Really, Stefen… I expected more of you, my poor troubled man.

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I’m back from Seattle, jetlagged and tired but in good spirits. The bad news is that I haven’t drawn anything in those two weeks so I have exhausted my buffer, kind of. I’ll try to make up for it, we’ll see how that goes. The awesome news is that my fiance read the draft of a novel I’ve been writing and he got hooked and enjoyed the story and I’m super happy. I still need to polish the prose itself but the story is pretty solid and entertaining at least to the two of us so I’m hopeful. Just wanted to share my joy haha~

What else, Hokkaido was cold, snowy and beautiful. I still have more photos to post on Instagram so if you’re curious just check them there: https://www.instagram.com/notimportant.travel/ Seattle was also snowy, but way less pleasant. Luckily for me, I spent most of my time there indoors, mingling with people with other manga-related teams. It was fun and I met lots of interesting people so I’m glad I went there, even though it was a bit hectic and I feel like crap now.

See you in a week, let’s hope I’ll manage at least one page this week, ha!

24 comments on “Half-truths”

  1. Refugnic Reply

    Well would you look at that.

    I have yet to manage to get my family to read any of the stuff I’m writing, so I guess you’re way ahead of me once again. 😛
    But then again, I have yet to finish the first draft too, so there’s that.

    *Ahem*…aaanyway, glad to see you’re back.
    Just don’t go overexerting yourself now that you’re back, you hear? 🙂

    And now regarding the page…yeah well, what did you expect?
    That he actually tells Nina something like, ‘My apologies, but I found myself drowning in your eyes, what was the question again’?

    I think that would’ve gotten him in even hotter water than what he needs to deal with now.

    But then again, I believe Nina is fully aware of the effect she can have on men…she just thought that Stefen was too old to be bothered…and ended up being disappointed, when she realized that he was not.

    That angry look on her face is kinda scary though…how do they say?
    Beware the quiet (and cute) ones, for still waters are deep.

    • NotImportant Reply

      It seriously feels like a huge win haha, but my fiance reads a lot of books so setting some time aside to read my writing isn’t such a big deal. I do appreciate that he went through it even though the text is still full of typos. This text has been completed almost a year ago and I was still polishing it, letting the ideas brew a little bit, rewrote the ending completely… It takes time. I learned a lot while writing this one too. I feel like I can make something even better once I’m done with this story (yes, I have another idea already sketched out).

      I’ll try not to overexert myself (last time when I got back and I kept drawing while jetlagged I got sick) but I make no promises XD I really need to get some stuff done this week, I don’t want any more hiatuses on Replay. It already got super quiet here and I lost a lot of readers due to that prologue redraw. It’s so sad, honestly…

      And I’m pretty sure that if he actually told her the truth she’d react way more positively hahaha! Besides, don’t underestimate girls’ insecurities, I wouldn’t be so sure about what Nina thinks of Stef’s behavior right now~

      • Klorix Camp dweller Reply

        You probably know Nina the best, since she’s your creation. 😉
        Although I’ve heard authors state that sometimes, characters evolve differently than even they expected, so…

        Ah, yeah, girls’ insecurities, or, in fact, people’s insecurities in general. The annoying thing about them is that you can keep telling someone they look good, that this or that trait is actually cute or likeable, they won’t believe you.

        • JW Reply

          The annoying thing about them is that you can keep telling someone they look good, that this or that trait is actually cute or likeable, they won’t believe you.

          Well, yeah. Love is blind, so you can’t exactly trust the opinion of someone that loves you. Clearly they either can’t see that you have every reason to be insincere, or they’re too nice to say it. And the reason they won’t say it, is because you have every reason to be insecure, otherwise they could just be honest.

          Aaargh *jumps out of window*

        • antrik Reply

          @Klorix well, even without knowing Nina well, I suspect she wouldn’t mind the truth that much — at least if he could express it in a way that doesn’t sound too coarse 🙂

          I am somewhat surprised though that she didn’t notice. Aren’t girls usually quite perceptive to these sort of things?…

      • antrik Reply

        Well, not all readers are lost forever… 😉

        Frankly, I hadn’t realised that so much time has passed, and you resumed making new pages more than a year ago…

  2. DavidDahlbacka Reply

    How come their clothes are all so clean when they are living in a tent camp? Nina looks like she’s wearing silk.

    Not that I mind particularly (Nina is very cute), but grunge is more likely in a camp, even without periodic attacks by drooling monsters.

    • Refugnic Reply

      I think I’ve seen a laundry bin or two on one of the pages.

      That said, they appear to be having quite a selection of clothes for a survival situation, otherwise everyone would be wearing the same things all the time.
      I believe it is somewhat safe to assume that they simply brought a few ‘change of clothes’ from their scavenging runs for stuff like rations and medicine.

      Plus, this is still a military encampment, meaning that there is at least a certain level of organization and preparedness behind the whole camp.
      And if you don’t have to stretch out clothes, food, etc. for multiple 100.000 people but just for maybe 100…

      But yeah, I’m pretty sure they’ve got plenty of spares and also a laundry system in place.

      • antrik Reply

        Well, we see a lot of people wearing plain T-shirts, decorated with (more or less) funny slogans, sometimes the wrong size — these are from camp supplies I’m sure. More individual/fancy clothes are probably their own. We don’t know yet how Nina and Filip ended up in the camp — so no idea what kind of luggage they had with them…

        In theory, with so many people from the original camp not making it through the attacks, the survivors could have just scavenged a lot of orphaned clothes before leaving — though I’m not sure they’d actually want to…

    • NotImportant Reply

      It’s not like Nina’s playing in the dirt all day. When Laura was exploring the old bunker I added some texture to her clothes. But yeah, it’s something I’m saving time on, details are costly (timewise). Remembering patterns on their clothes is straining enough lol

    • antrik Reply

      The opening page of this scene ( https://replaycomic.com/comic/searching-for-filip/ ) clearly shows someone doing laundry. Frankly, it’s not such a big deal, and perfectly normal when camping over an extended period of time…

      People were doing laundry even before they had detergents — *that* was a true pain.

      Also, what makes you think Nina is wearing silk?…

  3. demon outside the barrier Reply

    damn, still can’t figure out how to get in… you humans got any ideas?

    • JW Reply

      You can get through the barrier if your speed is high enough. Probably the easiest way is to drop in from the sky at terminal velocity, make sure to hold your body in as streamlined a position as possible.

      *grabs a bag of popcorn and waits for the SPLAT*

  4. Jaycloud9 Reply

    you think Nina is being this cute on purpose to get information out of Stefen? or just being cute in general and not knowing it…

  5. Jaycloud9 Reply

    I learned something in the cast sheet, it could be funny if you see it that way, laura is taller than ada :3

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