It’s raining meat again!

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I’ve got some news, actually. Both my phone and my computer have spontaneously decided to die last Friday. They must have been plotting behind my back. Physics says that there are no zero-probability events, so I shouldn’t be so surprised, but it still strikes me as odd. Hm. Regardless, I’m stuck with my tiny surface and have to spend a lot of unexpected $$$ on devices. I hate buying devices. And moving files. And setting up things. Such a waste of time, seriously. I hope it won’t affect the comic but if it does – well, I think my excuse is pretty solid.

Apart from this unfortunate turn of events, I started querying my first novel! So I’m searching for literary agents that take adult fantasy and please keep your fingers crossed. It will take months before I know anything because it usually takes an agent a month or three to even reply to a query. By 2022 I won’t have any fingernails to chew on anymore!

From reading, I started The Inheritance of Orquídea Divina, which sounds pretty interesting, and Terminal Boredom: Stories (not sure about this one yet).

Also, it’s October, and I still managed to get sunburned yesterday. Must be my vampire roots or something. This week has been full of unexplainable pains.

10 comments on “Desperation”

  1. Winged Kitsune Reply

    Man, even that busted up, Rob is still protecting her. That’s a tough dude right there.

    Course, he’s gotta be suffering from blood loss right about now…It’s amazing he could even see straight to kill that monster.

  2. Alex Reply

    It’s good that his aim is good enough that he didn’t hit Ada with one of these shots.

  3. Sabreur Reply

    I realize this is a serious page, but the author’s comment made me laugh. Especially the “again!”

  4. HKMaly Reply

    “Both my phone and my computer” … Both? There lies your problem, you should have more :-).

    But otherwise, yeah … I don’t like buying devices, especially the part where I must decide to compromise because the thing I want is simply not available. And it takes so much time. My computer died 4.5 months ago and I STILL didn’t configured everything as well as it was before.

  5. Refugnic Reply

    And there it is, the needed save,
    the Deus ex has come.
    No time for hurt, time to be brave,
    “It’s meat time, everyone!”

    And now, at last, the battle’s done,
    Now please, please let me rest.
    For all the strength I had is gone,
    for you, I’ve done my best.

    No more spells and no more tears,
    I made them go away.
    No more worries, no more fears,
    the world is growing gray.

    Let me rest, please, let me rest,
    for I have bled for you.
    And took care of this darn day’s pest,
    it’s more than I can chew.

    Now limp I fall, like armor’s sleeve,
    just wait for me to fade.
    Done all I can, no please, don’t leave,
    just end me with your blade.

    Don’t leave me, please, don’t make me suffer,
    until death fine’ly comes.
    Don’t leave me here, don’t make this rougher,
    I always loved you tons.

    What do you say, you darned old fool,
    and don’t you dare to die!
    That sacrifice was way too cool,
    your act I do not buy!

    Just you wait, I’ve got the thing,
    to get you to your feet.
    And don’t you dare to pull a ring,
    or to death I’ll make you bleed!

      • Refugnic Reply

        I find that rather unlikely.
        I would opt for a caring moment, as she stills the bleeding, removing the shards of glass and bandaging his wounds though.
        Occasionally calling him a stupid idiot, while we’re at it.

  6. Crestlinger Reply

    He slices! He dices! It’s Robert’s Cat’s Eye Slash!

    That’s Two things author: equipment and sunburn. These come in threes, be wary.

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