Julia, you might want to calm down first.

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Hey everyone, I hope you’re still alive and well. A lot of comments went the covid way, I’m not going to stop you of course but remember that there are other things to think about too. Just, you know, for the same of your own mental health. I know people who spend all their free time reading Reddit theories about the virus and I don’t think it’s very healthy. As for me, I’m terrified that April is already ending, this year seems to be passing by in a flash. Probably because all days feel the same… My weekend was also extremely short (empirically) and I’m still very frustrated with that fact. It wasn’t very productive and I’m behind on a couple of things, sighhh… As a consolation, Golden Week is coming (8 consecutive days off for me, yay!) so maybe I’ll manage to be more productive starting Wednesday.

Stay well and enjoy the page! This drama won’t last long but some things just needed to be said~

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19 comments on “No”

  1. Crestlinger Reply

    Waiting for one of them (most likely Robert currently) to inadvertently cast something in a temper. Liking the list of defeated arguments Julia’s racking up on the left panels there. Biggest gun she has is what will the two of them do about having another double blackout vision.

  2. Noyb Reply

    interesting that the magic expert didn’t know what caused them to black out like that…

    • Refugnic Reply

      I’m still somewhat convinced, that the visions are the effect of a spell cast on the two of them exclusively…quite possibly from a different timeline, where the world was already long gone and turned into the red desert we’ve seen in the prologue.

      As for ‘how does Julia not know’…for the time being, as far as I know, Julia does not even know, that the two of them blacked out because of a vision.

      The official excuse was that they bumped their heads.

      Maybe she’d have an idea about which spell might be responsible, if she knew about the visions to begin with.
      But Rob and Ada don’t tell about that…as for why they don’t is anyone’s guess.

      My personal ones are:
      – They don’t trust Julia.
      – If people knew that those two black out randomly, they’d never be allowed to go anywhere ever again.
      – If people knew about the visions, Ada and Robert might end up being shunned as ‘freaks’ or worshiped as ‘oracles’…neither of which is desirable, if you ask me.

  3. Refugnic Reply

    Nobody is forcing you to stay anywhere, Julia.
    You’re free to go wherever you please…however, just like they cannot force you to stay, you cannot force them to let you come along with them.

    Also, what makes her think that they’ll run into Levicky?
    They’re only going ‘shopping’…it’s not like they’re setting out to storm the castle of the evil overlord.

    Seems like Sofia is finally remembering, that ‘going out there’ is a dangerous ordeal…not a walk in the park.
    Which reminds me…:)

    A walk in a park, this journey is not.
    a woman’s scorn, her denial has wrought.
    But why do you want to, oh Julia tell,
    go where thousands of people just recently fell?

    ‘Death lurks ahead,’ Robert does say,
    ‘It is too dangerous for you to walk on this way.’
    So why do you want to, oh Julia tell,
    return to this path, which leads only to hell?

    Thank you, I’ll see myself out now. 😀

  4. Alex Reply

    Am I the only one who had difficulties trying to read the dialog boxes in the correct order?
    Also what does Rob mean by “magic alone”? I thought that Ada could wield a sword as well.

    Julia should end up going with Sofia. 😀

    But personal drama and potential trust issues aside, if the camp is safe, then Julia should totally accompany Rob and Ada. Safety in numbers and all that.

    • Refugnic Reply

      That’s the point, Alex.

      Ada can use a sword, which is why she does not have to rely on ‘magic alone’.
      When bad comes to worse, she can still stab whatever is coming at them.

      Julia is assumed to ‘only’ be capable of using magic…so she’s good with barrier spells and what not, but she needs time to prepare these things…and try to draw a proper pentagram, when your knight constantly rushes all over the place, trying the demons from eating you. 🙂

      Where to though?
      To form a second scavenging party?
      That would be very unreasonable…

      Safety in numbers?
      That only works if you can actually trust those who are supposed to have your back…otherwise you’re only inviting one more (potential) enemy to the party…an enemy, who is in a great position to stab you in the back.

      Plus, mobility is key in this kind of scenario…if you are confined to a small area, because you need to actually PROTECT someone, you’re giving your enemy every chance to surround and overwhelm you.

      Of course this assumes that demons are capable of tactical thinking, but I certainly would not put it beyond them either…

      • Alex Reply

        Ohhhh, so Rob’s “magic alone” point was not in fact a response to her saying that she wants to go with Ada, but that she doesn’t need a sword. But why would her counterpoint to that be that Ada can stay, then? I guess I could always chalk it up to the discussion being heated and Julia therefore not being perfectly logical, but in that case Rob should’ve answered “What did I JUST say about magic alone? You no use sword, so you no leave camp. Now sit.”

        As for Julia and Sofia: I’m just saying that because I’ve seen Anime where the girls fight over who gets to go with the guy and they end up going together without him. XD

        Regarding safety in numbers: If Julia is convinced that she can fend for herself even without a sword, then I believe she is capable of doing more than slowly drawing circles. As for trust issues: If Julia were a traitor, she’d just stay in camp and kill everyone with some deadly magic or something. Also there’s nothing for her to gain as a traitor. She obviously is no longer by Levicky’s side and I don’t think that he sent her to inflitrate the group, because there’d be smarter ways to kill them off.

      • Refugnic Reply

        Yeah, I also believe, that Julia is not quite thinking straight on this matter.
        And Robert is getting fed up talking to her as if she was a disobedient child.

        …would there be?
        The barrier magic Ada is using prevents his usual henchmen to attack them again…anyone with hostile intent would be deflected.
        Furthermore, Adam still appears to have a thing for Ada…assuming that the first pages of the prologue are anything to go by that is…which means that ‘Just killing them all’ is not an option.

        Now, the interesting thing here is the ‘anyone with hostile intent’…now, I have no proof whatsoever for this claim, but Julia might not even be aware of the role Adam wants her to play.

        If nothing else, she could have been sent to disrupt the dynamic of the group…make Sofia jealous, drive Robert and Ada apart, etc…most notably the latter would be very beneficial for Adam’s schemes, because what is a witch without her knight?
        Easy prey, that’s what.

        But he can’t just openly kill him either, because that would drive Ada even further away from him.
        Now, how could someone like Ada be swayed to join the dark side?

        Quite potentially by being betrayed and left by the person she liked the most.

      • Alex Reply

        Okay, I guess there could be a number of trust issues with Julia, then. But if I were Adam, I’d be patient enough not to gamble away my high priest, because he was a politician and those tend to be smart and very capable of thinking ahead, at least regarding their personal goals. So, if he’s enough of an evil genius, there might be a scheme that involves Julia being an unsuspecting puppet, but I don’t think she’s Adam’s willing subordinate.

        But currently I’m mainly hoping for a word of god regarding my difficulties with the dialog order. 🙂

    • NotImportant Reply

      The order is a bit messy on purpose so that it feels like it’s a heated discussion and they talk over each other.

      There’s no safety in numbers, they had a camp full of people and most of them are dead now. The quieter you can be, the better.

      • Alex Reply

        Huh. A sentence that’s both helpful and unhelpful at once. That’s rare. You’re basically giving me what I need and not what I want. 😀

        As for safety in numbers: Of course it only matters if the additional numbers are able to make a difference at all. 🙂
        So it’s one thing to have a bunch of soldiers with meaningless weapons and some refugess and it’s another thing to take a highly-trained magician with you. How useful or useless Julia would be does of course depend on how much info about magic you’re not sharing with us yet. So either Rob is right and magic IS slow and unreliable and Julia is being plain stupid for asking to come with them or Julia knows a few things more about magic than Rob, which she must’ve already used aplenty to stay alive before she met the gang.

        Of course I wouldn’t bring another 100 magicians, even if they were all on Julia’s level. There is a limit to how big a recon group should be and I don’t know the exact limit. But ok, maybe Julia is needed to protect the camp.

        I’m going to miss Sofia while the panels are on our two protagonists.

      • Alex Reply

        PS: 2 people who might get visions at any point in time really really should bring a 3rd person along who can draw a circle if needed 🙂

      • Refugnic Reply

        They are still trying to keep that vision thing a secret from the others though.
        Other than that you are absolutely right, having someone who is not plagued by visions popping up at the worst possible time might end up saving their lives.

        Heh, just to get back on your suggestion from earlier…whereas I don’t see Sofia coming along, I can totally see Julia tailing them and jumping in to save them from certain doom down the road.

        ‘Happy that I decided to ignore your orders now?!’ 😀

      • Alex Reply

        Yeah, you’re right, the visions are a secret. So Rob and Ada are being stupid for not taking her with them and everybody else is excused for not speaking up, because they couldn’t have known.

        I second the idea if Julia tailing them. I can just about picture Sofia enticing Julia to do that together. 😀 It’s written all over her face in the first two panels.

        • NotImportant Reply

          The “why aren’t we taking anyone else if we can blackout at any moment” will be addressed later in the dialogue so I’m not going to answer it here~
          I wonder if the temporary truce between Julia and Sofia would last that long hahah

      • Alex Reply

        Alright, I’ll wait. 🙂

        Also I completely forgot Sofia and Julia were adversaries. I think I’ll do an archive dive in the near future.

  5. Doom Reply

    Love Sofia’s faces on this page.
    I wonder what Ada’s doing with those texts?

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