Through the woods

And that concludes this chapter! More than a hundred pages in this one, that was a long ride! I hope you enjoyed and look forward to the next one, I’ve got a lot of drama prepared, two new characters, more info about magic and the visions, I’m super excited for it already!

I’ve decided to change the Private tier on the Patreon since my awesome patrons have already seen the cover for the second chapter because I couldn’t help myself (featuring one of the new characters dun dun dun dun!!) and now all people with the Private pledge can see two pages ahead in full resolution, yay! Thanks for your support! Also big thank you for those who vote, a new month is starting and it would be cool if we could once again push Replay to the top!

There was no new extra drawing this week because after a certain night I stayed awake till 4 am making up various scenes for Replay. So when I woke up I just sat and wrote like crazy, preparing the plotline for at least few years, scribbling dialogues for few crucial scenes and drafting some extra stories. I can’t share the writing with you, sorry about that, but it was intense and I’m all pumped up to draw. But eh, I had my vacation, high time I started preparing for the job-hunt, there are few things I need to do if I want to find one here in Japan… Can you feel my enthusiasm for that? Yeah, me neither. No one likes job-hunts ¯\_ಠ_ಠ_/¯

Grab a video and I’ve added the images from the photos to the gallery. If you want to see the map underneath I’m afraid you’ll need to dig through my posts on Patreon~

80 comments on “Through the woods”

  1. Skygaurd101 Reply

    O ma gawd it looks AWSOME, with the photo map ‘montage’! Showin where they went stuuf.

    Oh on the side note it would be funny and appreciated by people (I don’t know who) if you did a fan art sketch of the smug Wendy’s mascot, nothing super detailed so it doesn’t interfere with the posting of the comic pages.

    – a stupid fan 🙂

    • NotImportant Reply

      I could actually draw Ada as the mascot, that’d be pretty cute! And you know, I had to look it up, I’ve never been at Wendy’s but they have the stores in Japan! I need to go and try their burgers lol

      • Skygaurd101 Reply

        You live in Japan? That is really cool! Are you from Japan originally or somewhere else?

        • JW Reply

          You’ve heard of the North and South Pole, right? NI is from the land that has most of the Poles in between. I guess technically, she’s now the East Pole?

        • NotImportant Reply

          I’m from Poland and moved to Japan recently. I’m on a 1-year visa now, hoping to find a job here and stay for good :3

          • bitflipper Camp dweller

            If your Patreon earnings become enough to live on, would that count as employment for a permanent visa?

          • NotImportant

            No (as far as I know), I would then need to force my boyfriend to marry me so that I can leach on his visa lol. But I doubt that’s going to happen before I can acquire a permanent residence through a decent job.

    • Wboys Reply

      So…I started reading this yesterday and just caught up. So sad now that I have to wait for pages like everyone else 🙁

      I have a question, though. Maybe I am,stupid and just missed something, but why does everyone have little ears and a tail? Is it, like…just because? Or does it have to do with whatever made the demons come?

      • NotImportant Reply

        Yeah, it’s kind of ‘just because’. I thought it was cute after seeing some girls advertising a maid-cafe in Akihabara haha~

      • JW Reply

        That would’ve been so funny, if they all got animal ears and tails because of the demon apocalypse somehow, and they just hadn’t noticed until now. I bet Laura would have the best reaction at finding out.

        • NotImportant Reply

          I’d feel ashamed I if put that kind of excuse for those ears/tails into the plot…. xD

          • JW

            Hey, at least “a wizard did it” makes more sense in this comic than some. 😛

          • Klorix Camp dweller

            This was one of my early assumptions, next to “why not?” and before I learned the apocalypse was only a few weeks ago.

  2. NiWo21k Reply

    And (now official 😉 ) congrats for finishing this chapter 🙂

    I am looking forward to the continuation (going from what we see on patreon at the moment it will continue like it ended – great 🙂 ), But what i am also looking forward to is your updates to the magic in the world (i just love these side bits).

    And good luck for your job hunt 🙂

    • NotImportant Reply

      Thanks! To be honest I am tempted to just write the script and sketch all day haha~

      • NiWo21k Reply

        Yeah i can think of so many thinks that are more fun than job hunt :-/
        But its great to hear that even after already writing so much of the story you are still so full of energy to do more 😀

        • NotImportant Reply

          Actually the more I work on it the more hyped I get haha~

  3. Night Spark Corporal Reply

    Good Luck on the job hunt! also to those not yet donated your missing out! on other thing if you ever do get to $10,000 I expect a full chapter of a hentai side story between Ada and Robert! ( ✧ ͜ʖ ✧ )

    PS No Pressure. C;

    • NotImportant Reply

      Thank you! And still a looooong way before that last goal is reached haha, Robert is going to suffer for a little while ๏◡๏

      • xthorgoldx Reply

        Robert is going to suffer for a little while ๏◡๏

        I will never tire of the fact that Robert and I share the name XD

        • NotImportant Reply

          You shall suffer for a little while ๏◡๏

          And good luck with the papers if you are still working on them haha~

          • Rateus Camp dweller

            He’s called Robert Thorgold is he? There are no middle/surnames on the cast page. ;-p

      • Klorix Camp dweller Reply

        Don’t lie to us, Robert will suffer either way, because Ada.

      • JW Reply

        If you ever did do a hentai side-story, I would be respectfully disappointed. I mean, it’s ultimately up to an artist what they do to their characters, and I guess it helps a lot of artists pay the (or some) bills, but bleghh. It’d be like peeping on two of my friends going at it, or family.

        • NotImportant Reply

          I don’t think I’d be able to draw anything explicit. But if I ever did a chapter like that it wouldn’t be an obligatory read, just a side-story with some happy/awkward moments.

  4. xthorgoldx Reply

    I’m up at gerdang 0300 writing papers, and I’m still late to firstpost >_<

  5. Micah Reply

    Just want to say that the page looks great! Cool that you wrote so far ahead, that mean you won’t be ditching us for quite some time, right? I’m looking forward to seeing how this all plays out.
    And good luck with the job hunt and the interviews that follow, having done that a few times, never something to look forward to (Was the writing ahead a way of avoiding the hunt? I can relate…).

    • NotImportant Reply

      Haha thanks, I’ll do my best! And I have no intention of ditching you guys, I want to show you this story! Glad that you enjoy, thanks for reading and letting me know that you like the page!

  6. QuantumAnubis Reply

    Man i love this comic! I found it probably half an hour ago and I’m already caught up. Also, I can’t be the only one that thinks this would be an AMAZING anime

    • NotImportant Reply

      I AGREE. I’d love to see it done. I need to find more fans in Japan I suppose, maybe it would be possible!

      • Speedy Reply

        When you go out to eat, you should do sketches of your characters nomming on food at that restaurant, while you eat, and put the comic’s URL down in the corner. If the manager likes your drawing, they might post it to attract customers, and it could attract new readers to the comic, too. Do that for enough places, and you might attract commissions, too.

  7. Rateus Camp dweller Reply

    You’ve ended on a happy, uplifting page with just a gentle reminder of past terribleness. Lovely work.

  8. bitflipper Camp dweller Reply

    I just found Replay yesterday, and read the archives, today.

    Freaking. **AMAZING!!**

    Very good artwork, and an incredibly well-done story; your first chapter, alone, can stand as a complete short story. It’s rare to find writing that good. I’m looking forward to following your work for a long time yet to come!

    Thank you for sharing your talent and your story!

  9. Rateus Camp dweller Reply

    New voting incentive is beautiful. There’s only one word I can think that sums it up;


      • Doom Reply

        Rateus speaks truth. While I generally vote each day anyways, having a lovely Ada greet me after my vote is definitely pleasing.

        • NotImportant Reply

          Thank you so much! I’m really grateful for all those votes <3

    • JW Reply

      Hmm, Coy isn’t really the word I would use to describe it. On the other hand I can’t quite find words to describe it.

      Tip, if you make her smile by flipping her mouth upside-down, it changes the whole vibe of the picture. (Though, it doesn’t quite produce a perfect smile, seeing as it wasn’t made to be one. But I can’t draw, so I have to make due.)

        • JW Reply

          I wouldn’t go with brooding either. It feels more neutral and outwards-oriented than I associate with ‘brooding’.
          I kinda get the feeling she’s watching something/someone, but without much real interest. A bit bored, but paying a token amount of attention nonetheless.

          • Rateus Camp dweller

            Oh that. I don’t have a single word for that, but I do it when my missus is watching Masterchef.

  10. gally Reply

    I can’t be the only one who wondered why Ada was making out with that guy at first

    • Dragon Master Reply

      I’m wondering is that eyes of Amusement, or Jealousy on Stefen there in the background.

      • JW Reply

        Looks to me like man who’s happy to see there’s still love in the world.

        Though it’s not too clear in the picture, so I might just be projecting.

        • NotImportant Reply

          It’s that kind of smile that happens on its own when you see people being genuinely happy~

  11. Dragon Master Reply

    Also did you know NI, as of this particular moment in time Replay is ranked #1 TWC with more than 3700 votes, with second place being at least 1500 points behind. That’s very impressive for 4 days of voting, shows how awesome you work is!

    • NotImportant Reply

      Yes! I know! You people are just impossible! <3<3<3<3 I'm just sitting here and biting my fingernails, this will all end once TwoKinds updates their vote incentive xD

      • gally Reply

        Dethroning Twokinds is quite the achivement, but I know that his votes slow down when he is a bit slow.with pages.

        • NiWo21k Reply

          I thought Tom had a another push after he began with the daily doodles, at the moment its interessting to see that there arent so many people voting for him (even he does bring out more regulary and i dont think it has to do with his vote incentive) – but more suprising for me is how high NAV is at the moment.

          But lets not talk about them, lets just be happy for NI doing such a great job that Replay has a constant place in the Top 5 and that rightly 😉

          • NotImportant

            I don’t mind if you guys talk about other comics, I might find something good to read by accident haha 😀

            For me the biggest surprise is always how you manage to push Replay to the top so much lol <3

          • Rateus Camp dweller

            I give both of those a vote every day so I’m not helping either of you in that race. Love the content of both.

            I read someone complaining about Tom’s sketches and that he should be spending more time getting comic pages updated. Seemed a little harsh to me since he provides all that content for free, he can prioritise how he wants. Plus the sketches are part of the patreon package, so he probably makes as much from them as he does from the comic.

          • NotImportant

            Obviously it’s up to him and he should just draw whatever he wants to draw haha, that kind of demands are really silly. I see a lot of those on Tapastic, where audience is generally younger, maybe it’s related. People who work are less likely to demand free stuff from others, I think.

          • NiWo21k

            You will always find people complaining about things, i wont give to much about them. They should be gratefull that there are artist out there who do such amazing things for free. And if they dont want to support them, then they shouldnt talk bad about the artists if they try to earn something for their living.

            But with that said:
            I have the feeling, that Tom doesnt know at the moment what he wants to do :-/
            The idea with the sketches was fun at first, but now it gets a little repetitive in my eyes (so many want to see the same stuff over and over again) and the comic is also stuttering a little bit in my opinion. Dont get me wrong i still like it and Tom should do what he likes, but at the moment i have the feeling he may should take a small break and rethink some things. It looks like he has so much on his plate now that it could burn him out at some point.

            Never underestimate your fans 😉

            And what i meant was: we should stop talking about why maybe other comics have such love places in the Top 100 and not stopp talking about them, there are many great ones out there (i think i will post my personal list sometime on my patreon account just for fun 🙂 )

          • JW

            The only comic besides Replay I vote for daily is It’s cute and reminds me of Hidamari Sketch, and I think it really ought to have a bigger audience.
            Oddly enough, there’s plenty of other comics which I like better, but don’t feel inclined to vote for.

          • NotImportant

            Oh! I didn’t know it and it really does look cute!

          • Klorix Camp dweller

            Well I need to complain ~~~ that I cannot support NotImportant for the time being 🙁
            Other than voting on TWC, that is. I do also vote for other comics, but they are not too near Replay’s rank, so, no worries.

            As to overworking yourself as an artist. This kind of happened to Konrad, who males Stick in the Mud, which I find very entertaining, too. @ NI: They say the original, Polish, version has some nice puns in the character’s names and such, but the theme might not be to everyone’s taste.

          • NotImportant

            I liked Konrad’s older works more, this one didn’t grab me as much butt I agree that his comics are very entertaining! And don’t worry, you support me plenty, the ton of comments you left me was an amusing read and the votes are more than enough \(-ㅂ-)/ ♥ ♥ ♥ I’m glad you enjoyed!

      • antrik Reply

        @Klorix I have to agree that SITM is more enjoyable in Polish, at least to me… Though I wonder whether that’s because it actually sounds more refined — or just because personally I rarely get to read anything “modern” in Polish…

      • antrik Reply

        @JW same here: the comics I vote for most regularly are not necessarily the ones I consider the very best — but rather, the ones I feel are most underrated…

      • antrik Reply

        @NiWo21k personally I think TwoKinds lost a lot of steam ever after the end of the first major arc. (First six or seven chapters IIRC; corresponding to the first print volume I believe.)

        It was somewhere around the end of the second arc when I was originally binge-reading — so I had a direct comparison. I left off for the night after getting blown away by the first arc: but when sat down the next day expecting more of the same awesomeness, I found myself seriously disappointed 🙁 The story feels like it’s hardly moving forward, with all the diversions drawn out way too much; major reveals or turns few and far between…

        It’s still a fun read most of the time; and on the whole one of the better stories out there I guess — but it just doesn’t feel in the same class as that amazing first arc. I actually had to wonder whether the author ever intends to finish the story, or just prolongs it more and more until he loses interest…

        (Though lately it *does* finally seem to be converging? Let’s see 🙂 )

  12. Doom Reply

    Having recently seen NI’s twitter: More First Steps! Yay! As an Ada fangirl, I am very much in favor of learning more about Ada’s life.

  13. Klorix Camp dweller Reply

    Awwww, Filip & Nina. Sofia’s still making Robert (and herself) kind of uncomfortable, I see. And Ada’s headache is gone, yay.
    Again, this cute-ish drawing show demon presence…

    This is a very nice page. Making it look like they were on some hiking trip though, you devil! 😉

    • antrik Reply

      They do not look uncomfortable to me? Sofia is still kinda timid I guess; but they seem to be having fun nonetheless 🙂

  14. Amber Reply

    I’m rereading and I just want to say, I LOVE this page! It’s beautiful and the pictures are so natural, like you can really believe they were taken by someone, not just imagined by the artist! And it’s even great at showing the progression of time! Seriously, I love this page so much!

  15. SotiCoto Reply


    Finishing the Chapter?
    You haven’t made Renate not-dead yet. I can understand that resurrecting someone from the dead can take a while. They’re usually lengthy spells. Sometimes they require sacrifices… but there are plenty of nude-facers for that role. It is fine to kill off 10 or 20 useless extras to bring Renate back… They all look the same anyway.

      • antrik Reply

        [shrug] Someone here just seems to have a weird fetish 😛

        (While you do have the magic talent to draw glasses in such a way that they do not make the wearer look too terrible — and I wish that would work in the real world — I for my part still do not exactly find myself longing to see more of them…)

        But then again, it’s the same individual who once ranted at you for getting many votes, and offering merchandise, while having less then a hundred pages out… So I can’t see them as anything but a common troll 🙂

  16. Speedy Reply

    Is Billy from Family Circus in the group of survivors? ‘Cause it sure looks like he was the one leading the way to the bunker, if the path on the map is accurate.

    Also, it seems Laura is capturing more than she knows, with that camera…

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