Such drama! If you wish to see the next page already you can do it on Patreon: Next page or wait another week. It’ll be the last one from this scene and we’ll move to the battle aftermath then, count the survivors and the dead ლ(o◡oლ)

I’m at my parents’ house now, trying to relax a little after the last minute move-out. I’ll probably still be participating in TWC doodle challenge this week since I didn’t have the time to think up any new episodes of the extra comic. But looking at January I’ve made a lot of sketches this month and there was a drawing practically every day – be it a new vote incentive from the extra comic or a doodle. Missed those? Check my Twitter or Patreon, everything’s there! I feel proud of this month, mostly because it was hard for me.

Grab another video and I hope to see you later on Twitter, with some fun doodles! (ノ・∀・)ノ

18 comments on “Incoming”

  1. NiWo21k Reply

    Oh Robert dont get to distracted – how can you not see this big demon wich is on direct collision course with you…..

    Again (like i said on patreon) its realy great seeing all these different types of demons and always looking forward what you will show next. Its realy sad, that in most media in the last years – when there are more monsters in the story – most of them are just copy and paste and nothing realy unique anymore (ok not every story, but most of them).

  2. Refugnic Reply

    Whelp…time to see if her spell actually worked.
    Oh, she should better pull him inside, so he’ll actually get protected by the barrier instead of getting turned to demon chow just on her doorstep.
    That’d bite.

    • SKy Reply

      That seems to be exactly what happens in the last panel. I’m predicting a very confused demon for next page.

      • Refugnic Reply

        I believe you meant to say ‘confounded’, not ‘confused’. ;P

        Though, after checking the word with my online dictionary (you know, to prevent a humiliation like that other time where I didn’t check back), it offered me an interesting additional meaning I was not aware of.

        Apparently there is the phrase ‘Confound you’, which translates to ‘go to hell’, which gives the spell an entirely new dimension of awesome if it works. 😀

        …though technically Rob is about to cross that barrier too…I know, he isn’t exactly ‘persecuting her’…but does the magic know that too? 😉

      • antrik Reply

        You think the magic is as bad at reading people’s intentions as the protagonists? 😉

  3. Zero Reply

    Hm….something must be wrong if Ada’s pulling Robert out of harm’s way. Also, hard to miss that “oh crap” look on his face.

    • Skygaurd101 Reply

      Yup, that red marinara spaghetti sauce getting everywhere and on everything/ everyone with that hard monzerella cheese mixed in as well, and don’t forget that ground up meat in the sauce. (pretty much he gets turned into a cloud of red mist and chunks… Lol)

    • NotImportant Reply

      Hahaha sorry! It all goes for the serwer and ads for Replay to grow, if it’s any consolation ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  4. Skygaurd101 Reply

    We can see where this goes to, RIP dood.
    what if she tries to bring him back to life when he dies (if that even happens) with demonic magic or something else… Then he becomes like f*****g half demon or something else, sh*t that would be nice or cool I gues… If that happen, a few panels are dedicated to that or something… I Don’t know… still be cool if that happens, but if it doesn’t eh.

    • NotImportant Reply

      That’s a cool idea! They’d need a freezer, though,to keep his body in, until they find the proper spell D:

  5. NiWo21k Reply

    Havent seen it until now, but its great to see your Nina & Filip drawing you did for the TWC Valentines Contest so prominent on their Site 🙂
    Even with the (in my eyes) chaotic site it realy stands out – again great work 🙂

  6. Doom Reply

    NI, thank you for the various sketches you’ve been sharing on Twitter recently. Laura’s antics are amusing and Nina is adorable. My favorite of course is the Ada packing sketch for obvious reasons: Ada is a beautiful lady. I still want to be Ada’s girlfriend! Always in favor of seeing more Ada.
    I’m amused by the grey tail sticking out of Ada’s luggage. Definitely wouldn’t want to forget to bring her best friend with her!

    • NotImportant Reply

      Ahh very happy you enjoy them! 😀 Thank you for letting me know, I’m sometimes wonder if my doodles are any fun, it’s very nice to hear a comment like that <3

  7. Klorix Camp dweller Reply

    Robert, what are you doing? Pay attention to your task!
    Although I do understand that looking at Ada is a lot more enjoyable than a large toothy dino-demon. But you need to survive! How will you repopulate anything if you’re dead?

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