Nothing a soup can’t fix

How do you feel about seeing our little Sofia? Well, okay, not so little, she is quite tall after all. Anyhow, we’ll have a chance to get to know her a little better in the nearest weeks, I hope Ada’s fans won’t get too bored haha~

And really, no other news… Last week flew by without me really noticing. And while I was drawing the comic on Saturday I realized that I’ll once again need to insert a page in between those I already have, ha! Bad planning. It shows just how little time I have to think things through. It will be a crazy year, it’s been from the beginning, hopefully I’ll catch all such blunders before it’s too late and the story won’t suffer too much. Five pages long buffer sure comes in handy sometimes.

I was asked about tutorials – I will do some, I want to do some, but I just can’t invest my time into that now. And since my painting is still a bit retarded due to the new screen, it’ll be better if those wait a little bit longer. But it won’t hurt to ask in advance: anything specific you’d like to see? And the method? Step by step or a video? What would you prefer?

See you next week!

56 comments on “Nothing a soup can’t fix”

  1. Adriano Reply

    Either that guy is a creep, either he really didn’t see she wasn’t enjoying this.

    Also, INCOMING SOUP ! Laura saves the day, as always !

    Now, where’s Kasper ? Will we see him again ?

    Also, kyaaaa ! I like Sofia a lot.She’s not Ada, but she’s cool !!

    • Dæmon Reply

      Also… Was I the only one who thought there was a hint of jealousy in Laura’s expression?

          • Dæmon

            Thinking about it,I thought there was jealousy because of a general disgust for his type, but still wishing she was being fawned over by guys. Then again, a comment below asked someone else if they too thought Laura might have a Maes Hughes like older brother. Or, it could be she missed her boyfriend that died (I was thinking if Refugnic’s story at this point) and wondered if she was jealous because no o e except her brother had asked if she was alright, except perhaps soldiers and medics, who would either look up to her brother (the name of whom I can’t remember currently) or fear him or be otherwise obligated to ask after her health. Basically, she wanted someone to care because the cared, they weren’t her family, and they weren’t cowards like these idiots.

  2. Doom Reply

    Speaking as a fan of Ada, I am very much in favor of learning more of Sofia. Poor Sofia, she’s already had enough fear and discomfort this day, she really doesn’t need a creep invading her personal space.

  3. Tzaphqiel Reply

    Down, boy. She’s clearly not into you.

    Also, something makes me think that Casper might be showing up real soon (even if it’s just in dog-creep’s imagination when he realizes what might happen to him if he tries to defy Laura).

      • Tzaphqiel Reply

        Perhaps. The character bio does list that Laura’s “weapon of choice” is her older brother, so she may have developed a reputation among the other soldiers for having an “overprotective” older brother.

    • xthorgoldx Reply

      You underestimate the mind-warping effect of “Deployment Goggles.” Spend enough time in a barracks and everything seems like “she’s into me.” Which is why having a good wingman to knock some sense into you is invaluable.

      Source: Am that wingman, my buddies can be stupid fucks.

      • Tzaphqiel Reply

        That’s a fair point. I haven’t spent that much time researching decision making compared to working memory, but I do need to keep in mind how easily people can convince themselves that they are in the right in most any scenario.

        Aside from that, thank you for all of your work, both the work you are doing normally and your side work as a wingman.

  4. Dæmon Reply

    So, does purple hair fall under the category of “black” “brown” or “red” hair in real life?

    • Dæmon Reply

      Since I appear to have not checked if the new page was up first, I may as well post my previous comment here, since it’ll likely get missed by the target audience if I don’t.

      Although… There IS a thing called nerdcore, and it was term coined by nerdcore rapper MC Frontalot. He makes songs like “Goth Girls” “Nerdcore Rising” and just general nerd raps that I think at least a few of us can understand. Just be careful who you listen to his Pr0n S0ng with. Also, I sometimes listen to MC Chris, a rapper with some nerdier raps, like”Fette’s Vette” and “Nrrrd Girl”. I may be more of a geek, but I still enjoy very nerdy things.

      • Dæmon Reply

        Huh. I’ve never heard of the color. It sounds cool. I see it used in anime a lot, but I didn’t think k there was an actual dye for it.

        • Lukkai Reply

          I’ve seen people run around like that. And not at conventions.

          Not often though, mind you.

  5. Dæmon Reply

    Well, I’d like to see digital watercolor painting. Of course, given my incompetence with technology, I’ll need to know the program and get a step by step telling me where every little button is.

    • NotImportant Reply

      Digital watercolor… I don’t even know what that is, not to mention I’ve never painted with real watercolors. So ugh… wrong artist, sorry!

      • Uhl Reply

        It’s “watercolor” done in photoshop. It takes lots, and LOTS of practice, and a skill level I can’t even begin to dream of.

          • Dæmon

            Huh. Well, what kind of art DO you know? I’d just like to learn anything I can, but again, I’m NOT good with technology, so you would have to point out every little button almost every time you used it.

          • NotImportant

            I either draw in anime-like style, like here, in Replay, or go for realistic style. And it all depends whether you just want to see Ada or anyone else come to life or actually learn how to draw.

          • Dæmon

            I think I’ll go with anime style. That would be what I already know on paper, so digital may not be that different.

          • Dæmon

            You know speaking of your art, I believe you owe us both a Halloween piece AND a Christmas piece this year. Plus, you missed Valentine’s Day, maybe New Years, we’ll need a ln international independence price for all of us and our countries, a Saint Patrick’s Day piece for anyone who celebrates that, April Fool’s comic for a gag, with the real comic up or back up next day… Yeah, once you start getting holidays, you either have to include them all, or only the international ones lie X-mas, Hallowe’en, and both New Years celebrations.

          • Dæmon

            I made some errors I didn’t spot.

            You know speaking of your art, I believe you owe us both a Halloween piece AND a Christmas piece this year. Plus, you missed Valentine’s Day, maybe New Years, we’ll need an international independence piece for all of us and our countries, a Saint Patrick’s Day piece for anyone who celebrates that, April Fool’s comic for a gag, with the real comic up or back up next day… Yeah, once you start getting holidays, you either have to include them all, or only the international ones like X-mas, Hallowe’en, and both New Years celebrations.

          • NotImportant

            I owe you nothing! And say that again and I’m sending you server bills! ಠ_ಠ
            But to be honest: if I could I would draw something for every day of the year, why not, but unfortunately I need a roof over my head and something to eat. That comic is an enjoyable expense, not a source of income.

          • Dæmon

            Yeah, you got a point. However, I notice you have been promising for a while now a new incentive for votes (and I voted to check around noon. As of my voting it’s not changed), and I may be wrong, but I thought you promised a Halloween piece next year, since you missed the last one. Either way, I’m wanting to see Ada taming a Demon at some point, or being able to draw it myself. The lessons might help… But first I’d need a program to use, and I don’t have one, free or not.

            The other holidays would be great, but you missed the day for broken hearts, the day for leprechauns is coming soon, and then after that is a day for tricks not of a Halloween variety. Then Easter in April, something I forgot the name of in May, another in June, probably could do the international independence thing in July, since I think at least a few countries celebrate it then…

            I don’t know of anything for the next couple of months except Labor Day, then I think Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas and the holidays, then the year starts over. Depnding on the day the first comic was posted, that’ll determine the day of a B-day picture (Ada in a party hat would be kinda funny to me), and any daily sketches you do (when you get back to it, that is) may or may not be uploaded here.

            Granted, as I told you in the gallery comments, I have no access to twitter, Facebook, or other popular social media. All I have access to is G+, and that’s because I have a Gmail account. Still, digital art lessons and then some pictures for any holidays you can do would be nice. As you have stated, though, this doesn’t get enough money for income, so there is that. Although, I feel that one day, that kind of attitude could change, and not just with your comic. I mean, Youtubers can make over a million dollars a day, so what’s to say that some day people like you won’t, NI?

            After all, I know that Illiad fro UF gets at least SOME support from Linux companies (after all, it’s a computer geek comic, and O’Reilly seems to like the comic, so they support him), and he also seems to get far more support than publishers could have given him, AND he writes a three panel comic everyday, not even taking Christmas or New Years off to have a break.

            It’s dedication, for sure, but you could get that kind of support from someone like Wizard’s of the Coast, though they may try to sieze control, and other companies would probably like it. I think Steve Jackson Games would like the GURPS version if the world very much,and you could use that for at least a little income. Granted, it becomes at least a part time job, and you’ll want to be farther along first, but it could work if they worked with you. I don’t know any other company that could take you on, except maybe the ones that do Pathfinder and Shadowrun, and that may not work as well. Or, you could make a card game out if this, that way we would only need to know the characters, and you could create characters for the game specifically and then use them later In the comic.

            Man, we went from the art I thought we were missing to making a profit to help the comic. How did I go that far in one comment?

          • NotImportant

            You missed the point though – I never had a plan to make a source of my income from Replay and dedicate all my life or even all my free time to it. It’s a fun little project and I’m having a blast but the moment I start treating it like a job… No, just no. And the more demands you make the more I am sure I will never again draw anything for any holiday ๏◡๏

          • JW

            I mean, Youtubers can make over a million dollars a day,

            That sounds highly dubious. If that were true they would be billionaires in three years.
            Or did you mean collectively?

          • JW

            However, I notice you have been promising for a while now a new incentive for votes (and I voted to check around noon. As of my voting it’s not changed)

            There’s a new one now. (Actually, it was already there yesterday, and looking at the file timestamp since Friday afternoon after I’d already voted.)

  6. Lukkai Reply

    I can just hear Sofia’s voice in the first panel being absolutely level and emotionless. (^_^)

    Glad to see more of her. She seems like an interesting character. Not just good looks. (That too though. 😉 )

    And Laura doesn’t take no shit, even if she’s not the target! 😀

    • NotImportant Reply

      Laura has a strong sense of justice haha, she’ll not leave a damsel in distress alone~

  7. Refugnic Reply

    So much for ‘legendary reflexes’ and ‘being taken aback by none’, which would be required to get a clean hit on those critters…oh wait, I believe to recall that they aren’t even trying to dodge, because they don’t see the humans as any sort of threat to their well being.

    Heh…that does seem like the start of a beautiful friendship. Girl’s gotta stick together in trying times like these after all, am I right? 😛
    (Well, actually everyone would need to stick together, but there’s still bound to be those douches. I’m almost willing to bet, that he was the first one to run and hide when chaos erupted earlier this morning).

    Glad to see some more of those two, I’m curious to see what they really are like (especially Sophia, since I messed up the interpretation of her so very much on my first attempt. :P)

    • NotImportant Reply

      She’s got layers, but you will sure see some of them very soon! Hope it will be enjoyable~ And yes, that guy clearly pissed his pants earlier this morning…

      • Adriano Reply

        Well I want to know more about Laura bcs she’s a cutie and her brother bcs he’s badass

        • Dæmon Reply

          Ditto. And as for the dirtbag who’s hitting on Sofia, I kinda wonder what would happen if Stefan or the Commander saw them flirting, if Ada walked up on them before Laura did, or if someone else walked in on the situation that has a nasty temper, preferably one as short as a dragon’s, like Ada.

  8. Hurokun Reply

    incoming soup…. im going to start using that now XD
    great comic pal, its sad its only once per week but, well, nothing we can do~
    also im still gettin’ used with those helmets with ears, and it annoys me that i cant figure out a better way to protect the ears.

    on the tutorial question: the clothing its something, like the shadows and little dips, also is that military cammo a single brush? or you have a pre-made cammo?

    • NotImportant Reply

      Cammo is 3 strokes with a single brush I found somewhere, it’s really easy to make. And sure I can show how I make she shading.
      Helmets with ears are hilarious, what do you want from them! But the bad part is that you need to (if you live in the Replay’s world) trim your ears if they are long since they have only one type of headgear, oops.

      • Hurokun Reply

        ouch…poor long ear species like Fennec i.i
        i was trying to thin a way around, because pointy things on a helmet that is made to protect your head from a bullet (o worse, like claws on this case.) doesnt seems right to me, but i cant figure a workaround it without being uncomfortable on long use, or even prejudicial to the senses, as if they keep the ears down to use a helmet probably their hearing would get muffled or something like that =/

        and 3 strokes? wow, than there is me, who tries too much to make nice cammos and all of them ends like shet e.e

        • NotImportant Reply

          There are things that are just… not worth the effort sometimes haha, here, grab the pattern: It’s for Photoshop though, not sure if you use it. I set brush to this one, pick dark gray color, then skin color with half opacity and green on the top, everything on olive-green background. And that’s it!
          Many things get kind of stupid when you add ears like that and tails, I was so baffled when I realized that big headphones make no sense now lol… And I still have a drawing of Ada with such headphones in the gallery. Isn’t that stupid? But eh, can’t go back now.

  9. Insomniac Reply

    Man, the art in this comic has been outstanding from the very first page. I can’t remember how I stumbled upon it, but I’m glad I did! Keep up the great work.

  10. Weeaboo Reply

    ANYTHINGG!!!! Mostly backgrounds and layers. I’m not a tech guy, and get lost quickly.

    • NotImportant Reply

      Got it, planning the layers in a comic is a bit tricky (was for me, before I figured out how to not make a mess) so it might be a good tutorial material.

  11. Refugnic Reply

    A loathsome man, girl in distress,
    truly this world is one big mess.
    Just take a hint, she’s not for you,
    get lost already, go, shoo, shoo!

    You brag and boast, think ‘You’re da man’,
    and pretend to do what no one can.
    But rescue comes, it’s piping hot,
    a small mishap, you missed your shot.

    Now be a good boy, go away,
    lest the soup goes more astray.
    And pours itself right in your lap,
    at least that ought to shut your trap.

    Thank you Laura, for the soup.
    you’re a lifeline to the group.
    And even though the world’s all wrong,
    with you around, we can go on.

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