Filip makes quite a debut as a mage!

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I’m wondering what to write, but nothing comes to mind. I guess I went back to my routine. I finished What Feasts at Night and I liked it! It’s short (a novella) and creepy and nicely written. I’m in the middle of Shield of the People and even though the book is good and has lots of action, I’m just not a fan of paladins. Where are my morally gray characters??? My own writing is slowly moving forward. Not at the pace that I’d like but better slow than not at all I guess. It’s difficult because after work I’m tired or I need to cook and during the weekend I usually want to go somewhere (like for a 20km walk) instead of sitting in front of the computer again. I dream of a retirement sighhhh

Well, I hope you guys enjoyed the fight and see you next week!

15 comments on “Awake”

  1. Alex Reply

    “I’m wondering what to write, but nothing comes to mind.”
    Same here. I hope that you get more comments on Discord than here. 🙂

    But yeah, Filip was impressive. I wonder what Nina thinks of him now.

      • Alex Reply

        Hmmmmm…. having somone else to fight otherwise invincible monsters vs. having sex with him? I’d say it’s a tough choice.

        • HKMaly Reply

          Didn’t we got confirmation that the whole thing with sex interfering with magic is self-inflicted?

          • Alex

            I guess so, but ever since they started talking about Ada being a queen who gets to decide who joins her court I started suspecting that the no-sex rule is Ada-inflicted.

          • Matheus

            I think Ada hasnt told him about the non-sex thing because she didnt want him to become a jerk and go crawling back to Nina. I mean, it’d dirty. Don’t think she’d accept that, as a girl.

  2. Matheus Reply

    So… im guessing this is when Sofia finally snaps and just runs from the camp, coming back later in the story as a badass hunter with some sick scars on her face, saying she had to fight to survive everyday and she couldn’t even sleep and had to eat with one hand and stab with the other. Is it annoying that I keep trying to guess the story? lol

  3. Refugnic Reply

    Put your faith and trust in him,
    like Zion, you shall stand.
    Untouchable by hurt and whim,
    now go! Heed my command!

    I order you, with holy chains,
    let go of our Sofia!
    Be gone, foul fiend, accept these reigns,
    In nomine Maria!

    N-no, my grip, I’m torn away!
    So close, how could I fail?!
    You cursed mage, who joined the fray!
    I won’t go back to jail!

    I must resist, must fight this power,
    my fun is not yet done!
    Not quite yet done, my tarnished flower!
    A scream…and he is gone.

    Exhausted, lost, the fight is done.
    And gone, the snake-head’s light.
    At ease now, Kasper. Fight is won.
    Filip has sealed the blight.

    Alas, my dear, it only starts,
    your road to beg for pardon.
    They question is, is in their hearts,
    a wasteland? Or a garden?

  4. Someone silly Reply

    Loving these series. The story, worldbuilding, characters, humor, artstyle, everything. I hope it will have a continuation TwT

  5. David Merkel Reply

    Psalm 125, verse 1 — ah, does the Bible exist in this story? Indeed beautiful, as the pilgrims head to Jerusalem to celebrate one of the three feast days. That verse comes the sixth of the Psalms of Ascent (120-134), where the worshippers have to ascend to Jerusalem on Mount Zion. We sing this Psalm at our congregation.

    • NotImportant Reply

      Yep, and all the spells are taken (with modifications) from an existing grimoire – The Key of Solomon.

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