Newfound power

Figuring out titles to those pages is so exhausting ugh… How are you guys doing after black Friday promotions? They are not as big in Japan but most shows will offer some small discounts. I didn’t buy anything haha I hate shopping~

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I spend the weekend working on Historia VN and hiking a bit on Saturday. The weather finally got nicer (it was raining the whole week) and so we went to check if leaves in the mountains already changed colors. Oh boy, they did, it was so beautiful…! Not sure if I go again next week, will depend on how much I’ll manage to draw this week. I posted a bit of art from Historia on Patreon to show you guys how it looks like (sorry, everyone else needs to wait until the launch on 31st December! don’t want to leak too much~)

Also please vote if you can! It’s a new month so a new chance for Replay to maybe not be on the last place on the TWC list xD You might think that rank on that list doesn’t matter but it brings in so much more additional readers and traffic… It really is a game-changer for Replay. So, thanks!

From other news… If you follow me on Twitter you might now that my rent will go up by $300 which is insane :/ Thanks for your warm words and support. We’re looking into renegotiating the contract so keep your fingers crossed. I also seem to have hurt my thumb somehow and it’s a bit painful to type on the keyboard, use a mouse, draw and so on… Not the best week in my life, overall. I really want to take some time off of work but it’s too busy too ehhhh!!! I want it to be January already. End of rant.

Please vote and look at Historia if you haven’t yet!

7 comments on “Newfound power”

  1. NiWo21k Reply

    Sometimes I wonder if Robert is always on the brink between the good and the dark side… But then there is Ada who would slap him back if he falls into the wrong direction ^^

    I am happy you had a some good days – here the last days were only wet, wet, oh and wet 😀
    Wanted to clean my car – looks like I drove a rally through the fields ^^

    I am quite sad that since my problems with Patreon I am not able to see what you did, but heck I can wait until the end of the month – if I survive these days with my own projects that somehow became something unexpected o.O
    Really looking forward to Historia 🙂

    That with your rent is something that is quite **** – I think every word is too much, and I am crossing my fingers you get it right.

    And about your thumb – I know how you feel – I cant use my hand since three weeks – cant even do little office work at my computer – at least I also had some work already prepared, but its something I wish nobody, especially no one like you who lives from drawing – something you need your fingers, hand, and arm – Wish you all the best.

    And of course votes – as it has to be 😀
    I think we need to open up the cult of NI ^^

  2. JW Reply

    How are you guys doing after black Friday promotions? They are not as big in Japan but most shows will offer some small discounts. I didn’t buy anything haha I hate shopping~

    I haven’t really seen anything I’ve wanted. I suppose the problem is there’s too many offers, and nothing I’m on the lookout for. So even if there was something I might want, I’m not seeing it pop up.
    Well, there’s always cybermonday.

    If you follow me on Twitter you might now that my rent will go up by $300 which is insane :/

    Yikes. Per month? Is that even allowed? (I’m pretty sure such price hikes would be illegal here.)

  3. T3h Ogre Reply

    I have been whistling whilst I lurk – again. Pardon a lack of commentary (I read your tweet on the side panel this morning), NI. But you are right, Turkey week is a frightfully busy one, at least in the states. Not sure how many in the commentariat are of the US persuasion – but, at least for me it is. As for the rest of the weeks, chalk it up to me having more fun reading than writing (and still fighting the urge to suppress commentation). Also, I have a tendency to jump upon Refugnic’s comments causing paragraphs upon paragraphs of bytes to be extolled into the net…so, this week, free range commentalating. I’ll byte my own hand, as it were.

    The last panel, where our white haired vixen has sat upon her floof and created a fluffy protuberance attached to her hiney, draws attention to the serious lack of bunny-girls in this comic. Is it because that like in nature everything eats bunnies, and all the bunny-people have already been consumed by the demonic herds? I know I can’t be the only one thinking upon this each week…(and yes, I know this is based on prior stories and comicilating efforts – I poke fun for the sake of poking fun).

    In my close to twice the amount of time you have existed upon the planet (guesstimation of age from those times you aged yourself in comments to your photos), whilst sitting hunched over my keyboard directing the ebb and flow of packets through the internet for nearly half of my own existence, I have come to note a number of things and among them – the use of one’s thumbs in a repetitive effort will cause soreness – direct your thumbs to other tasks opposing their current course of action (they are opposable for that reason) – if it feels like nerve pain (ice and rest) if muscle (warmth and rest) if joint (a little of both and rest) or see your physician if it gets worse – your eyes could probably use the same distraction on occasion (look up down and all around). Our electronic age (phones, computers, hair dryers) and your profession of scribbling tightly with small instruments of articulation leads to syndromes tunneling into the carpels. So, wave your phalanges in the air like you just don’t care – at least every now and then. Too much phalanges waving can lead to distraction amongst your co-workers or passers-by – though, you could be saving their eyes without them knowing it. And just because it is your thumb, does not mean it isn’t tied to your elbows or shoulders (nerves and muscles twitch everywhere) – for instance, I have had a pain in my sciatic nerve to my foot as of late, my physician has me icing my hind end and I’ll be durned butt if that did not fix it, mostly. Only problem I had was deciding on chocolate or vanilla cream (bah rump tush)…

    Enough of my silliness, and more of yours, please. Hope you have an enjoyable week tossing your distal parts about in space, and do your best as they say. Time for me to act like a sentence and run on. Seriously though, bunny-girls… 😀

    • Speedy Reply

      Just don’t go out into the woods with sticky-buns, or you might find yourself running from bear-claws!

  4. Refugnic Reply

    Black friday?
    Was there something going on?

    No really, I don’t really do ‘shopping’.
    I buy what I need when I need it instead of stuffing the shelves with crap I don’t need.

    Whenever something tickles my fancy, I tend to stand before it and ask myself: Do I really need that?
    The answer is pretty much always ‘No’, and thus I move on.
    Good way to save money. 🙂

    As for your thumb…yeah well, when it rains it really pours, huh?
    My little guy cut his thumb with a tiny knife a few weeks back…looked worse than it was, really. (Fortunately).
    By now he’s completely back to normal, but still tells everyone who’s even just remotely willing to listen, that he cut his thumb.

    For kids that age, a ‘war injury’ like that is like a trophy to show around, honestly. 😀 (He’s 5)

    So yeah, point of what I’m saying: Your thumb will heal if you give it the time to.
    And I’m crossing my fingers too, that you’ll manage to get that rent issue resolved.

    Oh and I believed ‘skilled’ is written with two ‘l’. 🙂

    And while I’m at the comic…so it seems that Adam has retained quite some rationale.
    The average bad paperboard cut-out villain rarely takes out ‘the potential competition’, because he sees no threat in them.
    A classic mistake.

    Glad, that Adam is at least a bit smarter than that. 🙂

  5. Alex Reply

    I’m sorry to hear about your thumb and your rent problems.
    As for Black Friday: I didn’t participate in that, either. I buy something when *I* want it. And even though I’m quite economical my flat is still slowly filling up with stuff.

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