Reaching hearts

You caught someone else, Nina dear.

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I didn’t have much time to do anything this week. I felt like I needed extra sleep, not even sure why. But I had a nice weekend in the mountains (we went hiking!) and even risked an onsen, so I feel like my brain has been properly reset over the last two days~ It was refreshing, I haven’t been to the mountains in a while so it felt amazing. Some photos: link.

Have you guys seen Wanda Vision? We watched it over the weekend and I’m not sure what to feel. I think I didn’t really like it. Avengers x Truman show, really… And the whole idea for the villain felt off to me. I’m not even going to start on the technical details (physicists get migraines from watching marvel movies I’m sure). Anyway, I’ll probably resume reading now. I still haven’t finished my journey to Sarantium.

See you guys next week and thanks for reading! 🙂 This is the end of Nina’s scene for the time being!

8 comments on “Reaching hearts”

  1. Crestlinger Reply

    He had best get used to wearing that amulet 24/7 now. Would be an interesting conversation if he had a talk with her about exactly Who tipped him off that she was in trouble.

  2. Refugnic Reply

    Ah yes, that’s right, I did forget.
    That promise that we made.
    I guess I owe him quite a debt,
    for coming to my aid.

    My charming fool, still love him so,
    with all his faults and quirks.
    And yet, it feels I barely know,
    just how this man here works.

    I tried to reach, to touch your heart,
    with all I’ve said and done.
    For you’re my greatest piece of art,
    that I’ve ever begun.

    And now you kneel, a humbled man,
    we’re truly a strange pair.
    Remember how it all began?
    No, this world’s just not fair.

    We laugh and smile, yet hurt within,
    how strange we are indeed,
    the best thing fades, and I just grin,
    and listen to you plead.

    ‘Still the best I’ve ever had!’,
    ”That bar was really low.’
    That I’ve met you, I’m so glad.
    How I feel, I cannot show.

    Their hearts are not the only ones,
    whose beating’s bittersweet.
    He changed his lab for smoking guns,
    and now feels obsolete.

    Poor old Stefen in his tent,
    forgotten and alone.
    This life of ours is for rent,
    how much must he atone?

    Those he knew and those he cherished,
    all gone now from this Earth.
    And now his anchor almost perished,
    now fakes it with great mirth.

    If only he could tell her straight,
    the feelings deep within.
    But this, he knows, is not his fate.
    And it’s never been.

      • Alex Camp dweller Reply

        Me too!

        The last line ‘and it’s never been’ is a bit of rhythmic and tonal brilliance – keep up the good work both of you 😉

    • JW Reply

      Well, it’s not really his fault they started talking in front of the tent he’s in.
      And given what happened the last time Filip talked to Nina, I could even excuse him intentionally listening in, if I thought that was what he was doing.

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