Wishing for redemption

I started to wonder if she’s even emotionally stable enough to go anywhere and especially to see the monsters again but then I realized that none of those people are actually emotionally stable. A bunch of hysterical, traumatized kids.

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I need to say, that 8 days of break, even during quarantine, is definitely not enough for me! I had grand plans and I’m moving forward nicely with what I set out to do during this time but I could make use of some more time, honestly. I bought a new tablet so I wat to draw a lot (I’ve been posting stuff on Discord but it’s the realistic style drawings, not Replay, so you guys might not be interested), and I still have some editing for Historia’s second path to do, and I wanted to watch through some online courses, and, and….! The list would probably not end too soon. Please, somebody, adopt me so that I don’t have to work and can just draw all day, thank you.

Speaking of Historia, though… I’ve finished the draft for the second path and it’s good! I like it, the main writer of the project likes it, my fiance likes it… It’s time to fix all those typos and grammar errors and throw it at the proofreaders! And then I’ll be sketching all the CGs and backgrounds and sprites and it’s going to be a very busy haha! If you liked Michelle in the first path you’re going to LOVE this one. And if you didn’t like her… you’ll start now, hopefully ;D Historia is still free, btw! So grab it and play if you haven’t yet. It’s a kinetic novel so you just click through and read a story + stare at my drawings.

Ok, gotta go back to editing… See you guys on Discord and in the comments!

32 comments on “Wishing for redemption”

    • Refugnic Reply

      Either that, or the ‘Replay’-spell, which I’ve been prophesying for a while now…you know, ‘A spell for a second chance’.
      But judging from her wording, I’m also guessing it’s a teleportation spell of some sort.

      Though I guess it could also be a barrier spell, though that won’t do much good…if anything, it’d put them into a ‘besieged’ position…and depending on where it happens, without the benefits of having water or food.

      So yeah, I’m kinda hoping it’s a ‘Return to camp’ spell. πŸ˜€

      • JW Reply

        I doubt it will be something as convenient as a teleportation spell.
        Maybe something to confuse enemies. An “invisibility” spell might be an option if that wasn’t already Stefen’s thing.

      • NotImportant Reply

        Come on, guys, you know which book of spells they have, it’s not that hard to check if you’re curious haha~ It’s all there, the whole arsenal!

        • JW Reply

          Don’t underestimate our laziness. It so much easier to speculate than look it up. πŸ˜‰

          • NotImportant

            Thanks to that I can enjoy reading your speculations I guess. I shouldn’t complain lol

      • T3hOgre Reply

        Spoiler Alert: I have it on special account it is a forged note reading: “To all Hallway Monitors, Demons, and General Nuisances, this note permits the bearer and one guest free access to the city to get weapons, spells, and camp beans. – Signed Adumb Lev-Icky. PS – No cat girls allowed as guests.”

    • strongest insect Reply

      it lets them use the joestar secret technique with 100% effectiveness

  1. Refugnic Reply

    Heh…she can act like she doesn’t care all she wants, but she still likes to hear that she’s being trusted and relied upon. πŸ˜€

    And who’s to blame her?
    I like feeling appreciated as well, after all.
    I think we all do, don’t we? πŸ™‚

    Ah yeah. ‘Just let it drop’?
    Honestly, I’d put ‘Just let it go’ in this context…there’s a reason why Elsa’s singing ‘Let it go’ and not ‘Let it drop’. πŸ˜€

    I wonder what Sofia and Kasper are going on about though.

      • JW Reply

        Come to think of it, Julia’s hair-color and braid make it look a bit similar to Elsa’s. The bangs and rest of the hairstyle’s quite different though.

      • Refugnic Reply

        Hmm…I had not come across this particular idiom before, to be honest.
        Should’ve consulted Google prior to opening my mouth, I guess. πŸ˜€

        I’ve heard ‘give it a rest’ before though, which might also apply here…though I’ve most often heard it being used in an ‘annoyed’ context.

        Though, considering the context, a ‘You understand, right?’ might also work. (Which would make it sound a bit as if Rob was trying to console a crying child, which is, all things considered, not all that far off the mark at this point).

      • T3hOgre Reply

        Two wrongs do not make a right. But usually to Margaritas do. – Frozen Joke.

  2. Refugnic Reply

    A sign of trust, spoken anew,
    a hidden blush below eyes so blue.
    Please don’t cry, I mean you no harm,
    yet what we need, is none of your charm.

    ‘Now please be safe’, a genuine plea.
    So maybe one day, we can all be free.
    From terror and danger for life and for limb,
    May the spell now improve, your chances so slim.

    • NotImportant Reply

      Nice!!! I really like this one, it fits so well and you managed to fit the whole page in.

      • Refugnic Reply

        Glad you like it. πŸ™‚
        That makes them 5 minutes well spent. πŸ˜€

      • T3hOgre Reply

        I envy this, Refugnic.
        This ability you have.
        To take thoughts, from a picture, and culture a salve.
        To give breath and meaning to words in such a short time.
        And have them fall together, in manner that sounds like the other.

        I’ll show myself out.

  3. Rateus Camp dweller Reply

    Oh thank goodness we’re back in the woods. The flashback was a bit much for me!

  4. The_Squished_Elf Reply

    Completely unrelated to plot, but the scene of everyone standing together feels very realistic. Like, those are all styles I can totally see real people wearing, with very realistic poses… It feels very well grounded. Good job. I can’t recall a drawing I’ve seen that 1. communicated character so effectively through body language and style for such a large group and 2. felt so natural.

    • NotImportant Reply

      Oh my, thank you! It was a pain to draw so I’m glad it was worth it!

      • Alex Reply

        I agree and I have a follow-up question:
        Were the people or the background harder to draw? Your backgrounds are always on a level I’ve only seen in video games like The Witcher 3 or from DeviantArtists who don’t draw entire comic pages each week, so I wonder if you have any assets you reuse for that or if you have to draw all those tiny little details from scratch all the time? In the latter case it would surprise me if the people were an even greater pain to draw. Is it because of an uncanny valley thing, i.e. having to do everything perfectly right when drawing people?

        As a programmer I have no knowledge about creating art, so some things end up being counter-intuitive to me. E.g. near the beginning of Not A Villain, the protagonist Kleya was carrying some books, which were a bunch of rectangles of different shapes and colors and Aneeka said that they were the hardest part to draw of the entire comic page. I inquired and she said it was because she didn’t have access to a ruler, while I thought “drawing rectangles is literally the only thing on that page that I can do, too, because there are functions for that in Paint or in PowerPoint”. The latter even allows for grouping and rotating objects.

        My mind was blown and now you might do it, too. πŸ™‚

        • NotImportant Reply

          Most camp backgrounds I just copy-paste. I’m lazy, I rarely need to paint something from scratch… Usually I just fake my way through those pages lol

          The book thing you mention seems bizarre… I don’t understand how those would be a problem. I hated painting books here: https://replaycomic.com/comic/not-yet/ but that’s because it’s super boring and there’s a lot of them and you need to color each one….

          I’m a programmer too and programmers gotta be lazy! So whenever I can stretch or blur or go away with any other old background modification – I’ll do it.

      • Alex Reply

        Okay, it’s a relief to hear that you know the art of copy-pasta, as any good programmer should. πŸ™‚
        The page from NAV is this one: http://navcomic.com/not-a-villain/page-05/
        The mouse-over text was what caused me to inquire. I admit they’re not standard rectangles, i.e. some lines are curvy, but I’d be able to do that with some lines and ellipses in ppt, while I’d be completely lost trying to draw faces, even simpler ones like on that page. I can’t even begin to imagine trying to draw a face multiple times in different poses so that people will recognize them as the same character. XD

        • NotImportant Reply

          Faces are a hassle to me as well hahah so I completely understand! The books however… no clue. It all depends on the definition of “forever” but compared to the faces, this couldn’t have taken more time….

        • Dragon Master Reply

          Well as the saying goes “The Chicken may cross the raaod, BUT NO ONE CROSSES THE CHICKEN!” xD

          • Dragon Master

            LOL typo and slightly missing content its supposed to be:
            β€œThe Chicken may cross the road, BUT NO ONE CROSSES THE CHICKEN!”
            Chickens are the Ultimate Lifeform! They just hide their superiority for their own amusement to watch us lower beings try to figure them out. A Chickens power is not to be underestimated. xD

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