Here comes the shine

Wouldn’t be so sure yet, Ada, but at least you got it to shine. And attract everything in the vicinity ლ(o◡oლ)
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TopWebComics will be hosting a doodle challenge this week, posting a silly prompt every day and encouraging the artists to draw a quick sketch. I plan to take part in the challenge so if you wish to see Replay’s characters in various situations or answering some questions you should check the Tweeter box under the comic daily or follow me! I’d be very happy and I hope it will be a fun week of sketches. I also wanted a short break from the extra comics since I need to gather some ideas for them. So you’ll get daily doodles instead (ノ・∀・)ノ

Life got super hectic because we need to move out in a week, yikes! I still haven’t heard from the embassy so no news to share about that… I’ll probably let you guys know on Tweeter when I finally know something.

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40 comments on “Here comes the shine”

  1. Gypsy Reply

    HOW DO YOU ALWAYS DO SUCH BEAUTIFUL ART! And the panel layout always flows so well! Ugh!

  2. NiWo21k Reply

    I like seeing a happy Ada, even if it is only for a second 🙂

    I like the glowing effects on this page, and also how everyone is looking at it in a surprised way and are for a moment taken away from all what is happening outside – and also still seeing Sofia, Laura, Nina and Filip.

    And isnt it always in real life so, that when something happens, everything comes at once – but you will accomplish it 😉

  3. SKy Reply

    That girl looks a bit too excited considering what she thinks is happening includes their tent turning into a literal shining beacon… xD

  4. Zero Reply

    I can’t help but feel that once someone besides Robert realizes that Ada can use magic, things are gonna go south really fast.

      • SKy Reply

        Red hair, witch marks (freckles), a strong attitude, not fitting social standards, kind of a loner… If this were the middle ages she wouldn’t even need to use actual magic…

        • JW Reply

          But she’d need a lot of (bad) luck. Because witch hunting/burning was actually quite rare. And even more-so in the middle-ages than the centuries after it.

          • Dragon Master

            Yeah, IIRC hanging, drowning and crushing were more common than burning. They also were occasions of being left to die of exposure or used as a sacrifice to appease “God” or some monster or other that was plaguing the town.

      • antrik Reply

        Since we are here brining in historical facts, I’d like to point out that AFAIK, the witch hunts actually had very little to do with how someone looked; but rather were a practical means of eliminating influential sceptics, in times when the Church was loosing it’s grip on society…

  5. Ooorah Reply

    This is so cool! I am loving the magic. Ada’s feelings about getting it to work are so realistic, and really come through.

  6. JW Reply

    Congrats on getting the visa!
    Be careful not to get eaten (because that’s what happens with happy cookies 😛 ).

  7. NiWo21k Reply

    Hey just read you got your visa – congrats 🙂
    Hope you will have a great time there and i hope to read some stories 😀

  8. Adriano Reply

    “Oh hey, Robert! Funny thing, I forgot you’re outside. You can’t enter the protection circle anymore, now. I’m sorry. It was cool knowing you.”

  9. Dragon Master Reply

    Hey NI, I had an suggestion/request for you for the Valentine’s sketch on Top Web Comics if it’s not too late. I personally would like to see more of Filip and Nina. You and others have already done a bunch of stuff with Robert and Ada, but not as much with the minor side characters.

    • NotImportant Reply

      Sure! I’ll draw more of them if time allows. It’s kind of hectic with the move out coming closer and closer but I’ll keep the request in mind! And hey, I’m glad you like them… :’) Nina is my personal favorite in this story <3

  10. Doom Reply

    Congratulations on your visa, NotImportant! I wish you good fortune in finding gainful employment that feels rewarding, is appropriately compensated, and leaves plenty of free time for entertainment and relaxation.

    • Rateus Camp dweller Reply

      Hopefully he can get back in because he’s not a demon. I’d assumed this was a selective protective barrier. You could be write though!

  11. thebombzen Reply

    The Hebrew is backward on this page, apparently, which is interesting because in Ada’s notes the Hebrew was in the correct direction.

    • NotImportant Reply

      How did I even achieve that… Thanks for letting me know! It’s ok in the pentacle in the spells section too so it’s only here that it’s flipped =_=

      • thebombzen Reply

        I reread this and now I can’t find where it was backward. Did you do a hotfix of this? :O

          • thebombzen

            This is why we don’t let Robert do QA. We should leave the magic proofreading to Ada next time

  12. Klorix Camp dweller Reply

    Nina: surprised; Sofia: anxious; panel 4 girl: in awe.
    All have their eyes and mouths wide open (ok, I’m assuming Sofia has), yet all express different emotions. I love it.

    I also watched your page 82 video just now. Soooo many details! This is fu… freckles awesome. How can you even do a single page every week?!

    • Klorix Camp dweller Reply

      Damn, so late again! I was supposed to go to bed an hour ago.

    • NotImportant Reply

      I’m starting to assume I’m just masochistic or something -_-
      Glad you enjoy! Hearing that kind of comments makes it worth it <3

  13. Duskwing888 Reply

    The writing’s in Hebrew! that’s so cool! and I can read it and understand what she’s doing! good job at least it isn’t just scribbles!

    • NotImportant Reply

      Nah, scribbles would be no fun! And please let me know if I happen to do something wrong, I try to be careful but mistakes happen and not many people here can spot the ones in Hebrew haha 😀

  14. antrik Reply

    Would have to be very special fluorescent paint, to start shining all at once. Would have to be… Almost magic! 😉

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