Safe choice

What’s going on? Robert, is this your birthday or something? Everyone is being so nice to you today~!

How are you guys? I’m still pretty quiet, I know. Next few scenes are kind of tricky and figuring out the right dialogue or panels takes a lot of time. I walk outside a lot too, because it’s already autumn here in Tokyo and leaves are very beautiful! And yes, I know most of you were celebrating turkeys and shop-fights but I don’t take part in any of that so no thanksgiving-related special comic from me, sorry~! I still hope you enjoyed your holidays and had a good rest (‘∀’●)♡

In the nearest future since I really want to focus on sketching the next scene. I’ll most likely be posting some teasers on Patreon so stay tuned! This will probably be the most important scene for Ada and Robert in this chapter heh. But you’ll see it in…. two months, I think? I hope you guys won’t stop reading by then haha~! Apart from that, I plan to go back to writing, I have a finished, half-edited novel waiting for my mercy and I want to be done with it. So cross your fingers for me please, so that I find the strength and time to actually be creative after work. It’s going to be a bit stressful in the coming weeks too, as my fiancee is going to start working in December. My little sister is also interviewing right now.

And! Before I get to the weekly info-dump about Japan I want to use this space to write some birthday wishes for my awesome childhood friend! Kitty-chan…! (she’s gonna get so angry at me for this hehehehehe~) …ek-hem! Kitty-chan – all the best for you and may your new job be super awesome and your life full of fluffy kittens and may you come to Japan next year! I love you! \(-ㅂ-)/ ♥ ♥ ♥ I know you read this! \(-ㅂ-)/ ♥ ♥ ♥

Now for the weekly Japan-related stuff….! :’D


I don’t have much time (I need to go to sleep heh…) but I wanted to share with you guys this monster of a bridge: the Rainbow Bridge. It connects Tokyo to Odaiba, which is an artificial island. Odaiba is very interesting and definitely worth going to but not many pay attention to the bridge itself. It’s huge and very long (800 meters, Wikipedia claims) and there is a monorail on top which you can ride to quickly get to the other side. But! The bridge can be actually crossed on foot during the day (it’s closed during the night) and offers spectacular views to those who are not afraid of the constant rumble of passing cars. I know, I’m bad at advertising, but that’s the truth… Not the most pleasant walk in the world, I admit, but I still like to do it from time to time as it offers very unique views of the bay and Odaiba itself. That’s one of the many photos I took during the stroll:

Cool, right? It looks great at night too and it’s illuminated thanks to the solar energy it stores during the day. Why Rainbow bridge? Hell if I know, apparently that’s the name public gave it, maybe because it glows with different colors during the night. And one funny thing – it’s usually crossed on foot only by runners and… people who want to take their bicycle to the other side. You can’t take a bicycle on the monorail train so that’s the only option. Unfortunately, you are not allowed to ride a bicycle on the bridge either so at both bridge ends there’s a guard that will put a weird wooden thingy with wheels on your bicycle to make it impossible to actually ride it (you can still push it though).

And that’s it for this week! Thanks for reading Replay~! ♡

16 comments on “Safe choice”

  1. NiWo21k Reply

    Robert wants to prove he’s is also an important part to the story ^^

    Why should we stop reading, its getting interesting now – or so you plan to make it all “just a dream” then you would be very mean to your readers XD
    But even if it’s getting stressful, at least its the positive stress, or not 😉

    • Rateus Camp dweller Reply

      “Why should we stop reading, its getting interesting now” I agreed with this 1200%.

  2. that one chill demon Reply


    might be a romantic moment if they weren’t also about to behead demons

  3. xthorgoldx Reply

    In a world full of magic, muggles have to fight that much harder to stay relevant to the story. I’m rootin’ for ya, Robert.

  4. Refugnic Reply

    Interestingly enough, I had a rather similar setting in the story I’m currently writing just recently.

    But this isn’t about my stories. 😛

    Now…these distinctively look like forest animals…sure, a little larger and quite deformed and maybe it really is just the setting.
    But the question still remains, how these demons assume their forms in the first place?

    One option that comes to mind: They got attacked by a demon and from the corpse a new demon in the (abstract) shape of the victim rises?

    Though Ada is right…Robert would do well to keep his blade to himself as long as possible.
    After all, they don’t know how many monkey demons might be sitting in those trees…

    • I forgot my username again Reply

      Well, we’ve seen that they can be summoned if somebody writes down the right magical markings, so maybe there’s some place with similar markings nearby?

      • I forgot my username again Reply

        By the way, @NotImportant, it seems links (like in this post of mine) are pretty hard to distinguish from the other text. Perhaps they could be made more visible?

        • NotImportant Reply

          Aah yeah, I know… I’ll need to adjust that. Hopefully I won’t forget lol
          Feel free to bug me if I don’t do it anytime soon.

      • Refugnic Reply

        While that may seem to be the case, I’m not entirely sure that this demon (or the demon attack) was actually Renate’s summon.

        If I remember correctly, all she did was put paint on the drawings on the intestines and put them on paper (or something similar).
        Meaning, the signs had already been there (just potentially the wrong way around).

        So this means that either:
        a) The original summoning imprinted itself into the intestines of the demons that were summoned as if they were printed on them (making them the wrong way around and therefor harmless) and by reversing the procedure (printing the stuff on paper), Renate accidentally reactivated the summon and brought about more.
        b) Renate is completely innocent and it was actually Ada’s spell for Glory that brought about the attack.
        c) It was just a chance attack.

        A) and B) are the most likely in my opinion, but that begs the question, why the summon was, in fact, delayed?
        She put the stuff on paper and hung it to dry, but no demons appeared.

        And when Stefen came in to check up on Renate, the demons suddenly started appearing all over the place (and not just in the tent).

        Either there has been another factor that was missing up to that point or it was completely unrelated.

  5. Rateus Camp dweller Reply

    If I had a pound for every time I’d slide of the side of rainbow ridge I’d buy some railing so it wouldn’t happen again.

  6. antrik Reply

    Eh, they should cast a protection circle, *then* make some ruckus, and just keep picking off beasties until the area is cleared out 🙂

      • Klorix Camp dweller Reply

        Would depend on whether they can be commanded at all or are just a destructive force that, allegedly, Adam summoned. If there is some way to control them, they might ride them, provided Ada finds the suitable pentacle in her printouts…

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