Foul mood

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I’m already in NY and we even attended BookCon today. Roamed around, listened to a bunch of panel discussions, it was super fun. Made me want to read more books, of course, but also put more energy into writing so that I can create more stories a bit faster. As for now, my recently completed novel is waiting for final edits but I’ve been focusing on Historia VN project outside of work and Replay so I didn’t get the time to wrap it up. I really should… I already have the next idea brewing in my head after all.

You can probably imagine how sleepy I am. So I’ll just drop the new page and excuse myself. I really wanted to spend the evening drawing but I feel like my body just won’t let me.

NY is as dirty and smelly as always ❤️

14 comments on “Foul mood”

      • Speedy Reply

        Sure they do. You just need fava beans and a nice Chianti.

        :p Ugh. Sorry. Couldn’t resist. I even made myself nauseous.

  1. th Reply

    man if i were them, I’d think sofia had seen something awful, like robert or ada coming back alone and dejected

    • Refugnic Reply

      Oh, but she did see something awful.

      Agreed, Ada coming back without Robert would have been even worse, but Robert coming back chatting it up with another beautiful girl makes for a very close ‘second place’.

      Robert coming back without Ada on the other hand…while, without a doubt, terrible, I don’t think it would have triggered quite the same kind of reaction.

  2. DragonMaster Reply

    Poor Sofia she needs ALL the chocolate …
    Also I LOVE Laura’s shirt! Where can I get one? xD

    • Klorix Camp dweller Reply

      Well… since they just painted shirts they had, I’d say wherever you can find shirts and paint, and a brush, but fingers might just work as well. 😉

  3. Crestlinger Reply

    *Laura scampers up the tower and calls down to Kasper: ‘Yes, they are both alright, no demons in sight, they got the book, seem to have picked up someone and ….oh…’
    *Climbs back down: ‘Don’t talk to Sofia for a while, she has a better rival and Ada’s out of the running.’

  4. NoriMori Reply

    “I cook better than your grandma.”

    That is an awesome shirt. If I were a great cook, I would get a shirt that says that.

  5. Bry Reply

    i’m a little confused as to why Sofia is upset. shes upset Ada is w/ Robert still?

      • Bry Reply

        i mean, u would think so, but in the last panel she cuts herself off when we get a full, sharp focus of what she sees and Ada is in the shot. she was joking around when we see Rob and Julia (“Seriously?! Wow, so lucky!”), but then when she sees Ada thats when it seems like she gets moody (“I’m so-! ….”)

  6. Rateus Camp dweller Reply

    Are you mad? ‘cos Rob seemed close to someone? Sofia, I’m confused…

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