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The power of statistics and observation~!

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Sorry guys, I said I’d update a bunch of things on the page but I’m actually working on Historia project non-stop. We want to release a beta version on Comiket on 31st December so I’m drawing the remaining assets. And I’m like seriously drawing every day after work until going to sleep, putting in a ton of effort to finish all the missing pieces on time. So please keep your fingers crossed for Historia and my frantic drawing, this project is really starting to look awesome and I can’t wait to show it to you all!!!

Till next week, since I’ll definitely keep updating Replay!

Huge thanks to all those who support Replay on Patreon or vote! You really help me and this comic, THANK YOU!

3 comments on “Personal trainer”

  1. Refugnic Reply

    Congratulations on making it to ‘Noteworthy’ on Tapas. 🙂
    I just hope that your success there is not the reason why your votes on TWC have declined so very dramatically.

    I know I do what I can, but there’s a limit to that. 🙂

    Either way, regarding the comic…hmm, so Rob’s abilities are somewhat rare.
    This makes it three people who knew each other prior to everything going down developing powers.

    Sure, Ada has been interested in the occult way before, but she only managed to make it work after Adam sealed that deal.

    Now, it’s quite possible that this is mere chance, that three gifted individuals pop up so very close to each other…but statistics don’t work like that.
    So, unless ‘everyone’ is capable of learning how to do it (what with the ‘Confess all your sins before God’ and all), chances are, that something happened, that gave them these powers…or maybe just ‘unlocked’ them.

    Who’s to say, that the blade has been magical before Robert got his hands on it?

  2. forlornfoe Reply

    Good to see they are actively monitoring magic’s possible drawbacks before something goes horribly wrong.

    And when it comes to comic popularity on TWC and such… those sites are pretty much the most annoying ones I ever visit and TWC’s top 20 has exactly three comics I consider good. The age ratings of many comics are all over the place and I think a great number of the top comics are there just for the sex appeal, not for quality reasons. I would not worry too much about not being “viral” on a site like that, even if it could bring in more readers.

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