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Sorry for being so quiet lately. The move-in is taking all my free time heh. I did manage to draw another page this week, just like the usual, but it was a struggle! And, as you probably noticed, I stopped having the time to reply to the comments. Work is super busy too. My life became chaos.

Anyway. I owe you at least a status update. As far as moving in goes, we’ve transferred all our things between the old and new apartment. We were supposed to give back keys today but people from the company that owns the old apartment didn’t show up. Very weird. Japanese people aren’t late, usually… I’ll need to figure out what the hell happened and get my deposit back… The new apartment is super awesome and we’re very happy, although a little uncomfortable on the floor. We only have futons from furniture, everything else is going to come and be assembled next week. Apart from the sofa, sofa’s coming later. Ah, and a table is not even ordered yet cause I’m not sure it’ll even fit. Fridge, washing machine and the vacuum cleaner – lost in action. Almost a week has passed and there was no info, even though they’re all paid for already. Hm, hm.

Oh well. I’m sure everything’s going to be fine ♪┏(・o・)┛♪┗ ( ・o・) ┓♪


There’s winter! A lot of snow fell one day and everyone went home early and there was chaos and snowboarding people on the streets and weird snow sculptures everywhere. It was awesome. I hope it snows some more this week so that I can get more pictures \(-ㅂ-)/ ♥ ♥ ♥ Snow in Tokyo is pretty rare and a this heavy one (30 cm of snow over few hours) even more. Apparently, they said in the media that it was a snow-apocalypse haha~ I just went about like normal, it was just super pretty to see everything covered and those huge snowflakes… Ahhh, I love snowy nights.

But, due to Tokyo being generally poorly prepared for such events I was worried that my futons wouldn’t be delivered that day and I won’t have anything to sleep on in my new apartment. Kind of a big deal, I’d say. My worries weren’t for nothing, but the delivery guy called to reschedule and bring my stuff earlier, before the snow gets really bad. Everything went as planned, luckily. I wasn’t that afraid of the snow, we kept going back and forth between the two apartments to move more stuff (a great excuse to walk around the snowy city for the whole evening).

Snow was expertly cleaned the very next day!

I guess that’s it. This week will still be a bit hectic but I’ll still be reading your comments so feel free to let me know your thoughts! This scene was very exciting for me and I’m very curious what you think. For these two, this is perhaps the most important moment in the next 1.5 of a chapter. I hope you guys enjoy!

165 comments on “Not you”

  1. maarvarq Reply

    I hope for Rob’s sake that’s purely surprise and not horror on Ada’s pretty face.

    • JW Reply

      It looks more like surprise than horror to me. And a bit of blush too.

      ‘Course, I doubt she’s gonna jump in his arms and go “Oh Rob, I always loved you too”.

      • antrik Reply

        No, of course she won’t… We aren’t anywhere near that Patreon goal 😉

        Well, I’d say it’s more than just “regular” surprise. Astonishment?

        The question is whether it’s the content of his declaration that astounds her (though it really shouldn’t be a surprise to her at this point…) — or just the violence of it?…

        • Speedy Reply

          It’s the content that surprised her…

          “Oh! … Oh, Rob… I thought you knew. I CAN’T be with you. As a witch, I would lose my powers if I lost my virginity. And then, who would protect the camp? You know that Laura is gonna lose her virginity to the first teenager that Kasper doesn’t break in half. And, then where would we be? I mean, it’d be pretty awful of us to let everyone die, just because we couldn’t keep it in our pants.”

          “So… what EXACTLY counts as losing–”

          “Rob!” >:|

          “I mean, if I watched you shower, and you didn’t see–”

          “ROB!!!” >:( “…… Wait… Have you already– ?” >>>:[

          “No, of course not! That was purely hypothetical!”

    • Alex Reply

      I don’t think Ada is horrified either. I get where you’re coming from, though, because whenever the eye pupils don’t touch the eyelids anywhere, a character gets a touch of horror/terror/psycho-ness about them. Look at Rob in panel 4.

    • JW Reply

      Better the sandwich than Sofia’s feelings.

      Of course she’ll have her feelings crushed eventually, but maybe a bit gentler when Robert’s calmed down.

          • JW

            It seems to be his mouth that’s riling her up; maybe his arms will soothe her, who knows.

          • antrik

            If it’s his mouth, that doesn’t bode well for a kiss… 😉

          • JW

            Hey, at least it would stop aggravating words coming out. It certainly wouldn’t be the worst reason two people ever kissed.

          • JW

            I don’t follow: why would another girl’s interest endanger his chances?

            Because it might suggest he invited that interest. Because someone that shies from opening her heart might shy away doubly so when there’s competition. Because “well she was first, so I’ll back down”. Etc.
            The logic of love and fear is varied and irrational.

          • JW

            Whoops. Yeah.
            I should just code a solution for it, rather than do it by hand each time.

            Oh well.

          • antrik

            I’m seriously considering writing a script for it, and uploading it to… But then again, wouldn’t sharing the gift of Reply Magic with muggles kinda take the fun out of it? 😉

          • antrik

            Well, to everyone’s confusion, I guess I’ll have to follow up in the wrong thread 🙂

            It’s certainly true that a “rival” could discourage someone like Ada — but since she wasn’t acting on any romantic feelings she might have for him anyway, I’m not convinced this really affects Robert’s chances with her…

          • JW

            I might very well not actually affect his chances, and yet he might still think it does. There’s probably a lot of recursive second-guessing going on with them.

  2. antrik Reply

    OK, *now* they are rocking the boat 😉

    I’m still trying to figure out whether Robert is rude and immature here, unwilling to accept that Ada is not interested in him; or whether he is justified in his anger, since she still fails to see that he is serious about her?…

    Well, if it’s the latter, I guess he got through to her now 😉

    • JW Reply

      Probably. Though, I’ve learned you should never underestimate the density of love interests.

      • antrik Reply

        Are you saying she might be a love black hole? Well, I guess that would explain why he is so attracted… 😉

        (Since he seems to be a hopeless case, I guess he already passed her event horizon?)

      • David Reply

        “whether Robert is rude and immature here” “” never underestimate the density of love interests.”

        I guess that he normally hasn’t shown love interest in her, he is careful to hide it waiting for right time, etc. But he got provoked to angry by being matched up when he didn’t want, and emotions overwhelmed his carefully constructed wall of hiding his feelings and now he also will be in shock at what he just blurted out.

        • antrik Reply

          I wouldn’t exactly say that he was *hiding* his feelings… Though it seems quite possible that he never stated them so clearly before 🙂

    • Refugnic Reply

      Would’ve been nice if there had been a panel where the sandwich hits the barrier and slowly slides down as if Rob had just tossed it against a window.
      Or even better: The sandwich hits the barrier and because of all the emotions swirling around, the thing gets a crack and shatters to pieces.

      ‘Oh great, look at what you’ve done now!’

      Okay, enough head movies, back to comic reality…c’mon now, really Ada?
      Don’t look like you didn’t know.
      She can’t possibly be that clueless, right?

      Isn’t it usually the guy’s job to be dense?
      Eh, equal rights for all, I guess.

      …I’m still thinking that she knew, but doesn’t want it…so she tried to divert his affection somewhere else…only to be reminded that Rob’s feelings aren’t that easily swayed.

      I dare say that this little situation backfired straight into her face.

      • antrik Reply

        Equal opportunity drama! 😉

        Yeah, I have a hard time believing she really didn’t know it… Seems more like she doesn’t want to acknowledge it, for one reason or another. And judging by other interactions we have seen, Robert wasn’t trying to force the matter (at least not recently) — but now her hobnailed diversion attempt sent him over the edge…

        Good job, Ada! 😉

        • JW Reply

          I could believe she didn’t know. I don’t remember Robert ever being obvious about it to her. And they’ve know each other for ages, so he might very well have been stuck in the friend-zone for a long time not wanting to risk a solid friendship for a faint hope of more.

          • antrik

            Well, I agree that for a long time it was rather unclear, since Robert’s goofy remarks could easily be shrugged off as weird humour, rather than serious displays of interest. However, after his open show of jealousy on , I really find that pretty hard to believe…

            Admittedly, I did realise at some point that there *is* a possible alternative interpretation for that scene: it might have been surmised that Robert was “merely” jealous of the fact that a near-stranger can easily get away with hugging Ada, while it’s still a struggle for Robert after having been her best friend for years… However, this wouldn’t quite account for the aggressiveness of his reaction; and perhaps more importantly, the fact that Ada is reluctant of Robert hugging her, is itself a pretty strong indication IMHO that she can’t have been entirely unaware of his hopes…

          • JW

            However, after his open show of jealousy

            Which doesn’t seem to have registered with anyone present except maybe Kasper, if we consider the following scenes.

          • antrik

            It seems to have registered with Laura at least?

            I don’t think the others present could have missed it either — they just chose not to react to it I’d say…

          • JW

            Well, to me it seemed that during the “girl talk” pages it came as pretty much a surprise to everyone when Kasper suggested Robert was interested in Ada.

          • antrik

            I’m not convinced it surprised anyone that Kasper thinks Robert is interested in Ada… What might have come as a surprise to some, was that Kasper believes she might actually reciprocate the sentiment 🙂

          • antrik

            On a somewhat tangential note — and at the risk of sounding like a broken record (since I already brought it up a couple of times in other comments) — the popular notion that a “confession” of romantic interest can seriously endanger a valuable friendship, is quite a silly one in my opinion. If done in a dignified manner (not coming off as needy), it shouldn’t really hurt — unless the “friendship” was rather dysfunctional to begin with…

            (Well, unless the sentiment is a doomed one anyway, due to the object of desire being in another relationship, I guess… No point dwelling on such a clearly hopeless situation.)

            Of course that doesn’t preclude the possibility that Robert might be subscribing to such a silly notion… 🙂

          • JW

            Change is scary. And no matter how things go, they can’t remain the same after you throw something like that in.
            And it doesn’t help there’s tons of fictional example where awkwardness and what-not ensues.

          • antrik

            Yeah, it’s hard to imagine how much unnecessary suffering has been caused by people taking bad romantic advice from fictional depictions…

            (I for one know I have been guilty of that in the past.)

            Anyway, if both parties are capable of setting strong boundaries — thus avoiding guilt, resentment, false hopes etc. — it shouldn’t really be awkward… In fact it should probably be *less* awkward when being open about it.

            Admittedly, not many people are good at that — so I guess it’s a bit of a moot point in many cases…

      • HappyHead Reply

        Re: The sandwich hitting the barrier – I thought the barriers only stopped the demons or evil things, you see people walking in and out of the camp without hitting a wall or letting the demons in.

        Are you suggesting the sandwiches are evil?

        • antrik Reply

          Oh right, I forgot to comment on the barrier splat idea. I think this might perhaps happen if he threw the sandwich *at her*, and the barrier was in between?…

          • Speedy

            Or, there’s a flash of light as the sandwich goes up and out of the barrier, and then it splats on the barrier on its way back down.

      • Klorix Camp dweller Reply

        It’s terrible how readers finally get some of what they’ve been asking for and then just pay attention to other stuff too!
        Mind you, I didn’t notice. 😉

        • antrik Reply

          I don’t feel the least bit ashamed 🙂

          (I’d say it’s actually a compliment to the creator, when people pay enough attention to notice the “little” things?…)

        • NotImportant Reply

          I was also too focused on the facial expressions to bother with the barrier xD But I’ll need to fix it I suppose

          • antrik

            Well, you don’t *need* to fix it… If it feels like a burden, I’d say don’t bother 🙂

          • JW

            Nah, I’d say in a perfectionist, or at least pride in one’s work, kind of way.

          • NotImportant

            Well… not really XD After all, ultimately I was the ‘wrong’ one here~

          • antrik

            Who says “someone” can’t be yourself? 😉

            I am aware that it doesn’t quite fit really… Though I think the underlying mindset might actually be similar?

      • Klorix Camp dweller Reply

        Oh, I didn’t say it was bad. This just amused me. 🙂
        I’m also fascinated by how often I don’t see some more or less obvious detail until someone points it out…

  3. JW Reply

    Internal Ada options screen:

    a ) reply “Well, neither are you!” in an exasperated what-that-that-have-to-do-with-anything tone of voice
    b ) reply “Actually, I am! And I worked really hard on those sandwiches, damn-it.”
    c ) jump in his arms and kiss him
    d ) stare at him dumbfounded

    • Refugnic Reply

      You forgot: e) Kick his sorry butt into tomorrow for wasting a perfectly good sandwich.

      Oh and for yelling at her.
      But it’s a real shame about that sandwich…can’t have been easy to come by, this being the apocalypse and all…

      • Rateus Camp dweller Reply

        Yeah. There’s no excuse for wasting food. Also not giving a damn about her is pretty rude. You can (and should) care even if you don’t love.

        • antrik Reply

          He doesn’t mean it. Since Ada keeps ignoring his protestations that he’s not interested, and keeps pushing it, he resorts to hyperbole. That’s a perfectly natural reaction IMHO…

          • antrik

            Just to be clear: if Sofia was actually present at the scene, and he made such a declaration, without regard for Sofia’s feelings, just to bring his point home, *that* would be rude. But that’s not what we are seeing here.

    • antrik Reply

      More like,

      a) Stare at him dumbfounded.

      Huh? Where is the damn Cancel button!?…

  4. Lucario Reply

    Funny how only a foot of snow is considered an apocalypse. The US weather called it that when they were calling for about 3 feet.

    • JW Reply

      We already get highest state of weather alert for a mere two inches.
      It makes it really hard to take any weather alerts seriously.

  5. Dragon Master Reply

    Once over the past couple of years Buffalo, New York had so much snow that people had to shovel it off of their roofs. IIRC it was like 5 feet of snow or something.

  6. bitflipper Camp dweller Reply

    Really, Ada, what did you expect? He’s been dropping “hints” since high school, fercryin’outloud.

  7. Crestlinger Reply

    Boat is officially Rocked. Hopefully no scene changes, or demons, soon.
    Have to wonder what else was going through his head from ‘it feels nice’ onward.

  8. antrik Reply

    On a somewhat tangential note — and at the risk of sounding like a broken record (since I already brought it up a couple of times in other comments) — the popular notion that a “confession” of romantic interest can seriously endanger a valuable friendship, is quite a silly one in my opinion. If done in a dignified manner (not coming off as needy), it shouldn’t really hurt — unless the “friendship” was rather dysfunctional to begin with…

    (Well, unless the sentiment is a doomed one anyway, due to the object of desire being in another relationship, I guess… No point dwelling on such a clearly hopeless situation.)

    Of course that doesn’t preclude the possibility that Robert might be subscribing to such a silly notion… 🙂

      • antrik Reply

        (More specifically, it’s my fault in that I did something unusual accidentally — why it resulted in broken threading, I actually do not understand…)

    • KTrimbach Reply

      I don’t know how you can say that. If one person has put their heart out there and the other one rejects it (and no matter how it’s done it’s still a rejection), then that person will always be embarassed around that person, if they’re not hurt enough to never want to see them again anyway.
      Also, the other person will now also not be comfortable knowing that they’re thiking about them in that manner.

      • antrik Reply

        Sure, being around someone who rejected you is pretty uncomfortable — but is it really worse than being someone you don’t dare confessing to, because you *fear* they might reject you?… And as for the other person: if it’s been going on for a while, most likely they were already suspecting something anyway.

        I’m not saying it’s easy — but I believe that in such a situation there is usually not much to lose.

        • antrik Reply

          Gah… That should read, “is it worse than being around someone you don’t dare confessing to?”

        • antrik Reply

          I’d like to add that the fear of potential awkwardness after a direct rejection, is what leads people to keep beating about the bush in a non-committal way; in the hope that if they don’t get the reaction they wanted, both parties can pretend it didn’t mean anything… Which often results in very problematic layers of recursive second-guessing of intentions.

          Wait, where have I seen *that* phrase used before?… 😉

      • JW Reply

        Sure, being around someone who rejected you is pretty uncomfortable — but is it really worse than being [around] someone you don’t dare confessing to, because you *fear* they might reject you?

        I’m going with “Yes”.
        I’d say we should check with someone that’s actually done it, but you can’t really do both, so there’s not really a way to compare the outcomes of confessing or not confessing.

        • antrik Reply

          Well, if someone has done it after some hesitation, I guess a before-after comparison would count? Though considering that it depends a lot on how well the people in question handle it, I’m not sure anecdotal evidence is of much value here…

          (FWIW, someone mentioned a few pages back that it worked terribly for them with one person, but wonderfully with another — so they consider it a win on the whole 🙂 )

          • JW

            There might be something be said for the mantra “fail fast, fail often”; or at least fail fast. You don’t want to get fixated forever on someone’s that not interested. On the other hand the other extreme isn’t any better; you don’t want to proposition every possible partner the second you lay eyes on them. Well, may you do want that. but it’s a bad idea if you’re interested in more than a one-night-stand and/or slap in the face.

          • JW

            It’s kind of funny, I mistakenly had a ” ‘s ” after not (but spotted that mistake before posting), and now I see there’s one after “someone”, but there’s not one after “that” where there was supposed one. Weird.

          • antrik

            Funny you should mention this, since I brought up the “fail fast” mantra myself in the previous discussion on this topic 🙂

            Indeed professing strong feelings before getting a chance to actually get to know someone is silly, and will sound very superficial. Coming on too strong is usually not a good idea, even *if* a one-night-stand is what one is after…

            (If on the other hand a slap is the goal, it’s certainly a good approach — if worded the right way 😉 )

  9. The amazed reader Reply

    I can’t describe how much I love this page! it’s amazing! I can’t wait to see where this is going further!

  10. Rateus Camp dweller Reply

    Bless you Rob, an angry declaration of love has got to be one of the worst sorts. Also don’t get angry with someone for being in love with you, be flattered and honest with them that you don’t reciprocate and try to still be friends with them even though it’s awkward. What you’ve said to Ada is very flattering, but you’ve said it in a most unattractive way!

    • antrik Reply

      The more cynically minded might say that it’s a declaration of obsession rather than love… 😉

      But let’s not be too hard on Robert. I’m not sure “angry” is a problem in itself, unless it’s also reproachful. Is Robert being reproachful here? Well, kinda, but not quite: as far as I can tell, he is not reproaching her for not loving him back — but rather, for taunting him with alternative love-line suggestions… Though admittedly, in view of her past and present performance, I’m not sure we can hope for Ada to be perceptive enough to see the distinction 🙁

      • JW Reply

        but rather, for taunting him with alternative love-line suggestions…

        That kind of makes you wonder, what if Robert already declared his love for Ada once, but she wasn’t interested and they both accepted that as the way things are, and now “she’s setting him up with someone else” knowing full well how he (still) feels about her.

        Well, doesn’t quite fit with everything though.

        • antrik Reply

          Why do you think it doesn’t fit? This is actually among the most likely scenarios in my mind…

          (Well, apart from the “accepted” aspect perhaps. While apparently Robert was trying to keep it light over the run of the story so far, it doesn’t seem to me like he actually gave up on pursuing her.)

          • JW

            For one thing, Robert wouldn’t have worried about Ada’s reaction to the sandwiches if he expected she’d be happy/relieved/ok with some other girl being interested in him.

          • antrik

            That’s a good point. In fact there was at least one more situation where Robert *thought* she was jealous.

            However, that actually fits with the qualification I gave: if he hasn’t given up pursuing her, he clearly must believe or hope that she is actually returning his feelings to some extent after all… In fact, in my experience guys can seldom accept rejection as absolute and final. So it seems very likely that even if Ada indeed rejected him before, he still thinks/imagines/hopes that she has *some* feelings for him. (Either had them all along; or developed some in the meantime…)

          • JW

            If that were the case, he might think another girl’s interest might endanger his chances, but not that they’d make her furious.
            And he’d probably be glad at any reaction that proved him right about her having feelings for him.

          • antrik

            I don’t follow: why would another girl’s interest endanger his chances?

            He knows Ada well enough to have noticed that she was very tensed up back there in the forest. He mistook it as her being angry about the Sofia situation: which is not surprising, if he believes that Ada is actually interested in him — especially since she *appeared* to be jealous about Sofia in another situation not long ago. ( ) What matters here is that Robert seems to think Ada is interested in him romantically — whether she denied it in the past, but he convinced (deluded?) himself into thinking otherwise; or they never discussed it at all: for the situation in question, it wouldn’t really make a difference.

            As for being glad, that’s acutely double-edged. He might be glad about the implied confirmation — but clearly he is more preoccupied with her apparently being angry…

      • Rateus Camp dweller Reply

        Those two things border I guess, it’s a matter of keeping a healthy balance to stay the right side of the line! We don’t know for certain Ada’s feelings do we? He’s never asked to find out.

        • antrik Reply

          Which two things? Love and obsession? Let’s… not think about this too much 😉

          Indeed we don’t know Ada’s feelings. Her behaviour has been rather inconclusive thus far I’d say. Though after seeing her evasive expressions on the previous page, at this point it’s hard to imagine there isn’t at least *some* romantic interest on her side as well…

  11. Rateus Camp dweller Reply

    Oh and NI, you owe us nothing. You’re already giving us a lovely comic for free. The info you choose to give is gratefully received, and the interactions in the comic/twitter/patreon are always pleasant, but they aren’t a requirement so just do as much as you want to/enjoy doing.

    • NotImportant Reply

      Haha thanks <3 I enjoy it a lot too... Just feels wrong to vanish on you guys like this without any explanation, you know?

      • antrik Reply

        Oh, but you didn’t vanish without explanation… “Furniture!” 🙂

        BTW, did you notice that Patreon integration (supporter badges) seems to be down?

      • NotImportant Reply

        Thanks! Their authentication token expires and there’s no way to refresh it automatically (not that I know of) so… yeah, it sometimes breaks.

        • JW Reply

          If it’s oauth, there should typically be a refresh token that you can use to automatically get a new authentication token.

          • NotImportant

            Yeah, but something broke at some point and the refresh token doesn’t do its job. I know I’m not the only one suffering but some people figured it out so it seems it’s fixable. I’ll take a look when life calms down a bit.

      • Rateus Camp dweller Reply

        I’m glad you enjoy it, and it’s nice to know what’s going on for you, but please don’t feel you owe us! 🙂

  12. Alex Reply

    Interesting! 🙂
    And I know that there are women who behave like Ada when they’re crushing on someone, i.e. they encourage their crush to date someone else. Mostly someone they think is better than them, too, which might just be what Ada’s thinking of Sofia as well. I have experienced it first-hand, otherwise I wouldn’t think it possible, but apparently some women do that for some reason.

    Also Rob really shouldn’t waste food. Feelings or not, this is still post-apocalypse. Ada should go full-on Tsundere-mode and command him to eat it from the ground while her foot is placed on his neck. No, actually she shouldn’t. 🙂

    • antrik Reply

      Ah, the wonders of the human psyche! 😉 I believe it’s actually pretty common for people with extremely low self-esteem to engage in self-defeating behaviour?…

      We probably shouldn’t be jumping to conclusions regarding Ada just yet, though. I can still see a bunch of scenarios where she would do this for other reasons. Admittedly, those based on Ada not actually being interested in him at all, seem pretty much out after seeing her forced stance on the last page — but some other possibilities still seem valid. She might not be aware of her own feelings. She might have convinced herself that his dorkiness is too much of an off-turn for her. She might have concluded that it wouldn’t work out for some reason or another, and it’s better not to try. She might have been convinced that in spite of his “hints”, he is not seriously interested in her…

      (If it’s the last, I think his outburst here should cure her of it 😉 )

      • Alex Reply

        Well, some of the reasons you listed look very similar to low self-esteem to me. 🙂

        Maybe it’s a combo of lacking confidence and wanting to talk about love feelings with their loved one. Or the woman wants to know what their loved one’s general attitude towards having a relationship is without having to fight on the front-lines herself, avoiding the risk of getting burnt.

        It might be something like that with Ada, but NI might just as well have a suprise in store. Anyway, I call that she stutters to Rob that she needs time before she can answer and for now she would like to focus on the task at hand and he absolutely must pick up that sandwich again, because you mustn’t waste precious food in post-apocalypse.

        • antrik Reply

          Post-apocalyptic? There is not “post” aspect to the apocalypse — they are right in the middle of it! 🙂

          You are right that the possible explanations pretty much all boil down to low self-esteem… If she is the Anxious type, she doesn’t believe herself good enough for a relationship; if she is the Avoidant type, she doesn’t believe anyone else could be good enough for a relationship; if she is Anxious-Avoidant — which I suspect — both of these might be apply at the same time! Good luck to anyone aiming for a healthy relationship with her… 🙁

          I’m not venturing any guesses about her reaction. There are just waaaaay to many possibilities in play. Though whatever it turns out to be, it’s likely to narrow down the possible interpretations quite considerably 🙂

  13. Bryana Reply

    ohhhhhh snap, crackle AND pop! Robbie boi, what r u gettin’ at, hmmm~? do i hear a confession coming on~?

    • antrik Reply

      Coming on? I’d say this was already a big one right here?… 🙂

      Though I’m not convinced Robert sees it as one: he wasn’t exactly subtle about it before. In fact, I don’t think he’d be teasing *her* about making a confession ( ), if he had one to make himself…

      • Bryana Reply

        if anything Ada would be the one to be to embarrassed to confess. it’s clear their affection goes both ways given how close they r, how they constantly worry for each other and how Ada sometimes blushes when Robert is close to her…so w/ how their conversation was going and how Rob suddenly snapped “Because she isn’t you!”, i doubt this is in a platonic sense. besides guys, and some girls, almost always tease in that sense (“Oh? Are going to confess your love to me?”). it’s a playful banter that is always shared between close friends (different or same genders)

  14. Crestlinger Reply

    Alternatively he has a hatred one of the veggies in that sandwich, which nobody had a clue about until now. As a lettuce despiser myself, this reaction isn’t surprising.

    • antrik Reply

      Not sure it’s the veggies; but you are totally right: clearly, the sandwich hasn’t made a good enough impression on him 😉

  15. JayCloud Reply

    hey notimportant I have an Idea for a characters name if you want it… how about Mia? if you use it make it whoever you want :3

    • JW Reply

      And we’ve made it extra hard for you this week by posting more than usual and replying in the wrong place. Good luck catching up 😛

      • Rateus Camp dweller Reply

        It’s been a bumper week, which is understandable given the drama just peaked!

      • Klorix Camp dweller Reply

        I see… What a devious plan!
        I’ll do my best to make them moar, so that NI can have her fiancé read them to her while working on the next pages.


  16. antrik Reply

    Oh, I totally forgot:

    Whee, snow! 🙂

    (Here we haven’t had any proper snow this winter yet at all 🙁 )

      • antrik Reply

        Today I got a chance to walk through some snow! Like half a centimetre of it. At 5 a.m.. By morning it will probably be gone…

    • antrik Reply

      A vote incentive kinda doesn’t really work as an incentive without a teaser… 🙂

      Is it another instalment of the elusive side story, or something stand-alone?

      • Rateus Camp dweller Reply

        I thought it was Rob pitching to Rob which makes no sense at all! Kaspar makes the most sense since he it smashing Sofia’s dreams back at camp.

        • antrik Reply

          Oh, a parable. That kinda makes it Serious Business I guess… Though probably not less funny 😉

  17. Potterkid522 Reply

    I’m new so I want to do a test

    Notimportant, do you actually read all the comments…?
    I would like to know If what you say is true. I’m not salty or anyfing just wonderin.

    • NotImportant Reply

      Photoshop! I like Painststorm studio for linearting so I use that sometimes too. Been thinking about testing Clip Studio as well. But ultimately, Photoshop always wins for me.

  18. NoReqchHax_ Reply

    Noice, I make comics as well, I use book creator, terraria, Minecraft and adobe photoshop mix to make my comic on terraria.

  19. NoReqchHax_ Reply

    Oh my lord the mechanics to Paintstorm are hardcore, I have no idea what I’m doing, I thought I’d try it out and doodle away on it, but it’s harder than I thought, I don’t even know how to change the brush size XD

  20. Refugnic Reply

    Come on, Rob, give her a chance,
    ask who she is, ask her to dance.
    Look at the sandwich, think it through.
    I don’t care! She isn’t you!

    She’s a good girl, did you know?
    She’ll follow you, where you will go.
    Girls like her, are far and few.
    But I don’t care! She isn’t you!

    Rob, what’s gotten into you?!
    She’s shy, she’s honest, pretty too!
    Why, oh why, please take a clue!
    Why? Oh why? Cause she ain’t you!

    Why so angry, why so rash?
    Why so persistent, why so brash?
    Why so obsessed with red and blue?
    The one I want, Ada, is you!

    Why won’t you even try her out?
    Why tell her off, what’s this about?
    What’s on your mind, who’s in your queue?
    Because the one I love is you!

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