How is everyone in 2016? Made some new year resolutions? I decided I’ll be optimistic this time and try with same wishes as last year, to hopefully beat them into coming true this time. I am a stubborn person.

If you are curious, no wishes regarding comic, I plan to just move along and see what happens. When I take a look at the archive I feel like not much has been drawn, even though it took so much time. We will probably finish the first chapter this year~! I can’t wait to be done with it since I like the later part of the story way more than this introductory chapter. No wonder, huh?

Anyway, our heroes have been pinpointed by the man in charge. Stefen already suggested that our commander is a bully and just didn’t like some kids stealing his responsibilities (and glory) but maybe there’s more to that..?

And thanks for your votes! Replay jumps all over the place on topwebcomic ranking but hits the second place quite often! Thank you so much, you guys are awesome ( ˘ ³˘)♥ I’ll update the incentive sometime this week~!

Ah, btw, finally watched One Punch Man, good laugh, but the joke gets old after some point. I keep wondering if they will be able to make a nice sequel or it will become boring. Manga is ongoing, right? Didn’t manage to start reading it yet.

37 comments on “Lucky”

  1. Adriano Reply

    It is ongoing and I still didn’t read it.
    That’s my new year resolution xD

    You’re welcome for the votes ! I try to vote evryday but it’s hard.
    And yeah I’d really love to see more of Faust. I wanna see more of him so badly ;^;

    My ship between Ada and Faust is neverending ahah lol

    I wish the most best for 2016 ! Keep going your comic is so cool !

  2. Refugnic Reply

    I hate to admit it, but the commander is, in fact, right. They’re undersupplied, understaffed and outgunned as it stands. And on the move they are even more vulnerable than while being stationary. (You know, perimeters, alarms, etc.)

    But on the other hand he’s also wrong. Ada and Robert weren’t just ‘lucky’ to be able to kill so many demons. They were lucky to have the right equipment, but pure luck doesn’t get you through an onslaught like that. They looked out for each other and were well trained in the ways of the blade. (Better than most at least).

    So yeah, lucky, yes. ‘Just’ lucky, no.

    • NotImportant Reply

      He didn’t say ‘just’ 😛 And it’s not a story where main characters are always right. After all there has to be a reason why Dennis is a commander and not Robert haha

      • Adriano Reply

        OH, BURN !
        Ya hear that, Robert ? This is serious thing, now go back to your sandbox ;P

      • Refugnic Reply

        Haha, sorry. My mind sometimes puts words where there are none (that phenomenon is particularly annoying when I think I already wrote something, but in the proofread it isn’t there. I believe you can relate.)

        And I think in most good stories, the MC(s) make mistakes and require their friends (or their resident asshole) to set them straight again.
        After all, if they wouldn’t make mistakes, they wouldn’t be as relate-able, would they? 🙂

        As for why Dennis is the commander and not Robert…well, probably because Robert chose a career in Marketing, while Dennis chose a career in the Army.
        Though yeah, when it comes to battlefield tactics, I would listen to the guy who had training in that kinda stuff instead of the guy who ‘just’ killed a bunch of enemies.

        Sure, the guy with the kill score is a hero at that moment and you feel compelled to listen to what your hero tells you (ingrained into our behavior: Listen to what the strong guy says, because otherwise he might turn on you), but just because he’s a hero doesn’t mean that he automatically knows what’s best for you. It just means that he knows how to fight and die…err, kill.

        But I’m just stating the obvious here. 😛

  3. JW Reply

    The mighty in “I know you feel mighty” sounds a bit odd to me. I’d suggest “invincible” or “unstoppable”, but that’s a bit long for the speech bubble. Maybe “You might feel invincible, [but etc.]”?

    Come to think of it I can’t really think of a context where I’d still use mighty other than “mighty morphing power rangers”. I wonder if it’s just me or whether the word has gone out of fashion.

    • Refugnic Reply

      Now that you mention it, it does have a bit of an odd ring to it, but it most definitely is not ‘wrong’ (not like you claimed that, mind you). And I guess the recent surge might be due to the emergence of cartoons like ‘Mighty Mouse’ or the likes, which propagated the word.

      As for alternatives, except for those you already stated, I’d suggest, ‘unbeatable’ or ‘powerful’.
      As a shorter alternative, ‘strong’ might be good.

      On another note, is that double period supposed to be an ellipsis (in which case it should be three dots) or did you just hit the ‘dot’ one too many times?

      • NotImportant Reply

        Ellipsis, missed one dot. I was wandering about your suggestions but ‘mighty’ still works best for me, since he used a slightly old-fashioned word for a little hint of sarcasm. So switching it to something plain like ‘strong’ doesn’t send the same message. ‘Invincible’ is too pompous.

      • Gonnhirrin Reply

        Mighty may be an odd choice of word but the army is fond of tradition and a couple decades ago I caught it from a drill sergeant. I think they teach older language usage in the leadership courses, it helps to pull you out of civilian thought to speak a bit different.

  4. Zero Reply

    You know, I’m sure that to most rebellious groups, staying in the same spot so they can be found again after a raid seems like a great idea.

    • Refugnic Reply

      They aren’t guerrilla fighters though. And, as a matter of fact, the demons found them once. I’m pretty sure they can find them again, if they just want to. However, here’s another little thing to think about…assuming that these guys are actually thinking. They attacked the camp and barely any of them (if any at all) came out alive. I’d think twice about attacking that camp again, to be honest. Or I’d at the very least take heavier ordinance with me the next time I go. 😉

      Other than that, you’re right. 🙂

  5. Insomniac Reply

    Hm, I tried One Punch Man, but to me, it’s like Dust said, or like Colonel Baird said in The Librarians. Sometimes you do everything right, and still lose. A character who can’t lose is boring, even if it’s not supposed to be serious. There’s exceptions, like Kirito from Sword Art Online, but not many.

    As for New Year’s Resolutions…A few months back, Red Robin started offering Poutine as an appetizer. My resolution is to eat that every time I go there, and try to get them to upsize it to a meal portion instead of an appetizer.

    • NotImportant Reply

      I had to look up the Poutine, never heard of it till now. Interesting resolution and hopefully your efforts won’t get unnoticed haha~!
      After watching 3 episodes I also felt like it’s going to be boring after a moment (how many times can you tell the same joke?), but Saitama loses in other aspects of being a hero, so maybe they’ll go that way..? Hard to tell. He’s a rather flat character, it’s very easy to predict what he will do and that’s boring. Would watch more for the intersting side characters though.

  6. Dæmon Reply

    Wait. Sudden thought. If demons exist in Replay, then do fairies exist as well, like leprechauns and dullahans? Admittedly, I understand it that (most, if not all) Irish fairies like those I mentioned are mischievous if not downright malicious. Other fairies, I don’t know.

    • Dæmon Reply

      And I should add, do things like Gods or a single Gods exist to counter the demons? Do things like Dryads and goblinoid races exist? I mean, what races of supernatural origin exist besides demons?

      • NotImportant Reply

        I am sure many characters in Replay’s world wonder about that as well haha~

        • Dæmon Reply

          So,I take it you either don’t have an answer, have any potential meetings planned out, or possibly haven’t given it any thought. Of course, there ARE other explanations, but besides not wanting to tell for sure, regardless of whether or not they exist, I can’t see another reason off the top of my head. That, and I was hoping to NOT start thinking up dumb reasons for the coy answer.

          Moving on (though, a reply about what the rest of you think the reason is would be interesting), I’m not sure about the types of legends these demons come from. Does it vary by the habitat and what a.particular legend says, detracted by its accuracy of information, or do they not have any legends on earth, and these are as new as an alien threat we can’t beat? Or, could it be that the demons just roam the world and the different types of demons are non existent? The comparison to myth and legend has an interesting potential plot point relevant to the demons and how the humans can fight back. Also, it could turn out bust, but what ARE the chances of that? Like, what can we tell from them as we see them now, versus how they were seen “way back when,” when they were known and feared? Plus, what happens to a demon after a few hours of death? Obviously they don’t dissolve right away, or at least the ones they have studied so far don’t, but how do they react to the atmosphere after the body ceases to function? Does the little ball thing Stef and the assistant found have something to do with this, or is it a separate case entirely? There’s so much that can be revealed, that if this gets popular enough, you may have to start publishing a separate website just to cover it all and more.

          • NotImportant

            Bah, wrong! I just don’t want to spoil the fun, so I’m not saying anything!
            And I wanted to make a separate “Stefen’s journal” or something, with various notes about the world, demons, magical objects, laws of magic, timeline of all events and so on. For now I don’t have the time to do it but once I do I will set it up and start producing the contents.

          • Refugnic

            Let’s look at a few facts we’ve been given.

            Demons exist.
            Magic exist.
            The blades, Ada and Robert possess exist.

            What this tells us:
            It is likely, that demons have roamed the world once in the past, which is when the blades were forged to battle them (which would also imply, that there are a lot more blades like them somewhere out there, though most would probably be broken).

            I also believe it to be likely, that the ‘demons’ are an alternate life form, which stem from a different dimension, which would kinda make them aliens.
            Faust opened a portal to this dimension, allowing the demons (back) into their world.

            As an alternate possibility, the demons we’ve seen thus far aren’t actual independent life forms per definition, but much rather meat puppets created by a higher being (the grand demon), but that still begs the question, where this grand demon came from.

            But I’m probably interpreting too much again right now. 😛

  7. Redwolphe Reply

    I kind of like what’s going on here. Though for me it’s very anime-esque in the sense that these two characters hold the key to everything that could save everyone. Don’t get me wrong it’s popcorn style fun and some the dialog between them and other people is more believable than say for example, Bleach, but one small thing bugs me. While i get that every is a variation of a neko or what-have-you but other than aesthetics does apply to the characters at all? Will it later on? Just curious. Keep it going! ^^

    • Refugnic Reply

      Good morning and welcome to the community. As has been stated multiple times in the past (nobody expects you to go through all the comments of the past, don’t worry), the animal traits are merely for clarifying expressions as well as for increasing their ‘cuteness’. Other than that, they serve no purpose, they neither have the abilities of the animals they are combined with (Nightvision, exceptional sense of smell or hearing), nor do they have any typical animal traits. So you won’t see a dog type suddenly start chasing after their own tail or bark like crazy. (Even though that military type certainly seems like the kinda guy that likes to bark :P)

      Whether that will change in the future I cannot say (I’m not the creator after all), but that’s the official statement as it is right now.

      As for ‘the key to save everyone’…actually I don’t think that’s the case. Most movies portray it like it’s just the main characters on whose success the fate of the entire hinges, but they are forgetting all the support they actually need to make it there.

      I recently watched ‘Pacific Rim’ and that’s a very good example. The protagonists save the world by getting the bomb where it’s supposed to go (trying to avoid spoilers here), but they wouldn’t even have gotten there without the right tools or the right information or backup. They would simply have gotten torn to shreds.

      Sure, someone has to pull the trigger that ends the evil dictator, and it’s next to impossible to portray all that’s going on in the background, but it’s countless people fighting in this war for the survival of mankind.
      And who knows, the demon that got dismantled by a tank shell might just have been the one who would have gotten the drop on Ada and taken her life in her sleep.
      By extension, that makes the tank driver the one who made ‘saving the world’ possible, because he took out the enemy, who otherwise would have killed the protagonist.

      Besides, to finish off my argument, even if Ada and Robert got killed, it’s the blades that hold the power to kill the demons, not them.
      So, even if Ada and Robert got killed, someone else could pick up the blades and finish the job.

      You see, everything could happen, but mankind could still win…or lose. 😉

      • JW Reply

        Besides, to finish off my argument, even if Ada and Robert got killed, it’s the blades that hold the power to kill the demons, not them.
        So, even if Ada and Robert got killed, someone else could pick up the blades and finish the job.

        That might not be the case. These are magic weapons, so there’s really no telling what conditions are required for them to work. Ada and Robert might be the only ones around that can wield them effectively.

        I wouldn’t put it beyond the military to try and take those weapons for themselves, but unless they have a live captive demon to try it on, they might do well to reconsider.

    • NotImportant Reply

      Refugnic was faster to welcome you but oh, well – thanks for reading and glad you like it so far! And I really added those ears to make the design more enjoyable to draw, they don’t have any meaning and don’t play any role in the story.
      I am still a beginner in storytelling and comics so it makes me happy to hear that the dialogues are good and it’s fun to read. Thanks for letting me know, it keeps me motivated ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

  8. Wojszach Reply

    Hm… 1 per week,that means 56 pages,and that means frist chapter will have something about 80-90. By the way about pentacles,they were supposed to trap deamon and protect,but I see here this is just spell,but it’s your universe,you’re the god in it, and you make reality here,this is your realm. Your comic,I have something like this,I need to see 5-10 pages to know I will be interested in this,but this is only 75%,this if frist trial,if it will pass then ok but if not i give 50 pages,no more no less, ,and this comic bought me from frist 10 pages,very good job,keep going we believe in you Not important(when I see shortcut “NI” i reamind myself Knights of Ni from Monty Python and holy graal).

    • NotImportant Reply

      Knights of Ni! I forgot about it lol, adds depth to my nick haha!
      Glad you like the comic this much, makes me very happy…! And about the spells – we’ll have different kinds for different uses and the word ‘pentacle’ had various meanings throughout the history of magic, depending on the magician / inventor. Some are drawn on the ground as protection circles, some engraved and used as amulets.

      • Wojszach Reply

        http :// rep lay -pl. flog. pl/ Here you have my begining of translation,you can oversee my work and check everything is correct

        • NotImportant Reply

          Haha nice! But it’s not a manga, so it’s not necessary to reorder the pages. It’s going to be pretty inconvenient I believe.

  9. WitUnderPressure Camp dweller Reply

    Think she’d kill me if I couldn’t resist playing with her ears?

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