Chocolate fudge

UPDATE: This page has been adjusted in 2020! You can still see the old version HERE 😉


Ada had a sailor’s mouth in her high school days but Robert always said that girls shouldn’t use ugly words and trained her stubbornly until she gave up on cursing. All ugly words replaced with cute ones. Isn’t that just splendid? But after getting 50 smacks on the head each day for few months anyone would stop. And she was never able to pay him back, too short to reach his head~

I’m still super sleepy and tired after the flight so I’m heading to bed, argh… I hope you enjoy this week’s page! If you feel generous you can always vote or share the page on Facebook to help get new fans!


14 comments on “Chocolate fudge”

      • JW Reply

        See, that‘s why they should take better care of their tooth-paste supply. Wasting it just puts you that more at risk of demons. How’re you gonna win without a winning smile?

  1. mjkj Reply

    Oh, it worked – so, she is interfering – what will that do with her???

    *hopes Ada will be fine*

  2. Anonymous K Reply

    I hope the toothpaste pentacle sticks to the shirt so it glows in the dark 🙂

    • JW Reply

      I wonder what it says about me that I first read that as “toothpaste tentacle”. Maybe some kind of Freudian dyslexia. Fortunately Ada isn’t wearing a schoolgirl uniform, so even if it were a summoning circle the risk is limited.

  3. Sarnak Reply

    You know, she would have a great position of below-the-belt shots… just sayin’.

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