I’m in Poland now! One day in Korea was fun! My pages buffer is gone! x)

Ni is seriously jet-lagged now. Please call back later.

18 comments on “Fools”

  1. Rateus Reply

    Good idea repurposing a village. Maybe need to clear out some more demons first though.

  2. Onceller Reply

    Robert… prolly assuming it’s all about him, that’s Ada’s crying about the way he treated the people of the village. Count on humans to think that all thoughts are relative to them…

    Sorry about your page buffer, NI. I hope it makes a swift recovers 🙂

    • Archangel Reply

      I give it 50/50 whether he thinks that or realizes the real reason to some extent.

    • Dragon Master Reply

      Or he could be assuming it because of the smell. I mean really blood, guts, and dead bodies can not possibly smell good. Especially if they’ve been laying around for a few days. Maybe even weeks at this point, not sure how long ago the incursion started.

      • antrik Reply

        @Dragon Master IIRC there was mention somewhere that it only started about a week ago… Though that was on an earlier scene, so might be more like ten days or so now.

  3. Doom Reply

    Ada’s mentally beating herself up for her failures, real or perceived. I wish to hug the sad fox!

    • Rateus Camp dweller Reply

      Seconded! Now would be a great time for Robert to sort himself out and be a good friend. You can do it Rob, I believe in you!

    • antrik Reply

      Or maybe she’s just mourning the realisation that she will have to stop being so clingy?… 😉

  4. Deerop Reply

    Anyone else notice that Ada’s arms don’t quite make sense in the fourth panel? Her right forearm bends awkwardly in the middle to cover her mouth.

    • Doom Reply

      Yes. Now that you mention it I see that in addition to the usual elbow and wrist joints, that panel gives her right arm another joint in the forearm.

    • Onceller Reply

      Yeah, definitely noticed… I thought maybe I was just misreading fabric folds, but if you saw it to maybe l wasn’t imagining it.

    • NotImportant Reply

      Yeah, I messed up the folds! You can actually draw the arm underneath in a way that it makes sense.
      I might fix it later if I remember, it’s noticeable and quite annoying.

      • Onceller Reply

        I didn’t find it to annoying, and I am sure that you’re right about the arm. I am far from being an artist 🙂

  5. Rateus Camp dweller Reply

    Third viewing I remembered to view the hover-text. Definitely too hug!

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