Fox in the manger

So much warmth on this page. But you guys already know what it led to…

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This weekend was way too short… Work is really busy lately and I’m a bit tired. It’s hard to find the motivation to do anything after I come back from the office and I couldn’t even do much over the weekend. Eh! At least I moved the art for Historia forward a little bit but I didn’t find the time to practice anything in a realistic style which is a shame… I wanted to try drawing a little bit more involved drawing with Ada, throw in a foresty background, some nice demon, that would’ve been nice! Sadly, it’ll have to wait for the next weekend. Or later.

And special thanks to those precious few who purchased a print of Ada’s realistic portrait! ♡♡♡


4 comments on “Fox in the manger”

  1. Regis Earsquake Reply

    I liked the Flashback, but I really want to see, how the story continues in the present.

  2. NiWo21k Private Reply

    Don’t think it’s your fault that there are not so many comments already 😉
    I just think you broke everyone with this page 😀

    I mean it has been a while since we saw these two not in a fight but in a more sweet situation – even if the situation just shows how broken both really are, and that it is something that is following both around for a while.

    One thing I wanted to add.
    Please don’t work if you don’t have the energy or the muse to do so – at some point, it could be that the thing you love doing might become work and your love for art might get a massive hit to it. I know that because something similar happened to me long ago. Again, I know who I am talking to, and I know you are just addicted to work 😉 But please take care of yourself, ok?

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