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Chris Bogey53 Nicholas Ryan Miller Alexander Alderson Michael Mast Jared Larkin Daniel Melby Jerodar Micah C Cam White Rice Florian Alex Turff bitflipper Tetragramm J M Christopher Tracton Aetheos michael demers Fox Wolfe-Johnson Caleb ForlornFoe Kerso perlatus Sprutkit FuryoftheStars Luchs MelonLord Mīonikoi Patrick Jackson William Clark William Clark EnterTheNameHere Galicia Rogier Klorix Jann Horn Jann Horn RevenantGhost Terry Kuhn reed Spencer Flottman Garrett Love Marcel Günther Alexey Gurin Sheylenna Melanie Tran


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Japan photo blog

If you are curious about my travels (well, those to Japan at least) check out my photo blog on Tumblr! Plenty of amateurish, inspirational pictures from multiple trips.

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Digital painting tutorials by NotImportant. Completely free and for everyone who wish to learn - basic drawing tutorials, advanced digital paintings, videos, steps and tips!

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