Out like a light


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My new pc has already arrived! I spent part of the weekend setting everything up but I think I’m done. I have a huge screen now: from 17″ to 27″. I guess I’ll go even blinder haha… Oh well, hopefully this one will last at least as long as the previous laptop. I bought a pc this time too, so it’ll be easier to exchange parts. The only issue is that I still only have a Japanese keyboard because I accidentally ordered the US layout one for a Mac -_-‘ Will need to return that I guess…

Anyway! If you’re curious about my querying adventures then there’s no update. Agents reply after 4-12 weeks so it’ll be a while before I get all those rejections haha! For now I just keep sending people my pitch and keeping my fingers crossed. I also wrapped up editing for my next novel and sent it to beta readers – a big milestone! Hopefully they like it, or at least know how to make the story better. We shall see! And so, since I’m querying one book, another is in beta-readers’ hands, I started another story today. It’s supposed to be kinda funny. I wonder if I can be funny at all… Maybe I’ll go for a Venom-style funny. Who knows. I barely started.

I’m still reading The Inheritance of OrquΓ­dea Divina but I liked the beginning way more than I like the midpoint. We’ll see… I’m a bit skeptical now.

And I’m wrapping the last assets for Historia. We’re thinking of maybe releasing an early version for patrons, hoping to get some more feedback before the official release. Nothing sure yet, but if you played the first chapter and would be keen to beta-read the second part, let me know!

18 comments on “Out like a light”

  1. Alex Reply

    Wow, you’re on a roll when it comes to writing stories. 3 books, one game and one comic. I’ll have to assume that some of that is recreational for you or else you’ll burn yourself out soon.

    @comic: And now we’ll find out if this is anime-like enough to give Ada extra powers via going through intense trauma.

    • NotImportant Reply

      Well it’s not like anyone is forcing me to make all this. It’s what I always wanted to do. It’s just that it makes almost no money, so I can’t live this way. Or I at least don’t know how. I suck at marketing and social media drive me mad, so building an audience that can support my dream is pretty much impossible. So I do it all after work~ That’s my idea of “fun” πŸ˜€

      • Alex Reply

        Well who doesn’t “suck” at marketing on the internet? When I was a kid we had literally no internet at all and I’m not all that old, I’m 38. The net is new to everyone and it has its own rules of marketing and it evolves so fast. I’m very happy that I can compare the before-times to the times where almost all the knowledge of the world is at my fingertips and just a Google search away. Its no wonder that free Gacha games are so popular when you had to pay more than 100 bucks for an NES game just a few decades ago, because compared to NES, those Gacha games look stunning.
        Also, we used to have Project Wonderful for comic creators and advertisers to come together, then Facebook absorbed the revenue just like big companies always do to win against small ones, but now Kemono Cafe exists despite that.
        We have the powerful gaming company Steam, but they take 30% of each purchase, so itch.io got created with the crazy business model of letting creators freely choose the size of itch’s cut (it can even be 0%).

        Everything changes and evolves insanely fast, so who can really call themselves an expert in marketing on the internet? How is anyone supposed to know what’s right?

        And last but not least, there is a truckload of artists out there. Otherwise being 5 on TWC would yield more viewers.

        Anyway, I hope writing will continue to be fun for you because I like reading your stories. πŸ™‚

        • NotImportant Reply

          Thank you kindly πŸ˜€ I don’t think I’ll stop writing anytime soon, and I’m lucky to have a good job to pay my bills so as long as you guys are okay with my slow tempo I’ll keep making stuff!

  2. Dan Reply

    Wow. The most intense page yet in a not-exactly-relaxing series. We already know that characters die off, so –

  3. Refugnic Reply

    To be sung to tune of the German song ‘Der gute Kamerad’.

    I once did have a comrade, and I fear he died for me.
    Was too weak, he took the blow,
    To save him, I was to slow.
    And now I fear he’s free. (And now, I fear he is free).

    Won’t wake, as I call his name out, so much blood is everywhere.
    Will not open his kind eyes,
    my weakness was his demise,
    Don’t die, this isn’t fair. (Don’t die, this is not fair.)

    Why did you just have to save me? Why did you jump in harms way?
    No more life in his limp body,
    my spells now seem all shoddy,
    just where’d I go astray? (Just where’d I go astray?)

    Don’t you know, he needs some healing, without him, I cannot last.
    Cannot save him on my own.
    Does he stand before your throne?
    Oh father, help me fast. (Oh father, help me fast.)

    • NotImportant Reply

      I wanted to paste a broken heart icon but it seems it doesn’t work with the stupid WordPress form. Beautiful poem/song Refugnic!

      • Refugnic Reply

        There’s always still the Discord server. A splendid place for all the broken hearts you need. πŸ™‚

        Also, the song predates my entire existence for a good while, so I definitely can neither take credit for the melody or the message. I only slapped a new text on something that was a good fit before I even came to be. πŸ™‚

  4. yggdrasil75 Reply

    when the site loaded, the image didnt at first. I saw the title and oopsies and thought something bad happened irl. then the image loaded

  5. HKMaly Reply

    Weren’t you trying to not attract attention of more monsters with loud sounds just a moment ago?

  6. Winged Kitsune Reply

    Well, if she can teleport him back to the camp, and get him help fast enough his odds of survival will improve.

    Though, that’s assuming she’s thinking rationally right now.

  7. KaTaai Reply

    What a point in the comic to get up to date at. I really like it thank you for writing and drawing it and I’ve added the rss feed πŸ˜€

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