A wake up slap

I bet some of you would want to contribute a slap as well.

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For those who are still upset at Filip – more will be said about this later on. For now, we’ll let Stefen continue on his little journey, Patreon patrons already had the pleasure of seeing what unfolds! Also, if you have missed them, it’s worth it to scroll through my latest Patreon posts to see a bunch of cute sketches I posted! There’s Sofia too 😀 And yeah, you don’t need to be a patron to see them, they’re visible for everyone.

What’s new… I’m working on Historia of course and started working on actual assets instead of just sketches. I’ll be posting the progress on LucidA96’s Patreon page that we’ve just set up last week. We didn’t want to post stuff on the blog because it might be a bit spoilery.

From my personal life – not much is going on, we’re still petty much stuck at home and reluctant to go outside. They don’t test many people in Japan so it’s hard to really judge the spread of the virus and the level of actual danger… More and more people are getting sick though and we kind of lost hope that our friends from Poland will be able to come and visit in November. Still, pandemic or not my fiance finally decided it’s time to move on and will be switching his job in three weeks. So there’s a bit of stress and a bit of excitement, we also weren’t sure if we won’t need to change the apartment but it seems it’ll be fine for the time being.

I hope you guys are doing well and thank you so much for the votes on TWC! It really helps Replay get some more readers so please, please spare a moment and click that button! Thanks a bunch!

13 comments on “A wake up slap”

  1. Refugnic Reply

    Don’t be sorry, be better,
    get your act back together!
    Take the hurt you now feel,
    go back and do kneel!

    Don’t go wasting my time,
    while I’m still in my prime!
    If you don’t want her gone,
    and still think you’re the one.

    Now I’ll go and move on,
    take your pick before dawn.
    If you don’t work it out…
    I guess you did like that clout?

    And if you don’t get together,
    through storm and bad weather,
    I’ll gladly comfort her,
    and try to make her purr.

    • Alex Reply

      I saw this yesterday minutes after the upload and gotta say that your speed is insane.

      • Refugnic Reply

        I just got lucky to have been around when the page dropped.
        Besides, it’s not a super elaborate analysis of the situation or anything.
        It’s just a poem. 🙂

        As for my speed…compared to the madness I’ve seen elsewhere (where the first comments pop up seconds after the page gets posted) I’m slow. 😉

  2. Crestlinger Reply

    Considering his current situation would he be viable to be able to cast stuff now?
    A few words with Julia might yield some unexpected results….

  3. Doom Reply

    Something that occurs to me: our camp of survivors is low on eligible bachelors.

    Robert is focused on Ada. Other girls would have a difficult time catching his eye.
    Filip just swore off dating in favor of magic.
    Stefen is much older than our girls. Might be a decent choice for a girl who likes older boys, not a good catch for a girl who wants a boy her own age.
    Kasper is strong, kind, good at protecting his sister. The only unambiguously good choice in the lot.

    All our girls deserve love. Right now it doesn’t look like we have enough worthwhile boys for that.

      • Alex Reply

        Well, there’s gotta be some room for head-canons that include Gary-Stus. 😉
        It could go something like “Hey guys, so glad I found you, may I join? I haven’t eaten in days aside from that one sandwich I found lying in the dirt. It was kinda soggy and dirty, but it still tasted really great. Whoever made this must’ve poured all their heart into it. Shame on the one who threw it away in these times of scarce food, but I won’t be mad since it helped me out a lot.” 😛

        Yes, the prose is horrible, but head-canons don’t require any writing skill whatsoever. ^^

    • JW Reply

      Yeah, but she doesn’t want better, she wants him.
      I guess the only solution is for him to become better.

  4. Dragon Master Reply

    LOL poor Stefen, he’s totally going “Why am I the one who has to deal with this shit?”

  5. WitUnderPressure Camp dweller Reply

    Alt text reminds me of something my friend told me: “don’t be sorry. Just don’t do it again.”

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