Julia’s past

I love this page so much, mostly because of the first panel <3 Wondering about what happened next? You can check it out on Patreon~

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What a week! Work was busy but no disasters. I tried to unwind a little this weekend, cherry trees are still blooming and it’s lovely outside. I didn’t find the time to continue drawing the sketch that’s currently the vote incentive (thanks for the votes! They really help a ton!) as I tried to focus on the Historia project more. I’m still pretty slow drawing on my new Surface Pro but I’m getting there… The new CG is starting to look pretty sweet.

Next weekend I’ll be celebrating my fiance’s 30th birthday yaaay! One year closer to the grave. Wish us a nice trip, we’re going to Atami for Saturday and Friday to enjoy some ocean breeze from a nice ryokan. For Sunday we plan to see the Taiko festival in Narita, it was a lot of fun last time we were there. Who remembers that illustration with Ada and Rob playing on drums? 😀

26 comments on “Julia’s past”

  1. JW Reply

    I think in the second panel “I personally picked” would fit a little bit better than “I’ve personally picked”.

  2. Joshua Vibah Reply

    To be honest with. When you said ‘cult leader’ I thought she’d be the boss of this group not a real cult.

    • JW Reply

      And “no personal ambition”. So either they were quite mistaken in their assessment, or something changed. Or he doomed the world for something other than ambition. Maybe an April fools joke gone horrible wrong? 😛

  3. NoriMori Reply

    Interesting. I’ve heard of cult members seeing the light and escaping, but I’ve never heard of cult *leaders* coming around. I’m sure it’s happened, but does anyone know of any real life examples? I’m really curious about the deprogramming process for leaders, and how it differs (or not) from the process for members.

    I hope we’ll find out how Julia went from being a cult leader to being a normal person.

    • antrik Reply

      Who says she became a “normal person”? 🙂 She’d almost certainly still be cult leader, if it hasn’t been for the whole apocalypse affair kinda interfering with her career…

  4. JW Reply

    As for Ada’s question. It’s probably the same with magic as with “fool-proof” investment schemes. If it actually worked, they wouldn’t try to sell it to others, but just use it to get rich and powerful themselves.
    But then a true believer stumbled onto something that worked and all hell broke loose. Whoopsie.

    • Chris Reply

      Well, she can do magic just fine now, and I suspect she could then as well. Maybe it just allows for more tiers in their pyramid scheme, especially if most of it is party tricks and demon defense (which would have been untestable?).

    • antrik Reply

      Meh. She’s certainly very shapely — but she looks rather old in that picture…

      (And in most others too, to be frank… Way older than the 31 she’s supposed to be. The last panel on this page is a rare exception, where she actually looks young and pretty.)

  5. Crestlinger Reply

    Have to wonder who was recruit #3333. *Notes face of #3121 for possible relevance, or corpse identification.
    Concerning cult conversation continues. Clutching chicken counters clairvoyant clucker cutting.

  6. Grault Reply

    Julia has a dangerous skillset and (past) mindset. Watch this one closely.

  7. Klorix Camp dweller Reply

    I love how the demons in the background look like a good ol’ herd of herbivore dinos…

    • Speedy Reply

      Yeah, I was thinking maybe it was less of a cult and more of a cross between a coven and Men in Black. Of course, it could have started that way, and then grown to be more of a cult, over time.

  8. Speedy Reply

    “Am I paranoid, or is some secret organization collecting information on me?”

    “It’s not paranoia, if they really are out to vet you.”

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