If you’re curious about Julia’s backstory she’s explaining it in the next couple of pages~ Privates and Corporals read two pages ahead!

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This was a weird week. I was mostly pondering buying the new surface pro 6, then buying it, then agonizing over Sagawa losing my package, then getting stupidly excited about the product and then sketching while disregarding everything I was supposed to do this weekend. Anyway, I’m enjoying my new toy. I’ve forgotten how it’s like to obstruct part of the picture with your own hand while you’re drawing (yep, I never draw on paper).

By the way, sakura trees are blooming! Everyone’s excited and nobody wants to think about work, everyone’s set on picnicking and watching the flowers. Well, they don’t last long… Honestly, if the weather was better (it’s actually cold and cloudy) I’d take my beautiful surface pro and went picnicking as well~ If you want to see some pictures from Tokyo and surroundings you can go to my instagram:

This week is going to be busy at work. Fingers crossed that I’ll manage a new page anyway.

19 comments on “Atonement”

      • JW Reply

        Well, there won’t be anyone to enforce the rules. Inasmuch as the UN does that even when they’re not eaten by demons. But I don’t think there’s a demon-apocalypse escape clause to the Geneva convention, so legally speaking the rules would still apply, I think.

        Now I kind of want to add such clauses to the next contract I sign.
        “In case of a demon/zombie/bunny apocalypse this contract will be considered null and void.”

    • Crestlinger Reply

      Well it’s either that or be Stefen’s lab partner. Both options take guts, choose wisely.

  1. NoriMori Reply

    Ada is a damn smart cookie.

    Where’s that chicken? Is it still on the stool?

  2. Refugnic Reply

    Now, now, if Julia was one for ‘the easy way out’, she would’ve ended herself a long time ago.
    But she didn’t.
    From the looks of it, she didn’t even try to harm herself (pesky self-preservation instinct, without it, suicide would be so much easier :P).

    Also, let’s recount the facts…she taught Adam everything he needed to know to start the apocalypse.
    This suggests that she has a somewhat solid understanding on how contracts with demons work, how to summon them, etc.

    No matter how much has changed, that knowledge should still be very helpful in their situation.
    I mean, there must be certain rules the demons must adhere to, otherwise they wouldn’t have needed Adam to enter their world and lay it to waste.
    And knowing these rules, knowing the workings of the contract that allows them to remain in the mortal plane (what’s keeping them out again?), may well be they key to voiding the contract…and therefor put an end to Adam’s machinations and the apocalypse.

    Still, what could drive a man to destroy the entire world…?
    Honestly, the only thing that somehow makes sense at this point is, that Adam wishes to rise as a God, who remakes the world to his liking.
    And, as everyone who’s ever worked in construction, programming or whatever that means ‘making’ something knows, one has to destroy something before it can be ‘remade’.

    Well then, let’s see the tale Julia has to tell.
    Maybe she knows, what Adam’s objective is…because knowing what your enemy wants is more often than not, a very important step in foiling their plans.

    • JW Reply

      Still, what could drive a man to destroy the entire world…?

      Maybe he wanted to save the planet from the people living on it?

      • antrik Reply

        The “red desert” vision doesn’t quite fit with a radical environmental agenda, though 😉

  3. Alex Reply

    (J)ulia: Are you going to kill me?
    (A)da: Too easy!
    J: Torture?
    A: No, you will atone for your sins!
    J: Ah, bargaining with the demons via tentacle-rape?
    A: What the hell is wrong with you???
    J: It’s what Adam did.
    A: Wh— I’m getting sick.
    J: April Fools!
    A: Y-You were alone for too long!

  4. bitflipper Camp dweller Reply

    What? How dare your work and real life threaten to interfere with our weekly fix?! ;-p

    No problem, NI; you do what you have to do, and we fans will cope as best we can.

  5. Dragon Master Reply

    LOL the new vote incentive is indeed risque. Julai’s story is going to be interesting, I can just feel it.

      • NotImportant Reply

        Actually, it’s not that unexpected. When I was still painting in realistic style I drew a lot of nude female pieces, I like paining female body and I find it beautiful. I didn’t do it much when I started learning manga style because most anime-style nude pieces on the net are vulgar and don’t appeal to me at all… So I didn’t feel inspired I guess.

        But then, suddenly, a couple of days ago, I felt like drawing a nice, sensual piece with a boob so here we go!

        • Klorix Camp dweller Reply

          Oh, I know. I did have a look at your gallery soon after I found your comic (and found your first Ada there), and it’s awesome.
          I was just surprised in the context of the comic. Somehow, my brain did not make the connection between your other art and the comic. Even though there have been nudish scenes before…

  6. Sheylenna Reply

    I was rereading the comic from the beginning and this page Atonement is not there. Please look into it…..

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