Authorized personnel

She’s a fast runner, even though she’s so tiny!

I see you guys are excited and well, Replay is mostly #1 on TWC this month, thanks a lot! (°◡°♡) It saddens me this comic is moving forward so slowly… Believe me, if I could squeeze more pages into the week I would, but it’s not possible with a regular job. You have my word, though – if Replay pays for my food and roof I’ll be making 3 per week haha~

Apart from drawing Ada killing the demons and making magic (yay, we’ll have some magic soon!) I’m trying to keep writing to meet the NaNoWriMo’s daily goals. And this is so damn tiring… I’ve been a casual writer for a while now (although not in English) but this contest is so harsh. Usually, I need to stop and think about the story from time to time, with NaNoWriMo I don’t have the luxury to do it, guh! But who cares! Even if I have 50k words of gibberish at the end of the month I’ll still be super proud of myself because why the heck not. Try it next year if you feel masochistic!

From other news: I received a beautiful drawing of Sofia from Ety~ Go check it out in the fanart section! Thank you once again and I’m looking forward to seeing more of your drawings! (*°∀°)=<3

Also come back to check the gallery somewhere around Wednesday, I’ll have a new practice drawing for you to see, this time with Nina~ She doesn’t get enough love, I’m so happy she’ll have more screentime in the next chapter, she is one of my personal favorites in this story ♡

31 comments on “Authorized personnel”

  1. Crestlinger Reply

    That Do Not Enter sign is serious business, demons will die guarding it before letting anyone through.
    Of course if they’re too tents that gives her an opening.

  2. ety Reply

    She’s gonna need all the camp’s toothpaste. Everybody’s breath is going to reek a couple days from now.

    • ety Reply

      See you’re just trying to hide the fact that we totally guessed next week’s strip. 😛
      (A belief that I am going to hold onto until sometime right up around Monday probably).

  3. ety Reply

    I changed the email I’m commenting with so I could associate a different gravatar with it. Shhh, that’s definitely not what you think it is…

    We’re really on a roll with these meat dishes right now aren’t we? What’s next? Minced meat?

    • NotImportant Reply

      Aaah! That avatar! <3
      I think that idea about eating demon meat stuck with me after I read Brett's Painted Man. Good book btw! Although I stopped reading after Jardir died and Rena appeared, got too upset. Anyhow, they did eat demons there and it gave them superpowers ლ(╹◡╹ლ)

      • ety Reply

        Oh? Interesting, I don’t think I’ve read that book. I might have to check it out. I feel like I’ve seen the idea of eating demons and gaining super powers somewhere else before, but I guess the idea of gaining power in some fashion from taking, using, or consuming something about supernatural enemies has been around, so maybe not that specific idea but something similar is what I’m recalling.

        • NotImportant Reply

          It was a nice read! And book is full of interesting ideas so I don’t even feel bad about spoiling this one~

  4. Night Spark Corporal Reply

    Say when im watching your “Speed Paint” vids how do you schetch them out and be eficent about it?

    • NotImportant Reply

      I’m not efficient about it, sadly. I sketch stuff, move it around, pick some, remove the rest, it’s a long and messy process which is done mostly in my head only (I make a pretty sketch like you see on the beginning only after everything is decided). It helps a bit if I plan the dialogues first, then try to figure out the drawings.

    • ety Reply

      I see what you’re talking about, but nah, I’m pretty sure that’s two people. You can sort of make out his legs facing us, the viewers. He’s sitting with his arms back and his knees up and sort of spread apart like he was trying to crawl backwards after falling on his butt while trying to escape the demon that killed the person right next to him.

  5. ety Reply

    I think this comic actually updates sometime on Sunday for me.

    Btw, you talk about having written, but not in English. I was wondering why you seem to have chosen to do this comic (and I assume NaNoWriMo) in English?

    • Refugnic Reply

      That answer is partially fairly obvious.
      NI is from Poland and therefor usually writes in Polish, which only a comparably small percentage of the world (and thereby internet) population speaks.
      Now, if you want your comic to appeal the largest possible audience, you would do well to write it in a language as many people as possible understand and that is, by all standards, English, which is spoken everywhere all over the world.

      As for why she’s doing NaNo in English I don’t know.
      I for one am doing it in German this year, because I’m pumping the words into my current book (wrote almost 150 pages in 15 days thus far…that usually takes me months :D)

      Last year, I read on the NaNo Forums that doing NaNo in German is harder than it is in English, because German words are by tendency longer than English words (Compare: I -> Ich), so essentially you need to type more characters to get the same word count, but honestly, I doubt that’s the reason NI chose to do NaNo in English rather than Polish.

      If anything, I can imagine she’s doing it to deepen her understanding of the language and to get more accustomed to its little quirks, but that’s just guesswork.

      • ety Reply

        I absolutely appreciate the answer, thank you. And, uh, yes, I was capable of /guessing/ that much as far as the comic goes, but figured I’d ask anyway to confirm my guesses and get a more concrete answer and to see if there were any other/additional reasons.

      • ety Reply

        also, holy crap, and congratulations, I guess? 150 pages in 15 days is pretty darn awesome. Good luck with the rest of it!

        • NotImportant Reply

          Refugnic is a writing monster xD I’m doing Nano in English because it’s next to impossible to publish anything in Poland so I’ll probably just throw my stories to the net one day. Doing that in Polish narrows down the potential audience, just like Ref said.
          And I update on Sunday evenings (like 11 pm or later) so in the US that would be even earlier. I just want the comic to be there on Monday, so that no one is upset about coming and not finding the update 😉

          • ety

            Ah, okay. See I didn’t know that about publishing in Poland, is there a reason for that besides smaller potential audience?

            Yeah, I’m all the way on the west coast. haha XD
            I was going to say “middle of the day Sunday”… which sounds about right for that time zone change.

          • NotImportant

            Better too early than too late, right? 😀

            Poland doesn’t have a large publishing scene, there is but a handful of publishing houses, not many new authors end up being printed and it’s even harder with distribution. I was working as an illustrator for few publishing houses and asked about how they work and pick new authors and after hearing the answers I decided it’s just not worth it. They have enough regular folk who write for them and pick someone new only if they really have to. And I’m not the best lol, I’ll never be, so my chances would be super small!

          • ety

            Haha, yep!

            Ah, okay, that makes sense.
            Not that I have much to judge it on, but from what I’ve seen so far in the context of this webcomic, your writing seems pretty darn good. No complaints here at least ^_^ 😛 haha.

          • NotImportant

            I’ve got Exael watching over me and proofreading everything (‘∀’●)♡ But always a pleasure to hear that it’s good, a real relief!

  6. The Doc K Reply

    I just noticed how much Ada’s hair has changed color, it went from a Sunset like Orange to a very light Red

    • Dragon Master Reply

      You’re right, I hadn’t noticed but her does seem to have changed color. Although that doesn’t seem like a light red to me, seems to be an almost dark hue imao. As far as I can tell Ada’s hair was last orange back in her tent, before the latest demon attack.

  7. Klorix Camp dweller Reply

    Nina not getting enough lov?
    Filip! What are you doing all day?!

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