The chain

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I’m still reading Welcome to the Monkey House but I think the Cat’s Cradle from the same author was more fun than the short stories. They’re still hilarious, don’t get me wrong. Just check out this quote: The Year was 2081, and everybody was finally equal. They weren’t only equal before God and the law. They were equal every which way. Nobody was smarter than anybody else. Nobody was better looking than anybody else. Nobody was stronger or quicker than anybody else. Still painfully relevant! Apart from that, I finished Shield of the People which was good but I felt that some bits near the end were either very convenient or just straight out weird. And the number of people who are scheming something in the background is starting to increase dramatically, I stopped remembering their names lol… My own writing is going forward decently, but yet again I fell into the trap of making the book too long. If you have any tricks around how to trim aggressively (I need an aggressive approach at this point) – do let me know. Sighhh…

Other than that, just trying to survive. If you’re seeing Replay’s ads anywhere – that’s me! I’m trying to bring in some new blood. And if you came here from an ad – HELLO, ENJOY.

6 comments on “The chain”

  1. Matheus Reply

    I’ve been thinking about what Rob said some pages ago, “I tried to be gentle, but im DONE”. It feels like this has happened before, or something like that. Just how many times has Rob replayed Sofia’s constant chasing? And has this been the most daring she has ever been?

  2. Refugnic Reply

    And in a blink, the aftermath,
    the spirit bound and gone.
    So dumb I was, back in that bath,
    the whim I acted on.

    So it seems, you hate me now.
    Must do it, after all!
    I really am a stupid cow,
    for running with the ball.

    I don’t hate you, you silly kitty,
    shouldn’t have shouted either.
    What happened then, deserves my pity,
    did not deserve that neither.

    That’s okay, I crossed that line…
    I barely even know you!
    Your angry shouting…it was fine.
    I didn’t think that one through.

    Must face the fact, I have to go,
    can’t stay here any longer…?
    Maybe, out there, I’ll start to grow,
    and maybe, come back stronger…?

    Invisible to naked eye,
    the spirit bound says ‘Boring!’
    That’s right, the heck is with that guy?!
    He’d better not start snoring…

    Bound to the body he controlled,
    but he’s no longer driving.
    Yet still some power he does hold,
    some scheme he is contriving.

    A quiet voice drums in my head,
    it tells me that I’m worthless.
    It fills my mind with thoughts of dread,
    my head feels like a big mess.

  3. Alex Reply

    I honestly don’t believe that your books are too long. After proof-reading two of your novels I think you’re not the type to write LOTR’ish descriptions of the environment or to enter left field anywhere. An aggressive approach would be like tearing off an arm and a leg, meaning you’d have to skip over entire scenes, e.g. you could have Sheena just wait in her prison cell without any “Sheenanigans”, but that scene really drives home Banana’s point about her being stupid.

    If the story is too long, make it multiple books and find a good spot to split the story up.

    • NotImportant Reply

      Sheenanigans xDD HAHAH

      The problem is only with debuting, since they don’t want to invest too much paper in you. I think it’s fair. And I also want to be able to control the length of my books somewhat haha In Sheena’s story I’d need to cut out 1/5th of the book to make it fit the debut standards hah And I don’t think cutting it in half would work.

      • Alex Reply

        Yeah, don’t cut out 1/5th. If it’s only for the debut I agree that it’s fair to have limitations. In that case it’s better to practice writing shorter stories. Maybe that light-hearted fun story you plan on writing is a better candidate for that because if there’s not much depth you don’t have much depth to lose, and if you debut you can always communicate that you usually write stories about surviving after an apocalypse of mysterious origins (and that includes Replay, not just The Cleansed Ones and The Mind Drummer).

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