Memories of rain 7

One more page of this silliness and then we’ll return to the camp~ Robert leaves an impression of being a weird guy, doesn’t he? She should feel a bit better about herself after that meeting ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

My trip to Nikko was really great. I didn’t like the main tourist attractions nearly as much as I liked those secluded, little shrines hidden in the mountains. The old, stone torii, path ending in the fog, loud buzz of cicadas… Undeniable charm. We took photos, I still didn’t upload everything to the blog but I know some of you have already seen them. I came back with a ton of ideas for Replay’s trip-to-Japan backstory \(-ㅂ-)/ ♥

And I have to admit, I didn’t believe Replay would stay on top of TWC list for a whole month. I underestimated you, you crazy people. I have no idea how you pulled it off but it makes me feel all pink and fuzzy inside and it’s not a bad feeling so thank you! (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

Ah, and chuunibyou? Just look it up! I’m pretty sure Ada would headbutt him at that moment if she only knew what that word means.

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  1. xthorgoldx Reply

    Ah, so he does only take it marginally seriously; if he’s a self-acclaimed Chuuni, then there’s gotta be a little self-awareness as to it not “really” being real…

  2. JW Reply

    Nah, don’t just look up chuunibyou. Go watch “Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!” 😛 (Or any other chuunibyou themed anime worth watching.)

    I can definitely believe Robert’s the type, not sure about Ada though. Well, he’s found a friend if not a kindred spirit, at least.
    Heh, Robert’s inner twelve-year old must be squealing with excitement at having been granted the chance to take on the demon hordes with a magic sword.

  3. Refugnic Reply

    Heh…he likes her already, alright. Judging from the previous comments (not familiar with the term), a chu-watchamacallit is someone who is in magic for the sheer fun of it, but doesn’t actually believe that it’s real…man, would that Rob have been surprised to see Ada’s magic toothpaste circle (of doom!) 😀

    Also…a bunny umbrella? Honestly, Rob?
    Do you carry a bunny umbrella around in case you meet a damsel in distress or something? 😀

    Nope, probably just weird like that. 🙂

    • Refugnic Reply

      Just checked the term…heh, I think I had that one too for a while.
      Boy, am I glad that’s over. 😀

      By now, the only place, where people in life have ‘special abilities’ are in my stories where these powers are very real, which defies the very definition of the word.
      So yeah, that ‘illness’ disappeared straight from my life. 🙂

      But then again, I have a little son…so I’ll probably get to deal with it again in due time. 😀

  4. SKy Reply

    Is it just me or has Ada’s hair become more and more red over the last strips? It used to be a fox-like brownish red, now it’s an almost unnatural true red. Or is that just how it used to be back before the apocalypse?

    • Ktrimbach Reply

      Yeah, I was going to comment on that too. Maybe it’s because she’s younger and it lightens (yellows) as she gets older.

    • NotImportant Reply

      Actually, it’s just me testing out things. How do you like her in red?

      • JW Reply

        I like it, but I like the other one too. It’s a lovely shade of red, but the orange was a lovely shade of orange too.

      • SKy Reply

        I like the previous one better. Just looks more natural. For me this bright red looks a bit out of place – which is why I mentioned it in the first place.
        Also more “fire” than “flower”. 😉

        • NotImportant Reply

          I kind of liked how it contrasted with the bluish backgrounds, not sure if it will stay for good. I’ll probably settle for something in between.

          • Shadow

            Like the red on this page, matched well with her outfit as well. Didn’t like the previous pages’ red as much. Liked one of the orange variants as well (probably as much as this red if not more), but don’t remember on which page it was exactly.

  5. O~Tak~Ku Reply

    A guy with a bunny umbrella…GUYS WE HAVE A RARE SCENE HERE XD no seriously that is the cutest umbrella ever where can I buy it XD

    • NotImportant Reply

      They are pretty common in Japan (for kids, ugh) but I’m pretty sure you can order one online ;D

  6. Alex Reply

    Okay, I had to look up the actual anime to understand that reference. 🙂 If someone really made it this far into the comments I might as well take the burden of having to look it up away from them:
    A chuunibyou is a term that was probably specifically created for the Anime mentioned in the mouse-over text and it refers to someone who thinks s/he has special/occult/magical powers, but doesn’t really have any. Looks like Robert doesn’t believe Ada has actual super powers then. It’s interesting that he calls himself by that term, too. Or does he? It looks like it, but he might be saying that he already knows someone else with that disease.

    So this is how Robert became a “Gentleman Adventurer with a Spunky Sidekick”. 😀
    I wonder how many people got that reference.

    • Rateus Camp dweller Reply

      Thanks Alex. ‘Gentleman adventurer and spunky sidekick’ sounds like a pretty rude calling!

      • Alex Reply

        Huh, I guess I should’ve looked up the Trope beforehand. I meant it in the literal sense.

        The misunderstanding came from the reference I meant not matching the trope at all, i.e. that person’s financial situation is unknown and he’s not adventuring just for kicks, but for an ambition he believes in very strongly. He’s not really a gentleman, though, but he never tires of calling himself that, so that was supposed to be the joke. Also he has difficulties in finding a spunky sidekick, because of his crazy personality (crazy even by the standards of that world), but Robert did it just like that.

        Is the term “spunky” something rude, too? Because that’s a word I actually looked up in an EN-GER-dictionary and all I got was (translated back from German) brave/courageous/fiery.

        • JW Reply

          Try I’m not gonna spell out here what other things spunk(y) can mean.

          For what it’s worth, urban dictionary has a rather good definition for chuunibyou as well (which can’t be said for all their definitions of things. Try looking up a few names of your friends, or yourself 😉 )

          I have noticed that the term chuunibyou is used in all sorts of other anime, but I only started noticing after having seen “Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!”, so I could almost believe it’s the origin of the term. However, looking into it further, the UD definition mentioned above cites the book “Chuunibyou User Manual” (中二病取扱説明書, Chuunibyou Toriatsukai Setsumei Sho) by Saegami Hyōya, which seems to predate the anime and the light novel by a few years

          • Alex

            Oh, hey, so spunk is yet another word that people started using as a replacement for sperm. Who could’ve expected that, given that its usual meaning is sauce or dip. -_-
            But spunky is mostly clean, even on urbandic. There are just a few rude definitions, but they got more downvotes than upvotes, so I’m not accepting them as well and I refuse to see spunky as a rude term. I called Ada spunky, because the normal meaning of that word applies really well to her.

            Thanks for the info on chunnibyou!

          • Klorix Camp dweller

            If I may add, although probably nobody but a certain most important person here will read it: my impression of urbandictionary, or rather of (the English) language (in this case), is that more than half of the words have some sex or at least relatioship related meaning if you scroll down the list far enough.

    • antrik Reply

      “Gentleman Adventurer with a Spunky Sidekick” makes me think of Girl Genius — though I have no idea whether that one is just referencing something else in turn…

      • alex Reply

        Yup, that is precisely the reference I made back in the day. 🙂
        Robert truly is a gentleman and Ada is truly spunky in that sense.

  7. Tallen Reply

    Wah! Just had a PTSD flashback. Guess Chuunibyou is my trigger word. (glances at scale Rikka figure in corner of room)

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