Hectic morning continued

I seriously liked that demon. t was like, the cutest one I’ve designed so far. Just look at those eyes..! I will miss them (╥﹏╥) And as you can see we progressed rather quickly, next week Filip’s inner dialogue shall be no more.

Time for some exciting news! I have finally finished a poster I really wanted to make and added some stuff to the shop! Gallery and vote incentive have been both updated as well. Please put some effort into voting this week – it is especially important since new month is starting and ranking will be reset on 1st~ Thanks in advance! I hope we can reach top 5 this month too! ლ(o◡oლ)


UPDATE: Vote incentive has been updated!
A small preview from incoming pages, I hope you are surprised. Say hello to this flat chested high school Ada.
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52 comments on “Hectic morning continued”

  1. Doom Reply

    About Ada’s reaction to being Liked on the book of faces: I love Cheerful!Ada. So pretty!
    About the topwebcomics vote incentive I saw with today’s vote: Lonely!Ada looks so sad. I want to give her all the hugs, a nice warm blanket, and a mug of her favorite hot beverage.

    • Refugnic Reply

      I’m more intrigued about the ‘Lots of it’. It would appear that the demons aren’t as dumb as they appear to be. At least they sure seem to have the raw capacity for it.

      However how was that? Not the size, but the complexity makes the difference. Don’t believe me? Look at a microprocessor.

      A little quote to make a point: If our brain was simple enough to understand it, we would be too simple to understand it.

  2. Anonymous K Reply

    That demon didn’t need to be so hard headed in its decision to eat them.

  3. JW Reply

    You know, I’d think a demon like that could kill someone in three seconds flat, but apparently it need more than 13 seconds.

    I wonder if crapping your pants is a defense mechanism against getting eaten.

    • Refugnic Reply

      Well it can, as indicated by the soldier it caught by jumping on it. However, as displayed before, not all demons are all about eating. Some like to play with their food (you know, to work up an appetite) prior to eating. Maybe they also like their prey pumped with adrenaline, which may be another reason why they hunt them prior to eating.

      Finally, to answer you question: Actually it is. And has been since ancient times.
      Ever since the dawn of mankind, people have been ‘loosing it’ (a.k.a. crapping/piss their pants) when faced with mortal danger.
      Reason: The less weight you carry, the faster you can run.
      With the dawn of pants however, this defense mechanism became a problem. Instead of making you lighter, it now made you heavier (seeing how wet cloth weighs heavier than dry pants). On the upside, when pants became a thing, it wasn’t as necessary to run for your life as it used to be.

      Okay, smartass mode off. 😛

    • NotImportant Reply

      It did kill one soldier. And you know what they say JW, it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey~
      To be honest not even animals kill right away, they hunt, they play with their ‘food’, they take time. Plus there is no hurry. As if anyone could hurt them. Or blew their head off. Or-…

      You just wanted Nina and Filip to die, didn’t you ಠ_ಠ

      • Refugnic Reply

        Maybe they are a secret fan of those ‘Vore’-stories you sometimes see popping up on dA. 😀

      • Doom Reply

        I can’t speak for JW’s desires, but myself? I’m curious as to when we’ll have our first named cast member death. More importantly, who said named cast member shall be. So far as I’m aware, everyone who’s died on-panel or just out of view during a panel has been a background extra, and I seriously doubt that will remain true indefinitely.

        • Refugnic Reply

          Well, as a writer myself, I can say from personal experience, that coming up with as much as a name for a character is a hassle (especially with the entire tail of things that follows the name. You know, stuff like their past, their characteristics, their personal preferences…having a name entitles a character to all these).

          That, in turn means, that you don’t kill off your named characters easily and on a whim.

          That doesn’t mean that they enjoy invincibility or something…but if they are to die, you can bet that it’ll be pretty spectacular.
          They say, that a star shines its brightest right before it goes out. Same goes for dying characters.

          So as soon as the named characters start getting all heroic and stuff, you’d better watch out…because death tends to have them on their list by then.

          There’s the occasional ‘surviving hero’ of course, but a writer can’t pull that too often without losing credibility.

          As for who may be the first…well, Ada and Robert are unlikely, seeing how they are the protagonists of the story.
          Kasper/Laura? Now those two are a different story. While Kasper is a battle-hardened soldier with close combat experience and an arsenal of weapons to draw from, he’s easily distracted by Laura…if her life was to be in jeopardy, the toll of the bell is likely for Kasper.
          Laura is pretty agile from the looks of it. That doesn’t guarantee her survival, but she’s at least smart enough to run and hide (contrary to someone else we know).

          Nina? Well, drop and play dead is a pretty efficient technique to escape predation…assuming enough people are around screaming to distract the predator from her.
          Filip…I don’t know enough about his capabilities yet to make a statement.
          Stefen…well, he’s pretty badass, that’s for sure. But this very attitude may put him into an unfortunate situation before long.
          Sofia…again, I don’t really know enough about her, but she’s escaped by a hair once already, thanks to the ‘Prince in dirty socks’. Her battle capabilities are fairly low from what I was able to gather, if caught isolated, she’s likely to die.

          To make the long story short, my top 3 to bite the dust are:

          Again, this list is my point of view from this very moment. It may change radically as the story progresses.
          On a lighter note, I don’t see any of them dying in the next few pages. They need to be developed more for dying with maximum effect.

          • nidacat

            precing to the qiu=ere my campains are the same way
            only name immportant npc

      • JW Reply

        You just wanted Nina and Filip to die, didn’t you ಠ_ಠ

        Nah, not really, I don’t know them well enough to want them dead. Besides, at this point that would have been a continuity error, because it was already established two weeks ago they survived 😛

  4. Refugnic Reply

    Hmm…Stefen really does make short work with this one. One should think that the military should have a whole lot less trouble with dealing with them if it’s as ‘easy’ as blowing their heads off. Especially since a shotgun is also just working with bullets. Admittedly, it’s spreading a whole lot of bullets in an explosive fashion and the force is significantly larger on close range, but I’d think an assault rifle should be having SOME kind of effect if aimed at the head.

    So yeah…I’m a little confused right here. But I’m just assuming that the explanation will be coming up soon, right?

    • NotImportant Reply

      Oh but of course, I don’t like Stefen enough to give him the only one working gun, that would be way too convenient. There is a rule to killing those things and no one from the cast figured it out yet. They are too busy running~

      • Refugnic Reply

        Yeah, you did mention that rule…and I think I have an idea.

        They’re like those obnoxious bosses from RPGs, aren’t they? (I can’t stand two types of enemies: Those who can heal themselves and those who don’t even need to. Those obnoxious ones are both types at once. :P)

        *Ahem*…it seems to appear that these demons are either only vulnerable during particular actions (like when they’re getting ready to eat, taking down their ‘shield’), only vulnerable in specific spots (Siegfried phenomenon) or of course by specific weapons, which void the ‘shield’ in question.

        I don’t think it’s ‘while they’re eating’, because otherwise there would’ve been more demon killing (seeing how they’re about constantly eating :P).
        I think for the time being I’ll opt for ‘only vulnerable in the weak spot’. Some sort of soft spot on their skin through which they are breathing or something. An explosion (like the one from a shotgun at close range for example) to that spot would tear their heads off as illustrated so nicely right there.

        • Wyld Reply

          I’d say that anything that doesn’t kill them right away, such as the prompt and swift removal of their head, doesn’t kill them. Copious amounts of explosives, and possibly fire would also work simply because of the sheer saturation.

          • Refugnic

            Hmm…that’s a good theory, however, as a matter of fact, Ada and Robert have killed them with those special blades by ramming them into the bodies and thereby killing them.

            If that alone were enough, everyone would be running around with blades by then and bullets would also work, because they clearly penetrate the skin (as illustrated by the barrage unleashed upon one by Kasper), but don’t kill.

            I think there’s another theory to be had here, though it’s a bit far-fetched…namely that the demon needs to be aware of the threat trying to kill him. Meaning that it can be killed if the threat manages to close in undetected, like it happened with Stefen here. However somehow I doubt it’s like that too.

          • Zero

            i think the rule only applies to guns, given that Ada and Robert’s blades are special. Probably the universal monster rule. take out the head.

          • Refugnic

            @Zero Universal monster rule, eh? Strike the monster and we’re set, most species on Earth don’t take too kindly to getting their head severed off.

            I once came across a series with Vampires and stuff, where a normal person counted up the stereotypes on how to kill a vampire (stake through the heart, sever the head off and stuff it with garlic, etc.), to which the vampire said, “You are aware that anyone would die from that, right?”

            A grain of truth is to be had right there, wouldn’t you agree?

            Ah yeah, it should be noted that in this series Daywalkers existed.

    • AD Reply

      I feel like it might just be like every other modern vampire/werewolf TV show or movie we’ve seen: Could it be that Stefen just has special bullets? Silver coated bullets seem to work wonders on werewolves, so maybe iron shot is all you need to blast the head off. I don’t believe standard military guns use iron, so…

    • Gonnhirrin Reply

      Shotguns can also fire flechettes (razor darts) which
      1) are much more destructive than pellets
      2) may have spells engraved on them
      3) may have toxic / reactive metals plated on them
      Shotgun flechettes are not allowed under the Geneva convention. I sincerely doubt the demons are signatories but military are taught to use double ought buckshot and flechette rounds are not in the supply chain

    • Refugnic Reply

      Yup, that was established two weeks ago already actually. 🙂

      But while you mention it…the letters are arranged a little weird. It looks like NI took the ‘Write’ tool from paint and just typed it over.
      Not only do the letters overlap the background ever so slightly, but it also negates the depth effect of the round head (the letters should be getting smaller as they circle around the head). Of course there’s no way I could do it better, but I couldn’t help but notice. 🙂

  5. buendnynumer Reply

    Is this one who “had enough” on the 1st panel our pizza delivery guy from the prologue?

  6. Artredies Reply

    “Faints like a real lady” >.> ……..is ada aware that she is *not* in fact a real lady?

    And if I may throw a quick critique around; In panel 2 the shotgun almost appears to be resting on his nose rather than his cheek on the stock. However I would imagine that angle is a little on the tricky side to work with.

    • NotImportant Reply

      I’ve never held a gun and on some photos you can find on the net you just see people who don’t know how to handle one either. I must have picked something unreliable as a guide. When you point it out like this I can see it’s stupid to hold it like that but ugh, I trusted my reference too much. Sorry about that, it’ll probably have to stay like this.

    • Refugnic Reply

      A little nitpicking along the side if I may: Nina fainted, not Ada. And it’s not Ada speaking either but Filip recollecting what happened during his way too early morning. 😉

      Besides, Ada is aware that she’s not a ‘real lady’ and she wouldn’t want to be one either, because a ‘real lady’, according to stereotype is:
      Relies on protection from men and repays them with…favors of various kinds.

      Which of these would you say applies to Ada?

      • Artredies Reply

        X3 that was the joke/commentary I was attempting; I am aware Ada was 100% not involved in this section.

        • Refugnic Reply

          Heh…my apologies then. I often have a hard time detecting jokes in written form.

          In regards to it though, Ada really isn’t what you’d call ‘a lady’. Much rather she’s more along the lines of a Valkyrie. 😀

          Would be fun to see her trying to act like a Lady though. 😀

          • Artredies

            c: the best kind of a lady does not qualify for the title of “lady”

  7. Refugnic Reply

    Heh…the high-school Ada looks kinda…weird. Kinda like she doesn’t fit there for some reason. The shirt also seems like it’s too tall for her. I wonder what the story behind that picture is. And you say it’s from the coming comic page? As in the page from next Monday? That’d be a pretty drastic change of tone and indicates that someone’s going to have a vision about High school Ada…either that, or Ada wakes from her sleep and realizes that the entire apocalypse has been nothing but a dream, though that’d be a very poor way to end the story. :XD:

  8. Jazyl H Reply

    These Monster so wanna make me do a fan art of the comic./ Loving the read so far. Gonna try & finish this today. 🙂

    • NotImportant Reply

      Yes, sorry about that! It seems I broke it when I was fixing something on the page… It should be good now!

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