The old promise

They have a backstory, but it would take me a year to draw it so… maybe as a side-story, one day, when I can quit my job and just make stories for a living lol

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News! I’ve just finished the second revision of the fantasy story I mentioned before – the one with the jungle, drums, magic, and monsters lurking in dreams. I had to change a bunch of things since the initial draft and I think this version is better, we’ll see what my trusty alpha-reader says haha… I’ll be reading through it next so if I’m extra salty under the next page you can just assume that my new book is crap :’D

What else: I also finished a very nice CG for Historia today, although I hoped to draw more this week. Well, sometimes it can’t be helped. I overworked my arm last year when drawing this game so I need to be careful now. But we’re moving forward with the project, despite some hurdles and life going in the way (as it always does).

Enjoy the page guys, and thanks for reading this silly comic of mine, I really appreciate your presence and the comments 🙂

15 comments on “The old promise”

  1. Refugnic Reply

    At long last, the truth revealed,
    beneath emotions was concealed,
    a promise made in times of need,
    when eyes turned black and noses bleed.

    Yes, I care, did you forget?!
    That precious time you made me fret.
    Even beat that guy for you,
    I was sick of seein’ you blue!

    So I became your man instead,
    ‘My studies first’ is what I said.
    I understand it hurts, I’m sorry.
    To cause you pain and make you worry.

    But this is what I need to do.
    So you see, it’s me, not you.
    I want you to be safe and happy,
    to be cheerful, bright and peppy.

    You’re the best thing in my life.
    for you I fight, endure this strife.
    And yes, for you, I must now part,
    and for you, must break my heart.

    So please forgive this damn old fool,
    and do refrain from makin’ me drool.
    All that’s left’s my love for you,
    So please, my dear, stop being blue.

    But how, my dear, can this be right?
    How’s breaking up helping you fight?
    ‘Magic’ you say, but what’s that mean?
    That, my dear, must yet be seen.

    But I must try, accept that much,
    albeit I’ll long your gentle touch.
    I hope, once all this done and over,
    come back to me, my four-leaf clover.

  2. killerog Camp dweller Reply

    Wow, that’s (or was) a really intense relationship. It makes his decision a bit more understandable, but still not acceptable at all.

    • Rycan Reply

      If anything, it makes his decision even less acceptable – Nina seems to be unable to function outside of a relationship, and Filip seems to already understand this. While this doesn’t mean that Filip is obligated to stay by Nina’s side, it does mean that he should have realized just how much tact and care this situation called for.

      • JW Reply

        In his defense, he’s an idiot.

        What do you mean, that’s not a defense?

    • Alex Reply

      Yeah, I agree. He should’ve given her a warning that her sexiness intervenes with his studies and remind her of the promise, and only if she hadn’t heeded it then he could have cancelled it. That would’ve been a sensible, reasonable, no-drama way of preventing the conflict. But then the demons would’ve gotten the task of killing her, because we can’t have no drama. 😉

      • NotImportant Reply

        She was aware that “he can’t do magic”. He wasn’t keeping it a secret. But if you don’t want to listen, you sometimes just don’t hear, and end up connecting the wrong dots~

        • NoriMori Reply

          But he communicated poorly regardless. The idea that she didn’t understand because she “didn’t want to listen” is kind of moot, because you can’t expect anyone, regardless of their intelligence or willingness to listen, to just magically understand something that you don’t make any effort to properly explain.

  3. Sleel Reply

    All I hear is a shit making excuses for kicking someone to the curb. Then making excuses for it. Cause it’s to fucking hard to say WHY. Just toss them like trash. Cause ‘you care’. That’s some caring.

  4. Bloody Baron Reply

    I’m torn. Cus on one hand he definitely handled this shittily, and hurt Nina something fierce. Especially considering he did this in the middle of the apocalypse, when solidarity and emotional support are needed most.

    On the other hand, I can kinda understand that moment of “magic and every fantasy I’d ever imagined would come true, or my love life.” As a hard choice to make.

    Again. He made it in a shitty way, and maybe this is a sign my own mental state is fucked, or I’ve got middle schooler syndrome, but I can get why it’s a decision he’s making.

    Here’s hoping both of them end up happy in the end.

    • JW Reply

      I’d like to think it’s not just the allure of magic, but also that having magic will increase his, and the whole group’s, survival.

      • Bloody Baron Reply

        That’s possible. But it’s also a toss up.

        Cus if it was just for the group’s survival he could take sword lessons.

        But it’s clear his passion (and to an extent his talent) lies with research and study of the magic texts.

        Cus he’s done a lot without being able to actively cast (like finding that puppet spell)

        So it’s questionable if being the one to do the magic changes much as far as the group is concerned.

        • JW Reply

          All things being equal it might not make much of a difference. But if all their usual spell-casters are disabled or unavailable somehow, it would be really, really nice to have an extra one.
          The smaller the group, the more important that people can fill multiple roles.

          Which also means he really should learn sword fighting. Cause ritual magic is pretty useless when there’s a demon in your face not giving you the time to cast a spell.

  5. Crestlinger Reply

    And after this if it turns out he’s crud at ritual magic anyways All good. Certainly test Both of them either way and confirm that She is not a pro at it. Have Julia weigh in on this as well as they may excel at other types.

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