Heavy situation

Surprise! I am sure some people expected this to happen and that it answers some of your questions. Sadly Stefen’s gun is hardly enough to kill those things (his awesomeness level goes down quite a bit, I know, I know…).

I was wondering what special news I have for this week but I think there is nothing… I am almost done with next illustration (featuring Faust) but I’ll probably still need another weekend to finish it. Vote incentive will be changed sometime this week I think, for now it’s still high school Ada. We are placed 4th but that might easily change if you don’t fight for it! Thanks in advance, you are all awesome~! (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ  ♡


UPDATE: Vote incentive has been changed! GO AND VOTE!

38 comments on “Heavy situation”

  1. Anonymous K Reply

    Wow just wow. Monsters are resilient, but the better question is if they can regenerate body parts.

  2. Refugnic Reply

    Hmm…it would appear that victory celebration was a little premature after all.

    Which brings us back to theorizing on how exactly to kill them.

    As a matter of fact, in order to function, bodies require energy. Usually this energy is generated by consuming food and converting it to said energy (which is subsequently stored in cells, etc.). However once one (or more) of the vital organs or the command center are removed, the body functions would fail…with normal creatures that is.

    Which, in turn, returns me to a very likely theory, one I’m a little surprised nobody brought up till now (at least not that I am aware of, correct me if I’m wrong).
    These demons are nothing but organic marionettes, held by invisible strings. Meaning, they’ll keep rising as long as the strings aren’t cut, no matter how many limbs and stuff you remove. After all, a wooden marionette doesn’t care in the slightest whether it’s head is missing or not, however once you cut it’s strings it falls limb.

    The blades of Ada and Robert happen to be able to sever these supernatural strings and, as an effect, to ‘kill’ the demons. I put kill into quotes, because it can be argued whether they are alive to begin with.

    • JW Reply

      I don’t think they’re just meat-puppets. But there is undoubtedly magic of some kind or other involved.

      • Refugnic Reply

        I believe that is most certainly a given. NI keeps mentioning a ‘rule’ of some sort which needs to obeyed in order to kill the demons.

        Now we know that ‘taking off the head’ is not the rule to be obeyed here.
        Leaves only a whole ocean of options left to ponder. 😛

        Now, if we assume that the puppeteer-theory is at least not completely correct, it would beg the question: Where exactly do you need to hit them to actually hurt them?
        There have been specimen, where the brain hasn’t been in the suspected head but at a completely different location…what if the demons have a secondary brain which takes over if the first one happens to have an…unfortunate accident?

        And of course the question whether the demons have the ability to regenerate lost limbs (heads) still stands…I guess we’ll have to wait to find out, though that lone ‘splurt’ most certainly has an ominous notion to it…or is that Stefen sticking his gun into the (surprisingly soft) abdomen of the demon, getting ready to send it to the ground again?

        • NotImportant Reply

          There has to be a rule – I said, but that only means that I am not doing things at random and everything has some explanation~ Still a lot will be said about demons in this chapter but hopefully now you get the idea about how hard it is for the poor military guys. They are not used to that kind of enemy – they felt strong because they carried guns but when those no longer work… confidence leaves the battlefield.

          • Refugnic

            You know, that reminds me of the beginning of Splinter Cell – Blacklist. There was a large scale terror attack on a military base and one of the terrorist said, ‘Feh, Americans. As soon as you take away their planes and missiles, they die just like everybody else. Can’t even put up a fight.’

            It’s a lot like that. Seeing how their primary weapons (their guns, bombs, etc.) are seemingly completely ineffective, they’re pretty much helpless. They might as well throw stones at them…though I do wonder what’d happen if someone would pick up on JW’s idea a few pages back and stick a grenade down the throat of one. It should blow the demon to smithereens (same as a rocket launcher impact, btw, but where to get a rocket launcher right there? ;P)

            Maybe it won’t die, but somehow I don’t think a jumping liver is as scary as a huge hulking creature with claws and teeth. 😀
            Okay it probably is scary, but more along the lines of freaky than life-threatening. 🙂

          • JW

            If we put aside for a moment that Robert and Ada can kill demons — As long as you can damage an opponent, ultimately it’s just sad if they’re unkillable. Because if you can’t kill them, you have to do something a lot more horrible to put them out of commission. Like bury them alive (cast in concrete), or cut them into pieces and keep those pieces from reassembling, or throw them in an ever-burning fire.
            (They actually did address that problem once in an episode of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, with a monster boasting it could not die, and getting a response like it must really suck to be blasted into a million pieces.)

          • JW

            Woohoo! Let’s Fargo those demons, and feed them to the fishes. Then feed the fishes to dolphins, and process the dolphins as tuna, turn the “tuna” into sandwiches and cut the sandwiches in two!

          • Mehmonster

            Perhaps they have a distributed nueral system, (so the brain is throughout the entire body) similair to how a human central nervous system can bypass the brain in reaction to certain stimuli. Like with some octupus, because they have some brain in their tentacles as well as the head, if they get cut off they can carry on wiggling about for a while (evolutionarily so that the predator gets distracted and leaves the main octupus alone).

          • Refugnic

            Hmm…that is a pretty good explanation as to why the things keeps rising even though its head was removed. However this once again throws up the question, just how much damage will be ‘too much’ for them to recover from. Assuming they don’t have a brain but much rather are a brain, they’d still need to have organs and stuff, which digests the food they’re eating and of course they also need something to process the waste they don’t need (you know, stuff like bones).

            Now, if the brain is ‘invincible’ (because it’s not in a centralized location), would they have a heart? Or a stomach? Or a colon? I do wonder how they’d react to one of these getting forcibly removed. I mean, even if there are backup organs (like a second heart), at some point, all the backups would be disabled and the demon would die…unless of course they have some sort of hyper-regeneration and can regrow entirely themselves from any surviving cell…now that would most certainly bite. 😀

            Though even for that there’s a solution…simply kill it with fire. 😛

          • Mehmonster

            If you want a really outlandish theory to why they won’t die then you could look to another example from nature, corals, made up of tiny little polyps. As has been previously mentioned the demons would have to have some form of internal organs to function and how eventually you could damage enough that it couldn’t function any longer, but what if they don’t? The demons could in fact be thousands of smaller organisms that whilst when unified can carry out a specific purpose, AKA move a leg, are entirely capable of operating on their own, or at least for long enough for more cells to be delegated to the damaged vitals neccesary to continue surviving.

    • JW Reply

      You mean, growing an extra head for every head you cut/blast off?
      In that case just keep blasting heads off until it has so many heads it’s top-heavy and keels over.

      • Rateus Camp dweller Reply

        Good tactic. We’re going to need a mini-gun (so long as they aren’t like Neo).

        • Mehmonster Reply

          Or cauterise the wound. Like the original Hydra story, so that they can’t grow back. (Basically we come back to kill it with fire)

      • Refugnic Reply

        Only if you emphasize that she’s ‘heavy’ in just the right spots. Cause any other way it’s an insult.

        Though quite honestly, I don’t really know why. In many tribes all around the world, having a little fat to show is a sign of wealth, health and general well-being. It’s only thanks to some strange trend born in Hollywood the woman are suddenly supposed to be nothing but skin and bones…which is neither healthy nor beautiful, if you ask me.

        Now, I don’t say that people (men and women) should opt for obesity to show off their wealth, but there’s such a thing as a healthy weight and that’s what everyone should be aiming for.

        • Refugnic Reply

          Well, as a matter of fact, I’m 1.95 meters tall and weigh about 95 kilograms. Thing is: I don’t look like it. And I mean at all. I’ve got a bit of a belly, but I’m far from being ‘fat’. And while they claim that ‘heavy bones’ do not exist, I sometimes do believe to suffer from them. And so she does appear to. 🙂

          • Refugnic

            No, I’m not. I’ve got this one colleague who’s about 2.10 meters tall. Needs to bow down to make it through any door. That guy is a giant. And I don’t envy him one bit for being that tall.

          • Artredies

            Significantly taller and more built than myself; therefor giant. Though I do work with a few people who reach the ceiling. Issue is im on a 50 year old warship. No one space is particularly tall. Its really entertaining.

  3. Anonymous K Reply

    Just realized the monsters are like cockroaches except much larger and a lot more dangerous.

    • NotImportant Reply

      Someone on Tapastic said that too 😀 We need some demon spray and sticky traps.

      • Killimanjoro Reply

        Or you use a really heavy vehicle. Like a truck, an apc, a tank, a small plane, or really just use an explosive to the center of mass. Or just drown them in a pit of lava… Oh wait their demons lava pits are standard relaxation… Fuck.

  4. Refugnic Reply

    Now, I may be a little bit biased with saying this, but that vote incentive most certainly is something else.
    Thank you so much for honoring my little fanart like that, even though now it feels like it falls a little short…ah well, different medium, can’t really compare. 🙂

    Ah yeah, and since I count updated VIs as updates, have another vote for Replay. 😉

  5. Mehmonster Reply

    Kinda hoping that labcoat guy is gonna be a biologist now, because that would be so awesome. The world needs more biologists, I mean if we had an army of ’em then the demons wouldn’t stand a chance. How do you fight someone who knows how you work better than you do?

    • Refugnic Reply

      The profile says ‘Mad scientist’ (and gun nerd). Furthermore, the labcoat guy just demonstrated that he doesn’t really know that much about the physiology and biology of the demons…after all, he really believed that blasting its head off would kill it. 🙂

      • Lukkai Reply

        To be fair: That would kill most things and they haven’t really had a lot of chances to really study the demons so far.

        • NotImportant Reply

          In this world if you are not awesome (or at least very lucky) you die very quickly.

  6. Brad Reply

    Hey there, it appears that there’s an issue with hitting “Next” on this page. It just reloads Heavy Situation again rather than going to the next page.

    • NotImportant Reply

      Hm… It works ok for me… There is no reason for it to work differently than on other pages. Might be cache, try from the archive. Sorry about the trouble!

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