle, the weather is supposed to be terrible so I might not like it just because of that haha~ NY is not so bad, putting aside that incident with the cab. The city itself is interesting and pretty. Could be cleaner but… oh well.

    • NotImportant Reply

      I did not realize that it wasn’t a regular taxi but some general ‘people transport’ thing and their rate was absurd. Ultimately it was my stupidity of course but it’s still not nice to rip off tired people who just came out of the airport =_=

    • Alex Reply

      I was actually referring to her eyes in the last panel. 🙂
      She’s like “I’m here. If you… get ‘hungry’… maybe?”

  5. Doom Reply

    Congratulations on taking the top spot on TopWebComics again, NI! It’s only a lead of about 20 votes at the moment, but it’s still a lead!

    • NotImportant Reply

      aaa! That’s so awesome! I didn’t even notice due to everything blowing up… My flight for tonight got cancelled, it’s been a crazy day so far. Right now I’m sitting in a hotel lobby, waiting, cause apparently my reservation is not in the system.

    • Klorix Camp dweller Reply

      I think she totally has, even if it may be only because Rob’s the only person she knows from the past.

  6. NotImportant Reply

    And guuuys! Remember to check out the vote incentive mini-comic! It changed on Wednesday!

    • JW Reply

      I never forget. Except that I can vote an extra time on Fridays. But I remember now!

      “You are not a stranger, we go to the same school you gave me donuts.”

  7. antrik Reply

    Oh… Oooooh… I get it now: Kasper is totally in on her plan; and the prolonged hug was a delay tactic to buy Sofia time! Yeah, that’s definitely the explanation 😉

  8. SotiCoto Reply

    … If Sofia wore glasses at some point in the past… and their current situation is NOT conducive to the maintenance of contact lenses… then I can only draw one of two conclusions:

    #1. Her eyesight is mostly viable for everyday purposes, but only requires correction for specific circumstances.
    #2. She is living in a perpetual blur.

    Either way she needs her glasses back. =(

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