It still hurts

Oh, oh!…

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This was quite a busy week at work! Those who visit my Discord might have seen some glimpses of me complaining about various weird issues haha~ Over the weekend I was investigating moving Replay to a managed solution (right now I just own a server but it’s a lot of work to maintain properly, work which I don’t do because I’m too lazy, so I decided to move it). I set everything up but still want to change some things while there’s no traffic to the new version. We’ll probably switch it sometime next month.

Please enjoy the comic, I hope you like the more painterly feel of this page. It looks extra pretty without the speech bubbles but I guess only $10+ patrons can see that. Ah, speaking about Patreon… they’re changing something in how they calculate taxes and what not? I honestly don’t know how it’s going to work, the settings are all weird. Keep an eye on your pledges so that you don’t end up getting charged more than you wish to be!

And how are you guys doing? Japan is slowly opening up and trying to revive the economy, we’ll see how that goes. I won’t need to go back to the office, it’s not recommended and nobody from my team wants to go there so there’s no point. I honestly don’t even watch the news about the pandemic. I don’t have the emotional capacity to deal with this. Too many family issues at the moment, completely unrelated to covid (death + cancer x 2 in a single month). My brain is tired. I’m no longer able to react to any sad news, I have closed my ears and hid in a thick shell of apathy and disbelief. Those are difficult times indeed.

To end on a positive note… Do I have anything positive to say, I wonder… I’m doing okay? I’m drawing whenever I find a moment, dreaming about maybe going back to hiking sometime soon and eating lots of donuts. Not fat yet. We’re doing very long walks with my fiance (30km or so, although we didn’t go anywhere this week since he wasn’t feeling too well). My fiance watched My Hero Academia recently (I half-watched it while drawing) but I have no opinion. Some parts were funny, some were cute, I don’t like how shallow the world-building is but I like some of the characters. I also watched BNA (it’s good!) and Weathering with You (stupid title translation…) which was really nice.

Well, that’s it from me. Now let me go back to fighting with Photoshop. It stopped understanding what a drawing tablet is after I updated the drivers, sighhh….

17 comments on “It still hurts”

  1. Refugnic Reply

    Tears are shed, they wet the soil,
    a tortured heart, lost in turmoil.
    Stand strong, dear child, and listen now,
    lest you become some demon chow.

    Meanwhile, elsewhere, another place,
    two friends walk now, a different pace.
    ‘It works, I’m sure! Of course it will.’
    ‘The chicken lives, so now, just chill!’

    Yet unrest stirs in Robert’s heart,
    he long regrets, to be a part,
    of this here Ada’s gambit, scheme,
    yet here he stands, her knight, his queen.

    ‘The chicken lives, I’m sure it works,’
    while tears still fall from waterworks.
    Two worlds, two fates, two pairs on trial,
    One full of hope…one in denial.

  2. Nialith Private Reply

    I can’t imagine how long it took to create the backgrounds but wow…amazing. The grasses look straight up like a photo.

    • NotImportant Reply

      It’s actually pretty fast. Drawing nature is easy because you can ‘fake’ the details. As long as you pick your colors and lights well it’ll look plausible. Architecture is much much more time consuming… Too many straight lines. So this was way faster than the city backgrounds during the recent flashback.

  3. Alex Reply

    @mouse-over: No chicks were damaged? I can see someone who would disagree. 😉

    • Refugnic Reply

      To (freely) quote a character from ‘Star Ocean – Till the end of time’ (can’t even remember her name…): “While I do appreciate you thinking of me as ‘hot’, I would appreciate it, if you would refrain from referring to me as ‘chick’.”

      (Response to overhearing that one guy whispering about ‘the hot chick that wants them to work for her’…to be noted, she was halfway down the hallway, yet still understood every single word, prompting the immediate response: ‘Scary…’)

      Besides, the mouse over text specifically states ‘chicken’, not ‘chicks’. 😉

      • Refugnic Reply

        Wasn’t the signature move of a chicken the ability to keep on running around (for a little while), even though the head has been chopped off already?

        I believe, in that regard, that there even was a demon who resembled a chicken more than Nina does. 😀

        • JW Reply

          Well, we haven’t seen Nina with her head chopped off yet. So it’s hard to say.

          • JW

            Definitely not. And if you already plotted her death I’m not taking the fall for it 😛

            I can see how it would work from a narrative perspective though. A distraught Nina runs outside of protective circle, gets killed, Filip finds out and regrets his stupidity and we end up with an angsty wizard trying to make up for losing the only woman he ever loved.

          • NotImportant

            Damn it, the manuscript must be circling around somewhere, you guys know way too much!

    • NotImportant Reply

      Yep. I moved the whole site so many other things might be broken. Will fix!

  4. Dragon Master Reply

    Well My Hero Academia’s world building gets deeper as the show goes on. It starts out kinda shallow and lighthearted to get hooked but by the time the latest season has ended there is a large world out there with incredibly huge horrifying darkness in there. I agree BNA was really coll and funny.
    Also the artwork on this page was amazing!

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