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Last page with our cute assistant, at least for a longer while. Time to go back to our main heroes, I’m sire everyone already started to miss certain freckled shorty.

And I have just realized we’ve got Christmas next week. Not feeling the mood at all, there is no snow where I am right now, it’s actually very warm (if I don’t need a hat that means it’s really very warm) and I’ve got so many things to do lately that I didn’t even set up a Christmas tree. That’s sad! There is not all that many Christmases in one’s lifetime!

Since next page will be an after-Christmas-page I guess here is where I should write my wishes: my dear readers, may you have a wonderful Christmas, eat plenty of delicious food, appreciate the company of others, rest, reflect, give and receive, enjoy some more food. I hope you’ll all have a good time (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ ♡

Everything aside, to all anime lovers: Shirobako is good, watch it! It gave me nightmares about work but it was worth it so I recommend.

45 comments on “Favorite activity”

    • Refugnic Reply

      I’d argue that the scalpel in her hand is also nothing to sneeze at in terms of dangerous assets. 😛

        • Refugnic Reply

          Wasn’t there this little mouse from the Looney Toons (or was it the Tiny Toons? I don’t remember too clearly)…either way, whenever that little guy sneezed, it would blow away everything that wasn’t nailed to the ground…sometimes even if it was nailed to the ground.

          And now I’ve got myself wondering, how the demons of this world would stand up to creatures who are designed to defy all reason like that. 😀

  1. Dæmon Reply

    So, now that I look at the cast’s blood types, I notice Ada has a blood type of “won’t tell.” Does this have anything to do with blood types and the myth that they tell what your personality’s like? I mean, she is a tsundere, and I have heard that they usually have a specific zodiac sign or have a certain blood type, but how true are those things? I’m speaking of correlation, not causation (unless you can point out evidence for the latter).

    • Dæmon Reply

      Actually, make that almost EVERYONE has a sign of some sort telling them who they are. It sounds like complete BS, but who knows?

      And, when will we get a photo of you on the author page, NI?

      • Refugnic Reply

        May I remind you, that she chose the nickname ‘NotImportant’? What does this tell you about her?

        Do not look behind the curtain, young friend, for you might not find the miracles you hope for behind it. 😉

        On that note, speaking of Nicknames, is there a particular reason why you chose to call yourself Dämon?

        • Dæmon Reply

          I… I’m not sure. I guess I really liked demons and magic and stuff, so I went with that. I don’t know why I chose that name, I just did. I mean, yeah it sounded cool, but how big a part does “sounds cool” play in my life? Practically nothing in my life was decided that way. Of course, it could also refer to the fact that I was a little demon myself when I was young, and was all the way until about 2.5 years ago. The summer I entered a higher level of education, I believe. Either way, I usually act either by complete instinct or by careful thought. Of course, Deamon, Daemon, and Dæmon could all refer to how I’ve always been a social outcast, and how even now, I much prefer a distant perspective to a close up one. I’ve always distanced myself from others, and I can’t say I have ever gotten to know someone without a reason, even going so far as to lash out in the past just to distance myself and make people hate me as much as possible. I have only recently learned to close the gap, however, and still struggle greatly to even communicate slightly with others, and still do today. It’s likely the single biggest cause for my social ineptitude and philosophical discussions with my parents when I was barely in third grade. I understood most of it, too, even understanding topics that adults struggle with at the tender age of 8. I’ve always been strange, but my abilities and mental disabilities have forced me to distance myself, if only to avoid injuring myself and force others to see ME as a demon.

          • Refugnic

            One need not so much look out for the demons who are apparent, but much rather for those, who hide behind fancy suits, big words and friendly smiles.

            Just saying.

            As for me, just in case you (or anyone) cares, ‘Refugnic’ is a derivate from the imaginary world ‘Refugna’, which in turn was the planet I made up my superpowered alter ego came from (yes, sound familiar, I know, I was 7-10 years old or something). As the years progressed, the ‘alter ego’ split into four and they became my very first characters in a world where I was in power instead of all those who would seek to harm me. (Again, sounds familiar, doesn’t it?)
            ‘Refugnic’ came to exist when I was…I don’t know, 12 or something as a separate entity, whereas ‘the four’ disappeared again. He was no longer an alter ego, but much rather an independent person, who ‘happened to share quite a number of traits with me, except that he was a lot more powerful’. The difference to ‘alter ego’: I was fully aware that he was strictly imaginary and I treated him as a separate person instead of ‘pretending to be him’ (which I only acted out when I lonely, I’m not that much of a nutcase, mind you).

            Anyway, the idea kept developing in my head and at some point I had a full story at my hands (which I am trying to type down these days) and ‘Refugnic Eternium’, the ‘(eternal) refugee from a desolate world’ became my internet persona and also pen name.

            It fits quite nicely with the story I built.
            And sorry for unloading this on you, but you’re not the only strange duck that’s running around this comment section. And I wanted you to know that. 😉

  2. TheEternalNight Reply

    She takes pleasure in dissecting demons….now that i type it….that DOES sound like fun.

  3. vszve Reply

    *were (instead of where)

    “That’s sad! There is not all that many Christmases in one’s lifetime!” True, but that’s what makes life worth living! (or so say those who have not found immortality…)

    • NotImportant Reply

      Damn, how many typos one can make on a single page? I have uploaded it twice already..! Ehh thanks for finding that one.
      And true, I just need to hurry up with setting that mood in place hah~

      • Lukkai Reply

        Eh, you know. There’s not exactly any snow (way too warm and no rainfall anyway) here in the flat parts of Switzerland either. And all those store decorations are not exactly putting me in a festive mood. That plus a few things happening over the year made this end up a bit in the “Eh, let’s be done with it and move on!”-corner.

        • NotImportant Reply

          I know the feeling… And when I think that the year is ending and I didn’t manage to achieve anything I planned to I just….! (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ ┻━┻

          • Refugnic

            Erm…you managed to gather quite a following for your webcomic and got it among the top 3 at TWC on a regular base and you call that ‘nothing’?
            You must have insane standards. 😀

          • NotImportant

            Making that comic was a random idea, it’s not among my life defining goals 😉

          • Refugnic

            Meh, if creative achievements don’t count, I have wasted many years of my life without ever achieving anything worth of note.
            In fact, following this line of thought, I don’t think I’ve ever achieved anything of note in my life up to now.

            Don’t you think it’s better to appreciate the little victories rather than worrying about the big one you are still chasing after?

            Cheer up a little, what you’re doing is amazing and don’t you let anyone tell you otherwise. Especially not yourself.

          • NotImportant

            It’s not like they don’t count. But if I had a goal for this year and didn’t move forward with it I’d be upset no matter what other little things went well.

  4. JW Reply

    Eww, she’s touching her chin with the dirty glove.
    I hope there’s nothing infectious in those demons.

    • Refugnic Reply

      I dare say, that if there is, she would’ve contracted it a while ago already, what with all the blood being spilled and stuff. And not just her.
      Let’s just believe that death has rendered the demons completely harmless.

      I’d hate to lose a character like her to a minor mistake like that. 😀

  5. Refugnic Reply

    Well, someone sure seems to love her work. Nothing wrong with that. I just hope she’s careful where she’s waving that thing. 😛

    On a side note, and I’m probably just seeing things here, but could it be that these two are a bit…shall we say ‘more than colleagues’? Actually they seem a bit like mentor and pupil, the pupil trying her utmost to please her mentor, much like a child often tries (too) hard to please its parents.

    But it may well just be me.

    Another interesting wording: ‘I wonder if Dennis is asking them questions right now’…now, nothing wrong with the sentence, but I think ‘is questioning them already’ is more commonly used in this context. But then again, our dear Doctor has never been one for sticking to conventions. 😛

    As for the purple squiggly lines…now this is complete conjecture and I’m not even sure if it hasn’t been said in the previous comments, but quite personally I don’t think that they are ‘supposed’ to be there. They could act as some sort of seal, which keeps the demons from regenerating and, as such, kills them. Magical Japanese blades could well be the cause of that.

    I’m pretty sure that a few people already thought it (including me), but I’m just not sure if it’s been said before, so sorry if I’m being repetitive here. 🙂

    • Refugnic Reply

      It would appear that way. But worry not, I’m pretty sure it stopped feeling things quite a while ago.

      Those are nothing more than inanimate lumps of flesh and you need not worry any more about them than you need to worry about the meat on your plate.
      (Of course one could start to argue about the origin of that meat, but the meat itself is free of pain.)

    • Lukkai Reply

      Somehow I suddenly see another demon attack. One of them charges into that tent. A short silence, then we hear a terrifying scream. Next we see is the demon trying to claw his way out of the entrance on all fours before being obviously grabbed out of our sight. And with a last “..help me..” dragged back into the tent.

        • Refugnic Reply

          Ha Ha Ha! Somehow I really can see that happening, alright.

          But don’t forget to put a panel with her glasses reflecting the incoming sunlight for that opaque glasses effect. You know, for that ‘Well, hello there…’. 😀

          • Lukkai

            Even better: Right before he gets dragged back, we see the glasses, just the glasses, gleam in the darkness of the tent. (^__^)

          • Refugnic

            Not quite what I had in mind, but I believe that’d work quite beautifully as well…*sigh*, now that’d be a vote incentive…:D

      • Speedy Reply

        Or, it crawls out of the tent multiple times, but each time less of it emerges, as she repeatedly yanks it back in to continue her vivisection. >B-)

    • Speedy Reply

      Next page:
      Panel 1:
      Exterior of tent is shown, with a small “poke, poke” sound effect emerging from the flap.
      Panel 2:
      “BA-BOOM!!!” A mushroom cloud erupts from an explosion at the former location of the tent.
      Panel 3:
      All that remains is a blackened figure holding a scalpel, grinning behind cracked glasses.

  6. Momoko Reply

    Wow, just caught up with this comic and am totally loving it!!
    Your art is amazing, and the dialogue I feel is definitely fluid

    I know early in the comic you seemed worried about this project, but I can assure you this will become something real awesome!
    Only challenge is really the persistent effort you have to put in to produce pages, and hopefully all the fans you have right now is encouraging enough :3
    I hope to see more 😀

    • NotImportant Reply

      Thank you so much! Glad you like it and yes, for now I’ve got plenty of enthusiasm to continue working on it, everyone has been very supportive~!

  7. Dæmon Reply

    Uh… Why is Rob’s hair BLACK on the cast page? It’s clearly brown on the ribbon up top.

    • NotImportant Reply

      It was supposed to be dark gray, it changes color a bit with light (so does Ada’s but with gray it’s more prominent).

  8. Insomniac Reply

    The cute girl kinda reminds me of Shinra from Durarara!! in the last panel there. I like here because of this.

  9. SotiCoto Reply

    Right. Now the old geezer is leaving, we can be alone with best-character and the corpses… yes? YESSSS???

  10. adam Reply

    “And for God’s sake, put on a face mask, you don’t want whatever foul stuff these things are made of to get accidentally in your mouth. “

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