Obvious explanation

Kasper’s patience has its limits, it seems! I hope you like this page, I think that’s the cutest Laura so far (‘∀’●)♡

And there is obviously nothing more important to say this week: there is a magical girl poll ready and waiting! Click the drawing below and vote for your favorite! The winner will have an additional drawing in yet another dress from Madoka~ As of now… Stefen is winning! Go! Go! Go! Poll ends next week and you get one vote. You don’t have to pay to vote! Patreon wants you to register but you should be able to give it whatever email and vote without problem.

And I was working on the script, preparing dialogue for the next couple of months haha. That always gets me so worked up about drawing more, I wish you could see what happens next…! And I started sketching more of the First Steps episodes since the cosplay series is finished so I should have more fresh vote incentives for you soon!

In case you are worried/interested in my regular life – my boyfriend is still interviewing, more companies reached out to him after the long weekend (we had obon here) so he’s busy busy busy. I’ll probably be flying to Poland at the beginning of September and start working in the latter half of it. The worst thing is that we can’t move to a different apartment until he gets a job and right now we live an 1-hour long train ride from my workplace (-ε- ) That gives me at least 11 hours dedicated to work every day. Not too great! xD

See you next week! Patrons with Private pledge can already enjoy two pages from the next scene and it has NUDE PEOPLE OMG

68 comments on “Obvious explanation”

  1. bitflipper Camp dweller Reply

    Of course, you know that now you must draw a gender-swapped Sofia, right? ;-p

    Beautiful portrayal of Laura in that forth panel!

    • NotImportant Reply

      Right! Obviously! Who knows, maybe Robert would like the gender swapped version even better haha~

      And how come you are always first in the comments recently? Is that a superpower?

      • bitflipper Camp dweller Reply

        Just time zones and the season, I’m afraid; I had noticed a little while back that Replay tends to update near sunset on Sundays in my time zone. Once winter gets here, I’m going to be utterly lost, clicking the refresh button in my browser all evening long. Such is the sad existence of we terminal fanboys. ;-p

        • NotImportant Reply

          Hahaha once I start working the update time will need to change anyway ;D I’m Monday morning for me here~

      • Dragon Master Reply

        For me this is around mid-afternoon on a Sunday, didn’t expect a new Replay up so soon. Was thrilled to be wrong!

      • bitflipper Camp dweller Reply

        I kind of get the impression that she may have caught Kasper’s eye as-is, though. Besides, is fun, watching you torment poor Rob!

      • JW Reply

        I get that impression as well.

        In Roberts defense, if only girls could do magic, that wouldn’t mean all girls could do magic. Maybe only innocent pure-hearted girls can do magic. Though I’m not sure how that explains Ada 😛 (I’m kidding Ada, please don’t kill me.)

      • Klorix Camp dweller Reply

        I have no idea when the page updates for me, but I know that I’m seven hours behind on Japan, so whatever NI’s current definition of morning is, it’s probably early to mid afternoon for me.

        Yep, all the fanboys agree that Sofia might have won a secret admirer.

      • Klorix Camp dweller Reply

        Also, if Kasper has an interest in Sofia, he will have to work a little to get her attention, as she seems to be infatuated with Robert at the moment.

  2. Dragon Master Reply

    Kasper’s face in that last panel is hilarious!
    Also it looks like we have to be a Patreon to vote, is that right or is my machine just not working properly again.

    • NotImportant Reply

      Might be that it wants you to register. You don’t need to pay, just throw it an email. It will let you vote without confirming your account. Or you can login with facebook or whatever other option they have there.

      • JW Reply

        And if you don’t want to use your own email, you can just use mailinator, or maybe they don’t even check if it’s a real email and you can use anything.

  3. NiWo21k Reply

    Now we need Ada and Laura in an matching with outfit – but this time something bad ass looking, because i think even then these two (especially Laura) will still look cute 😉

    And its good to hear you boyfriend has companies reaching out – the part with the appartment and train ride sucks but at least its a start – and maybe your are very lucky to be able to move before before (or shortly after) you start your job – still crossing my fingers 🙂

    • Klorix Camp dweller Reply

      Might be a good idea to wait for your boyfriend’s results, though. So as to find a place that’s not too far away for any of you.

    • Klorix Camp dweller Reply

      I like the idea of matching outfits, but I’m afraid for Sofia to feel left out or something.

      • NiWo21k Reply

        Hey every witch (or in this case two) needs a familiar – so this could be something for her – but i have no idea what she could wear in this case XD

  4. Doom Reply

    In my opinion, Sunday evening/early morning Monday is the best time of the week because that is when my favorite comic updates! (Replay, to be specific, though a number of other comics I follow do update around this time as well)

    Smiling, blushing Laura holding a book in front of her face is incredibly adorable.

  5. Refugnic Reply

    Good morning (6:26 AM over here :P)

    Heh…yup, that’s a cute Laura, alright…though I guess people wouldn’t have been so thrilled to be called ‘a witch’ until just recently…well, no wonder, considering that being a witch was a safe bet to find yourself at the stake if you weren’t careful. 😀

    There’s a typo though.

    You’re missing a space at ‘turned all’ in the first word bubble.

    Regarding the pride thing though…I’m not so very sure that it’s something ‘to be proud of’, actually.
    I don’t know who can do magic and who cannot yet, but thus far, it isn’t really an achievement, but much rather a gift.
    Either you’re born with the latent ability or you’re not.

    So I probably wouldn’t use ‘proud’, but what do I know. 🙂

    • xthorgoldx Reply

      Heck, it’s pretty lucky that the people in camp’s firs interaction with magic was from an already-known source in a benevolent way – a protective circle, rather than magic missiles. In a world where literal demons are killing everyone around, it wouldn’t be too much of a leap to think people might consider any magic user as a threat – either responsible for the demons, or outright in league with them.

      • JW Reply

        On the plus side Ada was already killing demons before she revealed her magic side. So even if there had been a backlash against magic, they might have reconsidered.

      • antrik Reply

        Considering that most people nowadays seem to think of magic as something desirable (not only Robert 😉 ), I don’t expect she’d get much backlash, even if she started with casting Magic Missile.

        PS. Would she cast it at the darkness?… 😉

    • JW Reply

      Lots of people are “proud” about things they’re born with, even the country they’re born in. Heck, if they weren’t born, no one would have anything to be proud of 😛
      It’s not much of an achievement if it’s a gift, I agree. On the other hand, it’s also certainly nothing to be ashamed of. So “pride” would be appropriate in light of that contrast — that it’s a good characteristic/property/talent to have.

    • NotImportant Reply

      Ahh! Thanks for letting me know about the typo! I missed that one. And maybe everyone else has a crappy handwriting and can’t make the spell work – until we know what triggers the spell she might as well feel proud of herself! 😀

      • Klorix Camp dweller Reply

        I hope you’re not going to reveal the mechanics in the next page or so.

      • Dragon Master Reply

        I was thinking it was the other way around, nobody else’s handwriting is that crappy xD. IIRC it’s already been established that Ada herself can’t always read her writing. (That totally sounds like me. I was going through my stuff last week trying to reduce the clutter, and I found some of my old notebooks. When I started flipping through to see what was in them, I found I could barely read any of it. Still am puzzled by most of it.)

      • Klorix Camp dweller Reply

        Haha, yeah, “reading” old notes. In the past, they were more like a mnemonic help that would allow me to draw on some part of my brain that still knew what I wrote. Today, reading my class notes is tedious deciphering. Maybe I should send them to the CIA and have them send me a typed copy…

  6. JW Reply

    Seeing all five “magical guys” side by side, Kasper might just as easily be embarrassed for the other four as for himself. 😛 Well, maybe especially for Filip and Robert.

    • Klorix Camp dweller Reply

      I still enjoy Stefen’s careless attitude a lot. He and Kasper are my favourites.

    • Dragon Master Reply

      I still say Kasper actually looks like a tall broad woman in that outfit. Plus his pecs are big enough they could be mistaken for breasts.

  7. Alex Reply

    Wait, Laura finds out she’s a witch and you announce nudity in the next few updates? I do have to say, Laura is really quick at accepting and abusing her new powers. 😀

    Also in the last panel Kasper totally could’ve said “Nande-yanen” while doing the Tsukkomi. 🙂 Are Tsukkomis still a thing in Japan btw.? Did you two ever visit a show based on that?

    • NotImportant Reply

      Actually, I had to look up tsukkomi, I don’t know the mechanics behind Japanese comedy shows haha. Learned something new!

      And that conclusion about Laura hahaha xD

    • Alex Reply

      I learnt about Tsukkomi from Azimanga Daioh. The fansubbers were kind enough to put an explanatory image at the beginning of episode 1.

      And panel 4 is to blame for my conclusion. 🙂

      Also: Was the term “witch” established before? I can’t remember. If not, then it’s really ironic that you’re doing the Madoka cosplay now of all times. ^^

    • JW Reply

      I do have to say, Laura is really quick at accepting and abusing her new powers.

      The first part of that sentence had me imagining something like dancing naked in the moonlight in a mushroom circle. But I guess from the latter part it’s more about making other people’s clothes disappear. There’s not a spell for that in Ada’s notes though.
      I’m guessing it’ll either be something to do with the showers, or a demon showing up (they’re all nekkid!)

      • Tzaphqiel Reply

        I kind of focused more on the abuse of powers side, such as spying on hunky guys while they’re showering, whether that’s through invisibility, seeing through walls, clairvoyance (too bad she didn’t get the seeing-the-unseen spell until that vision, eh?), or just a weird combination of light reflection/refraction that lets her project the image onto a nearby wall while she sits under a tree.
        Though I did consider the whole “making people’s clothes disappear” thing, such as maybe waiting until Sofia and Robert are talking and suddenly cause all of Robert’s clothes to shift one meter to the right. Or all of Sofia’s clothes. Honestly, Sofia would probably react the same way regardless of who got stripped.
        And, yes, I’ll admit to both being a bad person and to technically knowing better after having seen some of the Patreon sketches.

      • antrik Reply

        I went through the very same thought progression as @JW when reading that sentence. (Well, not the exact same mental image — but same general idea 🙂 ) Though frankly, I liked the initial interpretation much better…

      • JW Reply

        Err, I meant to reply that one comment down.
        And I don’t even have an excuse as to why I messed that up this time.

      • Rateus Camp dweller Reply

        Agreed, she looks so happy and enthusiastic, like a puppy!

        Glad you put this is the wrong place 🙂

  8. Skygaurd101 Reply

    Hah are you sliding to Sofia being a trap. I hope not. So give us the meat and potatoes off it and how can only a few people be a witch, or are you gong to make is a category system? Either is cool though, if you do both; also cool

  9. Klorix Camp dweller Reply

    What the… I just went to the cast page and never noticed an arrow pointing from Laura to Filip reading “pretty boy”, but there it is…

  10. Talos889 Reply

    First webcomic I have ever stuck with until I caught up. Very good I have thoroughly enjoyed this and cannot wait for more. One thing though, what the heck is the redheads name? I must of missed it when I was reading.

    • NotImportant Reply

      Thanks for reading and glad you enjoyed! As JW said – it’s Ada. You might want to see the cast page (because I updated it recently and want the hole world to see how awesome it became ekhem…).

  11. Klorix Camp dweller Reply

    So, anybody care to share his (or her, please don’t feel excluded by my political don’t careness) theroy on how magic works here?
    I know, this probably has been discussed already at some point, but now that we know Laura can work magic, maybe some people’s ideas have evolved?

    My weird thought was that it might be virginity. Yes, it’s weird, Ada being 26 and all. But it looked to me that she never had much of (good) social interaction. She also said she wasn’t interested in anyone at the company. So for the time being, I’ll assume that her “anchor” was Robert, and it doesn’t look like they went anywhere yet relationship-wise.

    As to Laura, she’s only 15, so that’s not unlikely, even though she is a very sociable person.

    Now, there are two persons who make this complicated: Adam and Filip. If those two can do magic, I’m not sure my theory can hold up. I would say that neither is a virgin any more. For now I’ll tweak their use of magic so that it wasn’t active use. We really don’t know how Adam came to deal with demons. And Filip (as per the cast information) might use magic, but maybe only in the form of ready-to-use seals (like those paper thingies I often saw in anime [and probably are based on real things]). That wouldn’t require Filip to actually be a magical boy.

    That’s it, looking forward to new revelations!

    • antrik Reply

      Yeah, the way Ada is with people, I would actually be a little surprised if she *wasn’t* a virgin…

      For all we know, she might be asexual.

  12. Not an Aussie Reply

    quick, grab all the anime on laserdisc while you can from the junk shops.

  13. antrik Reply

    Adam has such girly legs, he totally rocks these tights 😉

    To be honest, that’s a surprisingly modest outfit for a Magical Girl… Actually, they all are — but this one even more than the others.

  14. Speedy Reply

    I think I’ve got it! If Kasper bonks Laura on the head like he just did to Rob, then the key to unlocking magical powers is repeated, mild head trauma! We know that Rob used to correct Ada’s foul mouth with “Gibbs slaps” (NCIS).

    Maybe we all have the potential for magic, but it’s just locked away in a part of our brains that can only be awakened with gentle but repetitive prodding. (Rob has apparently damaged his own brain’s magic center with excessively violent facepalming)

  15. Refugnic Reply

    Good job, good job, my prodigy!
    Be proud! Shout out! Show us some glee!
    But see, I didn’t really do that much,
    just copied from your notes and such…

    What are you saying, you’re a witch!
    This was well done and not some glitch.
    The magic now flows through your veins,
    you’re not just cute, you’ve got the brains!

    A witch, you say? Can that be true?
    Laura smiles, now there were two.
    Why doesn’t it work for me too?!
    Of all the things that I’ve been through…

    Get over it, you’ve got your blade.
    But this is magic! Want a spade?
    Err no, but wait, I think I know.
    Oh brother, here’s another blow…

    Maybe it’s cause I am a man?
    and it’s just girls, who really can?
    Sofia couldn’t make it work…
    wait, what is with that stupid smirk?

    Maybe, you see, she’s not a girl…?
    No way that’s true, don’t make me hurl!
    What are you, stupid?! Get a grip!
    And a whack too, get going, skip!

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